If you’re in a hurry, check out our Editor's Pick, GVM GT-J80D Motorized Camera Slider.

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A few years ago, access to dollies and tracking gear was limited to high-end movie businesses and professional video producers. However, due to the increasing popularity of DSLR cameras, personal camera sliders have become much more accessible to content creators like you.

Thanks to the influx of options on the market, you can absolutely do things like tracking shots and eliminating blurry images without breaking the bank, but we understand that these choices can be overwhelming.

Below you’ll find a list of all the camera sliders you could possibly need to fulfil your content creation needs, no matter what your budget is.
So, whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned professional, the list below will help you get your hands on the best camera slider for you.

Things to Consider

Before you can buy a slider, it helps to know exactly what features you’ll be looking for. Everyone has different camera sizes, shooting styles, and subjects of interest. So, you have to consider these factors and evaluate them according to your own expectations.

1. Lens Options

The main reason people choose camera sliders over gimbal stabilizers is that sliders allow for much more lens versatility, particularly for solo filmmakers using art or cine lens.

Operating a gimbal is significantly more taxing than a slider, making it easier for camera slider users to adjust things like focus and zoom while performing tracking shots.

2. Material

Most camera sliders are made of carbon fiber, steel or aluminum. These materials vary in portability, weight and load capacity. Carbon fiber sliders are considerably lighter than steel or even aluminum, but they have a smaller load capacity.

If you’re working solo or, for instance, climbing up a mountain to shoot a video, you should keep your load to a minimum. For this, carbon fiber or aluminum are better material choices. If you have a large, heavy camera, however, you’re better off with a tougher product like a steel slider.

3. Length

Camera sliders are available in several different lengths. The smallest are around one foot long while the longest are between four and five feet – at times even more.

It’s important to consider the balance of your slider and the number of tripods it’ll need. If you have a longer unit than necessary, it might start to feel like a burden to move around. On the other hand, if it’s too short, it could limit the possibilities of your creativity. So, try to choose one that falls within the perfect length range for your projects.

4. Feet

Many camera sliders come with built-in feet so that you don’t need to carry a heavy tripod or two with you, although this mostly applies to smaller sliders. Some slider feet are designed for balancing on flat surfaces, while others have a gripping mechanism that allows you to attach your slider to rocks or other surfaces for more freedom and flexibility.

This means that if your shooting location is rocky and bumpy, you need to pay extra attention to the wheels on your slider before making a purchase.

5. Crank Belts

Some higher-end sliders now have options that allow you to attach cranks or other drives to your slider belts. These enable you to slide the camera across the belt without changing your position. This allows for smoother transitions and makes it less likely that your footage will be ruined by manual operation mistakes.

The Best Camera Sliders for 2024

Product Model Material Travel Distance Price
GVM GT-J80D Slider Aluminium 37 Inches
Neewer Track Slider Aluminium 31.5 Inches
Konova Slider K5 120 Aluminium 47 Inches
Zecti Camera Slider Carbon Fiber 15.7 Inches
Neewer Scaled Camera Table Dolly Slider Aluminium 10 Inches

Editor’s Pick: GVM GT-J80D Motorized Camera Slider

Durability and versatility are the top qualities of the GVM GT-J80D Motorized Camera Slider. It is a smooth-moving, motorized slider with rails made of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber finishings. Weighing only 5 pounds and with a maximum load capacity of about 12 pounds, it provides a professional user experience and supports DSLR cameras, DV, video cameras, camcorders, and cellphones. You can use this slider to beautify your works on different photography gigs, advertising reels, and wedding shoots.

This is a professional camera slider that is easy to install, easy to carry, and glides smoothly and noiselessly. The slider features threaded holes and track ends that you can use for mounting on a tripod and for attaching accessories. The independently adjustable legs also allow unrestricted positioning, and the padded nylon carrier is an additional bonus for easy transportation and storage.

It supports tracking shots, time lapse photography, and 120-degree panoramic shooting. This means that you can adjust the sliding speed to capture unique and engaging stories in the form of videos and pictures, and it gives you a highly stable and precise shooting experience.

The GVM GT-J80D includes an auto-loop function that lets you repeat a particular motion indefinitely, and all you’ll need to do is trigger the shot. You can also set up the start and end points, and then turn on the auto loop. There is an automatic and manual option for moving the slider, so you can choose any based on specific video production needs. With these features, you’re signing up for maximum flexibility.

Whether you’re an amateur or very experienced in the field, having a good slider – especially a motorized slider that can produce flawless and noiseless sweeps – really adds an impressive dimension to your video creations. This GVM motorized camera slider is a little expensive, but you’ll be getting exactly what you’ve paid for.

Best Camera Slider Under $50

1. Neewer Scaled Camera Table Dolly Slider

The Neewer Scaled Camera Table Dolly Slider might not cost a lot of money, but that certainly doesn’t hold it back. It is a great option to get familiar with camera sliders if you’re relatively new to the videography business.

This slider weighs only 1.4lbs with adjustable aluminum rods and rotatable rubber wheels. Despite its light build, it can support a camera as heavy as 10kg! The wheels provide fluent and noiseless movement during the video making process. It also has screw holes and threads that allow you to mount your camera on the dolly directly or use a ball head to shoot at any angle.

The Neewer Table Dolly Slider works best on smooth surfaces like tables and the floor. It is relatively easy to use and adjust in different directions while shooting. The wheels roll fairly well but are likely to transmit bumpy movements to the video you’re creating if the surface you’re utilizing is not completely smooth.

This Neewer table dolly is especially useful for content creators who are looking to add more beauty to their videos, but don’t have the funds for a motorized or high-end model. It will fit your DSLR camera and even your smartphone, as long as you have a suitable mounting adaptor. Bottom line is, if you’re interested in a budget-friendly slider to take impressive shots and tell great stories, this slider is the way to go.

Best Camera Slider Under $75

2. Zecti 15.7” Carbon Fiber Camera Slider

Zecti 15.7” Carbon Fiber Camera Slider List
One of the best ways to gauge the quality of a product is by how much value you get related to how much you pay. The Zecti Portable Camera Slider measures up quite favorably when evaluated by these guidelines. It is one of the more affordable camera sliders on the market, and its small size and light weight make it highly portable.

Measuring 15.7 inches in length, the Zecti camera slider uses a carbon fiber belt and a metal frame. It has a universal ¼” male threads for a DSLR camera, and both ¼” and 3/8” screw holes on both ends and beneath the slider for tripod mounting.

One of the best features of this camera slider is its versatility. Its small size enables it to be mounted in a variety of ways, including vertically, horizontally or even at an angle when mounted on a tripod. This lets you shoot from the ground or even from your shoulder, freeing you up to film a wide variety of shots.

The tracking slider comes with legs that can be adjusted for both flat and rough surfaces, and can also be removed if it’s more convenient. A bubble level lets you observe your level of slant,and the slider comes with a padded carrying case.

Here is a video filmed with the Zecti 15.7:

3. Neewer Aluminum Alloy Camera Track Slider

Neewer Aluminum Alloy Camera Track Slider List
Unlike the tabletop mobile rolling slider, the Neewar 23.6 inch Camera Track Slider functions just like any other camera slider, and it is far more adaptable in its usage as well. Made with a durable aluminum alloy frame and weighing just over four pounds, this camera slider is both durable and lightweight.

With 60 centimeters of track, this slider gives you just less than two feet of movement, making it significantly larger than the Zecti slider for a very competitive price. Four U-shaped ball bearings ensure smooth movement while filming while also providing minimal wear and abrasion on the aluminum tubing.

The legs can be adjusted from 8.5 to 10 inches and can be folded in so the slider can be mounted on a tripod. The slider is appropriate for both vertical and horizontal shooting, as well as filming at up to a 45 degree angle.

The camera can be mounted to the slider either directly or indirectly, via ball head, for even more flexibility. The slider has a maximum load capacity of 17.5 pounds (8 kilograms) and comes with a carrying case for easy travel.

Here is a video filmed with the Neewer 23.6 inches:

4. Neewer Camera Slider Carbon Fiber Dolly Rail

The Neewer Camera Slider Carbon Fiber Dolly Rail is a lightweight slider that features rubber feet, adjustable legs and wheels, and overall smooth sliding. Considering the low price tag, this slider is quite the deal!

It weighs 2.06lbs and has a load capacity of 1kg, making it compatible with android cell phones, iPhones and any mirrorless camera. It has a mobile phone stand that is 5.8-8.8cm wide and supports most smartphones, meaning that you can create content anywhere. This model can be easily mounted on a table top as well as a tripod head. It is a professional camera slider that also supports different DSLR cameras and camcorders, with or without a ball head.

With this slider, you can shoot noiseless videos in horizontal, vertical, and tilting modes, ensuring professional content without interruption; just make sure you check the slider lock before you start shooting. It offers strong build quality, featuring aluminum alloy mixed with carbon fiber, as well as super smooth movement, durability and affordability. Whatever category of videography you practice, this slider will surely contribute to the improvement of your production value.

This Neewer camera slider is easy to carry around, gives you creative shots, and will be well worth the money spent. For better results, use two tripod stands to ensure balance, prevent bumps in your coverage, and avoid potential fall and damage to your camera and other shooting devices.

Best Camera Slider Under $100

5. Kamera SD-1 Mark II 23″ DSLR Camera Slider

KAMERAR SD-1 Mark II 23 List
The Kamera SD-1 Mark II is essentially a larger version of the Neewar mobile trolley car. Like that budget-friendly model, the SD-1 Mark II is mounted on a set of wheels for easier mobility and freedom. Unlike the Neewar model, however, the SD-1 Mark II also features a sliding body that allows you to track the camera while the apparatus is in motion.

Like most all camera sliders, the SD-1 features both ÂĽ and 3/8 screw mounts for cameras of different sizes. In addition, the wheeled legs can be removed, enabling the slider to be mounted onto a tripod. Perhaps the most exciting feature of this slider, however, are the balance weight connections on each side of the slider.

These allow you to create a pulley system that allows you to track your camera without having to move along with it yourself, making it easier for you to focus on adjusting the focus, aperture and other technical aspects of your filming. In addition, the SD-1 Mark II is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, so you can depend on the slider for years to come.

If you’re looking for a slider that can double as a dolly, you can’t really go wrong here.

Here is a video filmed with the Kamera SD-1:

6. Neewer Carbon Fiber Camera Track Slider Rail

The Neewer Carbon Fiber Camera Track Slider Rail can be used directly on the ground or elevated by a tripod stand. It works perfectly with a DSLR camera and camcorders, which can either be connected directly or with the aid of a ball head. When you purchase this camera track slider, you’re signing up for a buttery smooth experience for YouTube videos and other video coverage styles, thanks to the built-in ball bearings.

At 4.8lbs and made purely of carbon fiber, it has foldable and adjustable legs and comes in a convenient carrying bag, making it super easy to move around and to store after use. It has a load capacity of 8kg and features multiple threaded holes for vertical and horizontal shooting, as well as for mounting other accessories like magic arms.

At 31 inches in length, you have more than enough room to create professional cinematic videos. Depending on your level of use and personal convenience, this length might be problematic during travel. This product is durable and has a very stable build, though if you’re using a tripod, you’ll need two for better balance and results. It is perfect for creating videos and reels in slow motion.

If you’re looking for a slider that’ll provide you with smooth movement and add a professional touch to your videos and photography, this model is worth a look.

Best Camera Slider Under $150

7. Kamerar 31” Fluid Motion Video Slider

Kamerar 31” Fluid Motion Video Slider List
Like the GVM dolly slider, the Kamerar Fluid Motion Video Slider features a carbon fiber track that allows for a more lightweight built. Also like the GVM, this slider utilizes a flywheel slider design for more consistent, smooth motion than a standard slider.

At 31 inches, the Kamerar is significantly larger than the GVM, but it is also considerably more expensive. However, the Kamerar has one exciting feature: a built-in crank handle that lets you move the camera down the track automatically.

The slider also features six rollers. This help distribute the weight more evenly for quieter performance. The slider features adjustable legs that can be used to balance on almost any surface, including uneven ones. Each leg can be adjusted individually for more control and feature rubber balances on the ends for improved support.

Despite the use of carbon fiber rails, this is still one of the heavier camera sliders on the market. It weighs 8.4 pounds, which can be pretty significant if you also have to carry a heavy camera and tripods. Nevertheless, the versatility and ease of use of this camera slider make it one of the most exciting on the market.

Here is a video filmed with the Kamerar 31”:

Best Camera Slider Under $200

8. Neewer Camera Slider Video Track Dolly Rail Stabilizer

The Neewer Camera Slider Video Track Dolly Rail Stabilizer is compatible with multiple video production and photography devices and can fit on a tripod at any angle. It features a 360-degree adjustable foot and legs, which means you can easily level the slider and alter the height on uneven grounds to get that perfect shot. This tracking slider has carbon fiber rails and flywheel made of stainless steel, giving it an overall weight of just above 6lbs and making it durable.
The flywheel counterweight provides more consistent and smoother slides with no risk of jamming while working. It has a handle that gives you control of your camera movement as you shoot and comes with a quality storage bag for easy transport. It is quick to set up, super easy to use, and the added counterweight helps stabilize the video and the panning action greatly. The rotation feature is also a huge plus. You’re getting a stabilizer, a carrying case, a flywheel, and many more added benefits. 

As a videographer and a mobile photographer on a budget, you should consider the features this manual slider provides. It’ll be worth the investment. 

9. GVM Motorized Camera Slider Video Rail Track Dolly

The GVM Motorized Camera Slider Video Rail Track Dolly features an all-metal construction of aluminum alloy material, weighs 5.5lbs, and has a maximum load capacity of 5.5lbs. With an outstanding build quality and durability, it provides time lapse, auto-round trip and multiple angle shooting. The motorized slider allows your DSLR camera to stand at any angle. It is also compatible with any camera model, including DV, mirrorless cameras, and cellphones that are either connected directly or using a ball head. It is a very smooth slider that provides stable videos and clear photography.
With this GVM camera slider, you can create product arc shots with the aid of an incorporated gimbal. It also has a wire controller that can trigger the shutter of your camera to create effects like time lapse photography.
The adjustable legs and rubber feet make it compatible with different kinds of surfaces. Compared to some other options within the same price range, it is lightweight, really easy to set up, and ready to use within a moment. The slider is also very sturdy and travel-friendly at only 27 inches in length.
This motorized slider is suitable for professional filmmakers, time lapses, and multi-camera shoots. If you’re recording audio with the shoot, you should be wary of background noise. The slider isn’t too loud, but your device might pick up on some humming which could affect the overall video quality. 

Best Camera Slider Under $300

10. GVM Motorized Camera Slider, 31″ Aluminum Alloy

This GVM camera slider model is a motorized slider equipped with a quiet motor and four smooth roller wheel bearings that give it frictionless movement and a quiet glide. The adjustable legs are also very handy on uneven surfaces.

It has a carrying bag that eases transportation and storage and includes a modern and fashionable design that fits most photography equipment such as DSLR cameras, DV, video cameras, ball heads, cellphones, tripods, and more. This model features adjustable, non-slip and anti-shake feet that provide stability when taking photos or videos, and a level bubble that guarantees balance as you work.

This camera slider has three modes to create point of focus tracking, panorama, and both vertical and horizontal dolly movements. It is very stable for cellphones as well as with any heavy DSLR camera and its lenses.

The motorized camera slider makes it easy to produce professional videos or photos. It comes with a protective case, a battery, and plenty of hookups for different camera shutter connectors with specific and varying functions. It is fairly easy to set up; once you’ve figured out the programming, you’re good to go.

This is a professional camera slider with a wide range of applications, including the creation of microfilms, YouTube videos, Instagram videos, and other social content with amazing transition effects. It is perfect for all levels of creators, including professional photographers, amateurs, and photography enthusiasts.

Best Camera Slider Under $400

11. GVM 23 “Flywheel DSLR Dolly Slider

A flywheel is one of the best types of slider you can buy. They also for super smooth tracking movement, and the counterweight system enables you to install a pulley or crank to control the slider manually without having to follow along with it.

If you’re looking for a powerhouse camera slider, the GVM Dolly Slider may be just the product you need. Made with carbon fiber, this 23” slider weighs just three pounds, making it easy to wield and carry. It has premium quality bearings that provide movement that is both smooth and quiet, making this ideal for filming in serene, quiet settings.

Unlike other flywheel sliders, this does not have to be disassembled before storage, making it quicker and easier to use and put together. In addition to the slider, your purchase comes with a bag and a phone stand, letting you use the slider for tracking with your smartphone as well as a DSLR camera. It can support up to 11 pounds, which is pretty standard for a carbon fiber body.

The biggest issue with the slider is that it doesn’t seem to come with any warranty information. In terms of construction and performance, however, this is a top-notch model.

Here is a video filmed with the GVM 23″:

Best Camera Slider Under $600

12. Konova Slider K5 120 47.2 inch Track

Konova Slider K5 120 47.2 inch Track List
The Konova K5 Slider is one of the most highly reviewed camera sliders on the market. It combines one of the largest tracks on the market with a plethora of advanced features to make your filming and tracking easier than ever before.

Like other high-end models, the K5 uses a flywheel slider for smoother, quieter, more precise movements. It also features support for adding a crank/pulley system or converting it to an automatic system.

With nearly four feet (47.2 inches) of track, you can achieve larger tracking shots than other sliders will allow, and three large bearings allow for an unprecedented payload of up to 40 pounds, supporting almost every camera on the market.

In addition, the slider features a number of ÂĽ and 3/8 inch supports, allowing you to attach tripods and other camera accessories, converting the K5 into an ultimate filming tool. The slider comes with a storage handbag and, in spite of its size, weighs just seven pounds. While that does make it one of the heaviest sliders on the market, it could be worse.

Because of its price, the Konova K5 is only recommended for those who film and shoot professional footage. If you’re serious about taking professional-grade tracking shots, there are few models available that will yield better results.

Here is a video filmed with the Konova Slider K5:

Best Camera Slider Under $2500

13. Rhino Essentials Slider Bundle

The Rhino Essentials Slider Bundle is a premium camera slider and much more. It features an ultra-light carbon fiber and metal rail system that is easy to pack and move around, an ultrafast charger and long-lasting battery that can power your camera with a simple DC outlet, high motor speed, and a soft shell carrying case for protection and storage.
This is a versatile and super rigid motion control system. It has a joystick that controls movement, app integration that gives you maximum control of the shooting process, and a display that is easy to navigate. This slider assures you of wildly slow, smooth, and quiet coverage with zero bumps.
It supports as much as 15lbs, yet this has no effect on the smoothness and quiet functionality. There are also some accessories included like the focus motor that gives you control of your camera lenses. These are easily connected with Ethernet cables. With the Rhino slider, you don’t have to worry about human errors and you can easily repeat perfectly smooth tripod movements by setting up start and stop points before running your device.
This bundle has everything you need to get smooth camera movement and produce the most incredible results. 


Taking your photography and videography skills to a professional level can a dream come true with the right camera slider. There are numerous options to pick from, depending on length, material, and a range of other features mentioned above.

Whether you’re looking for an expensive, professional-grade camera slider or would prefer a smaller, more portable and budget-friendly model, there are more choices available than ever before. One of the sliders on this list is sure to be a great fit. There has never been a better time to invest in a camera slider than today.

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