Lead generation is the most important part of your digital marketing campaign and for your practice.

Without appropriately targeted leads – you’re throwing good money after bad and one of the keys to effectively generate Dental leads is from your website as it is your home base on the Internet.

The process of generating dental leads online can be frustrating for dentists or any other small-business owner because there is so much to do that requires technical expertise and that is why you need to hire a digital marketing agency. The good news is–it’s all you need.

Why? Because, all the labor-intensive research and optimization is done for you on every front–the marketing content–landing pages and calls to action; optimized and in the right places and all of your Google listings.

Here are 3 ways to generate more dental leads from your website.

1. Start Content Marketing to Attract More Visitors:

Content marketing is one of the most powerful ways to attract your new leads to your dental practice. You see, when you are marketing content you aren’t simply telling people what you do in an advertorial piece. The key to content marketing is to give away valuable information that will be of great benefit to them while at the same time–positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

This delivers two powerful points to your prospective clients. One, they can get free information that is solid and reliable. Two, they can get a feel for your uniqueness as a dental practice including where you are technologically.

Here is an example of a beneficial dental video that your digital marketing agency can help create to attract visitors to your business. This will placed on the website and on YouTube with a call to action to capture the potential clients’ information.

Podcasts are another way great to put out useful content, they should be short and sweet with a clear and beneficial message to the target you are after. Again, you don’t go about it with a advertorial attitude.

Your digital marketing agency will go about it with the perspective of a new patient. They will help you answer the question, “why should you be their new dentist” Or “Is this dentist any better than the last one I hated?” Talking about what makes a great dental group and why can be a focus.

This way, when you get comments, you’ll get a feel for what your target didn’t like about the competition. You’ll also get some feedback about what they did like about their dentists back home if they’ve moved. You see how much one piece of content can do on a website? You should have a mixed amount of media on your website.

You can incorporate them in a blog, yes, like video and podcasts but you need to have the media on other pages too. This way the search engines will index each page and rank them higher. It’s not just the websites as a whole anymore.

The pages get ranked separately to ensure that the highest-rated websites aren’t sneaking in the lowest quality pages with keyword stuffing and bad backlinks. It has to be meaningful and what better way of giving your potential patient a lot of meaty pieces of valuable information?

Think of it this way; you almost want them to come to you to find the answer to any dental or quasi dental-related question. You are technically in the medical field right? So, you could actually add creative things like food and recipes that are not only healthy but tooth-friendly. You can do a food of the day or week. Give them a little trivia as a cliff-hanger to get them to tune in at a certain time.

Podcasts are great for that and so is video. At the end of a podcast you could say something like; “tune in to dental talk and find out what drink has been rotting your teeth all these years–we’ll bet you’ll never believe it” . Now, this is sure to be shared and people will talk about it and invite others and there you go–you’ve creatively generated leads from your website.

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 2. Add Multiple Call to Actions across Service Pages and Blogs with Lead Magnets or Discount Deals

Let’s start with lead magnets. A lead magnet isn’t your vanilla e mail captcha page, it may look like a landing page which is a custom made unique page that is different from your website but, what makes it a lead magnet is the amazing deal that works like a magnet to attract leads.

In this example below, it is offering all kinds of blog ideas that they claim are viral and will give you templates etc. Then, of course, not only do they capture the lead’s email but they’ll be some kind of membership as well. But, for a dental office this is a total breeze.

Use any dental hygiene service free or a whitening treatment. Get the lead magnet to give a free teeth whitening guide for the immediate gratification and then just have a coupon for the service attached. That’s a real double whammy.

Lead Gen Form Example

Now, in order to have generate more dental leads from your website, you have to get the traffic to that lead magnet page, we’ve made a simple illustration to show you how the lead magnet process works for getting more customer leads.

Lead Magnet Process

So, what’s the perks of having a lead magnet?  There are several. First, it’s time friendly and they are simple as far as the creative part is concerned and you don’t have to wait a month to have one done. This was only one example.

Remember–all a lead magnet is, is a really hot deal that you are basically using to bribe them for their email address. So, this can go anywhere. A digital marketing agency is equipped with the right tools and strategies that can make this process very beneficial for your practice and something that should be implemented in your business generating activities.

Besides using social media and paid ads to direct users towards the lead magnet, you can create evergreen content pieces in the form of videos and put call to actions to the lead magnets that will stay online for long and keep driving people over to your landing pages where you can collect potential customers information in return of some giveaway, guide, eBook or a free checkup.

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3. Video Testimonials from Patients

Ah, the fated testimonial. Testimonials have changed throughout the years. Generally they were written by people on a website but now, they are paying people to do that everywhere and they are not really that trackable. Today, reviews are done for good and for bad on Yelp and other places on the internet.

But, there is something to be said about a video testimonial. They have more of an emotional impact than the written kind. There are better ways to describe and even demonstrate on the camera.

For dentists, this is a spectacular way to really show a potential patient what a whitening can do or even before and afters of someone who really had some severe dental issues and what your practice did for them. Ask your patients in a positive way, to help you show others what you’ve done.

If your office does any kind of oral surgery or reconstructive procedures then this is the place to showcase that and as we said before, it’s a way to put an advertisement or ask for a subscription etc. Below is an examples of video testimonials to get more patients.

Patient Video Testimonial 

Each of these three things and all the many digital marketing processes are intertwined. One connects to the other and like spokes on a wheel, they will reach out to different places for leads.

If this is something your practice can benefits from then contact us today for a free consultation on your practice and how we can help you.

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Salman Aslam
Salman Aslam is the Managing Director at Omnicore, a leading Healthcare Digital Advertising & Marketing Agency helping clients across the globe. You can follow him on Twitter for tweets and rants about the latest news, tips, and advice on digital marketing.