If you’re in a hurry, check out our Editor's Pick, Hamaoka Big and Tall 400lbs Office Chair

Breathable and super-strong leather back, reclining capabilities, all-terrain rollerblade wheels, and a robust metal base – Hamaoka’s Big and Tall Office Chair has it all.

Today’s main pick is an ergonomic chair that simply excels in all fields of performance.

It rocks inbuilt lumbar support and an integrated headrest in its high back, as well as an ultra-thick foam seat, all upholstered in premium quality leather.

If you’re in the market looking for the sturdiest and most comfortable chair with heavy customization options, look no further than Hamaoka’s Big and Tall Office Chair.


  • Dimensions: 34 x 27 x 50 inches
  • Weight: 46 pounds
  • Maximum weight support: 400 pounds
  • Material: Leather
  • Arms: Heavily padded fixed armrests
  • Back support: adjustable inbuilt lumber support pillow
  • Head support: high back, integrated and upholstered headrest

The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for 2024

Product Model Weight Capacity Height Adjustment Price
Hamaoka Big and Tall 400lbs Office Chair_table Hamaoka Office Chair 400 lbs 5 inches
 Amazon Basics Classic Puresoft PU Padded Mid-back Office Computer Desk Chair _Table Amazon Basics Classic Mid-Back Office Chair 275 lbs 4 inches
HON Wave Office Chair High Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair table HON Wave Office Chair 250 lbs 4 inches
EDX Home Office Desk Chair_table EDX Home Office Desk Chair 250 lbs 3 inches
 SMUG Store Home Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair_table SMUG Store Home Office Chair 275 lbs 4 inches

Best Ergonomic Office Chair Under $100

Even the cheapest ergonomic office chair can make a difference between a comfortable and an unbearable day at work.

Let me start off the list with SMUG Store’s desk chair – a simple mesh back chair with decent supports and a surprisingly durable frame.

While I was still working in an office, I had extremely little space and used to sit on a bulky leather chair that occupied most of it. SMUG’s mesh chair took care of both problems with one stone.

With dimensions measuring 18 x 19 x 37.5 inches, it’s very small and, unsurprisingly, it’s also light and easy to move around.

I wasn’t overly impressed with its roller wheels, but they got the job done. The base can swivel up to 360 degrees, and the wheels work perfectly fine on tile and moderately thick carpets.

SMUG Store’s office chair is very adjustable (by budget ergonomic chair standards). Compared to some of the models my old office job had to offer, this chair can rock back up to 120 degrees, allowing you to relax and find a more comfortable sitting position in mere seconds.

The centerpiece of this office chair is its back. Breathable, light, and cozier than I initially thought, this feature gives good back support, but it’s a bit too short for my needs.

In terms of adjustable features, I loved the flip-up arms on this mesh chair. Even though the flip-up mechanism doesn’t allow you to fine-tune the position of these supports, it enables you to quickly move them out of the way when they’re not needed.

I work from home and love to relax by playing guitar, so this feature was everything I needed in both cases.

SMUG Store’s office chair isn’t the most aesthetically stunning chair on the market, but it looks quite sleek with its petite body and evenly-spaced ventilation holes.

Besides the standard black version, it’s also available in grey, blue, and fuchsia color styles.


  • Dimensions: 18 x 19 x 37.5 inches
  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Maximum weight support: 275 pounds
  • Material: Nylon seat, mesh back
  • Arms: Flip-up
  • Back support: Ventilated back
  • Head support: none

If you’re on a cash-strapped budget and are looking for a minimalistic, comfortable chair, I warmly recommend EDX’s model.

This office chair is considerably different from SMUG Store’s model while the only things they have in common are a rock-bottom low price tag and a small frame.

EDX Home Office Desk Chair is an armless chair. In fact, its only adjustable feature is the height-adjustable seat.

The brand went above and beyond to design a seat that would be universally comfortable, and in my humble opinion, they succeeded.

With a striped fabric back and an incredibly soft foam seat, it provides long-term comfort right out of the box.

EDX Home Office Desk Chair is also much sturdier than average. I’ve had similarly priced chairs at home, most of which either broke or became too damaged to be used after my kids played with them for a few months.

With a robust iron frame and rip-proof fabric material covering its back, EDX’s chair put my mind at ease.

One thing that all cheap chairs I owned had in common is that they all tore and scratched my wooden floors all the time.

Although the caster wheels on EDX’s chair are slightly smaller and lighter than I imagined them to be, they smoothly glide over wood, tile, and ceramic, but I wouldn’t use them on marble or vinyl floors.

I mainly bought this chair because it’s quite a looker. Its minimalistic design works great in all colors, even though mine is white.

I recommend that you check out its other versions as well, including blue, dark grey, green, light grey, or mauve pink and yellow if you want your office to be a bit more colorful.


  • Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 33 inches
  • Weight: 21.1 pounds
  • Maximum weight support: 250 pounds
  • Material: Fabric, foam
  • Arms: none
  • Back support: striped back
  • Head support: none

Whenever I’m searching for a reliable piece of furniture for as little cash as possible, I swing by Amazon Basics’s store.

I’m currently using their Classic Puresoft mid-back office desk chair while waiting for HON Wave to arrive, and it’s served me well for weeks without a hitch.

The first difference between AB’s Classic mid-back chair and the previous two models is that it features deeper supports.

This is mainly true because this is an all-leather chair with padded armrests, a large seat, and an upholstered back, so the user almost sinks into it.

Both the seat’s angle and height can be adjusted while the armrests are fixed. The arms are neither too large nor too small, plus they’re padded for extra comfort.

Four large screws are needed to keep each side of the armrests in place, so they’re extremely stable, but I disliked the fact that removing them can take quite a bit of time.

The contoured seat will automatically adjust to your dimensions so you don’t have to do anything.

As soon as I got the Amazon Basics box and assembled this chair, I just sat it in front of my PC, kicked it back, and fell in love with it.

Its standout feature is the Puresoft leather that is used on everything except the metal base. As its name implies, it’s very soft and cozy, but it heats up rather quickly.


  • Dimensions: 25.75 x 24.25 x 42.25 inches
  • Weight: 25.33 pounds
  • Maximum weight support: 275 pounds
  • Material: PU Puresoft leather
  • Arms: fixed and padded, non-adjustable
  • Back support: upholstered leather
  • Head support: none

Best Ergonomic Office Chair Under $150

An ergonomic office chair under $150 should at least offer better support than the cheapest models out there.

KERDOM’s ergonomic office chair stands out from the models I’ve covered so far with ultra-soft sponge-padded arms, inbuilt lumbar support, and a full mesh back.

Let’s start with its adjustable features. Like SMUG Store’s model, KERDOM’s chair features a rocking function that enables you to adjust its back angle from 90 to 120 degrees.

Once you’ve found the right position, you can fine-tune it even further by adjusting the tension with the twisting control knob underneath the seat.

Moreover, the reclining feature can be locked in place or set as “floating”. I prefer the first option when working and the second when relaxing.

Another similarity this chair has with SMUG Store’s ergonomic office chair is the flip-up design of the arm supports.

What makes this one different is a set of sponge-filled pads. For my taste, they’re softer, gentler, and much easier to maintain than, say, Amazon Basics chair’s leather upholstery.

The back and shoulder support this chair offers are its main benefits.

With an integrated lumbar support pillow, a full back covered in light mesh material, and curved top edges to rest your shoulders on, KERDOM’s office chair passed all the ergonomic tests in my book.

Like all office chairs I’ve reviewed so far, KERDOM’s chair requires minor assembly, but all the main parts come pre-assembled in the box.

I wish its seat was just slightly wider, but other than that, it does an amazing bang for the buck.


  • Dimensions: 21 x 10 x 21 inches
  • Weight: 24.25 pounds
  • Maximum weight support: 250 pounds
  • Material: Mesh and polyurethane
  • Arms: sponge-filled and padded supports
  • Back support: inbuilt lumbar support and full mesh back
  • Head support: none

If you are looking for a sleek, comfy ergonomic chair that doesn’t cost a fortune, I recommend checking out Balmstar’s office chair.

Similar to KERDOM’s model, it rocks a relatively small body, flip-up padded arms, and an integrated lumbar support pillow, but everything else on it is different from what we’ve seen so far.

Whenever I’m shopping for ergonomic chairs, whether it be for my home office or everyday use, I mainly look at the design of the seat.

Balmstar’s chair features a breathable mesh seat cushion filled with memory foam, and I love that it’s wider than usual. It’s also height-adjustable and can recline up to 120 degrees.

You’ll have ample space to find the most comfortable position since the armrests aren’t affixed with side mounts, unlike Amazon Basics’ Puresoft chair.

The arm supports can be flipped up when they’re not needed and feature soft foam pads, but I would’ve loved it if they were just slightly wider.

Its back is moderately tall and wide, boasting an ergonomic shape and a mid-sized inbuilt lumbar pillow.

I highly recommend Balmstar’s office chair to taller and larger people who are searching for a sturdy, dependable, and highly comfortable chair since it’s the first on the list that can support up to a whopping 350 pounds of weight.


  • Dimensions: 25.2 x 26.4 x 35.5 inches
  • Weight: 30.8 pounds
  • Maximum weight support: 350 pounds
  • Material: Mesh and nylon
  • Arms: padded with soft foam, flip-up mechanism
  • Back support: integrated lumbar support pillow
  • Head support: none

A common thread that ties all low-cost ergonomic chairs I’ve reviewed so far is that they lack a headrest.

That’s where Noblewell’s office chair comes into play – it’s not only the first to feature this much-needed support but it’s also the first chair with a 4-inch thick seat that doesn’t heat up after a few minutes of use.

I can’t stress how important it is for people who work 8 or more hours in a seated position to have a place to rest their heads.

When I got my first 9-5 office job, I realized that my back used to hurt all the time, even when I slept well and exercised daily.

Without a headrest on my office chair, my neck had to unnecessarily endure a ton of pressure that spiraled down my spine.

Noblewell’s office chair has a remarkably simple headrest. It’s removable and designed as the extension of the back, featuring the same mesh material with plastic edges.

It may not be the most comfortable head support you’ll ever use, but it allows you to maintain a natural spine position and rest more efficiently.

I’m not a huge fan of 3D fixed-position armrests, especially non-padded ones like this chair is supplied with.

However, they do a good job of allowing you to place your hands in an elevated position, which is a must if you’re spending most of your working hours behind a keyboard.

Noblewell’s model also rocks a 2-inch deep lumbar support pillow. Again, it’s unimpressive compared to the lumbar supports that more expensive ergonomic office chairs come equipped with, but it will help you mitigate most of your lower back pain.

The 4-inch foam-filled seat is the feature I loved the most. Large and comfortable, this seat contours to the user’s body and was surprisingly cozy from the get-go.


  • Dimensions: 16 x 26.2 x 45 inches
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Maximum weight support: 300 pounds
  • Material: Mesh
  • Arms: 3D, fixed position armrests
  • Back support: Inbuilt lumbar support pillow
  • Head support: Integrated mesh headrest

I discovered FlySky’s ergonomic office chair a bit after ordering the Noblewell model.

To my taste, this chair offers is vastly superior while offering the same benefits – mesh construction for easy heat dissipation, big supports for ergonomic comfort, a wide seat for larger people, and good adjustability.

The most important distinction between FlySky’s office chair and the Noblewell chair is that the former packs a much larger lumbar support pillow.

Instead of a simple pillow that can support only the center of the lumbar area, this chair features a large-sized “panel” of soft mesh that can keep your entire lower back comfortable.

The same material was used on the entire back and the headrest. Compared to the head support of Noblewell’s chair, FlySky’s ergonomic office chair’s headrest can be moved vertically or horizontally, plus it’s a bit larger too.

The same can be said about the armrests of this office chair. With a flip-up mechanism and a mesh padded surface, they’re considerably more comfortable and more efficient at managing heat build-ups.


  • Dimensions: 28 x 22 x 42 inches
  • Weight: 33.8 pounds
  • Maximum weight support: 300 pounds
  • Material: all mesh
  • Arms: padded flip-up mesh armrests
  • Back support: built-in mesh lumbar support
  • Head support: adjustable and removable mesh headrest

Best Ergonomic Office Chair Under $250

Next up is one of my favorite mid-tier ergonomic chairs that has been gracing my home office for several months. JoyFly’s Big and Tall boasts a sleek design, a set of sophisticated features, and excellent full-back support.

It’s called “Big and Tall” because it can support a whopping 450 pounds while weighing merely 40.9 pounds.

Until a few years ago, I used to hate mesh chairs because one accidental scratch is all it takes for the entire chair to be ruined.

I later realized that many office chairs under $250 feature mesh upholstery rather than woven mesh backs; even so, the sturdiness of JoyFly’s Big and Tall chair helped me see them from a different angle.

What separates this chair from most office chairs with a similar price tag is its technical mesh construction.

As JoyFly explains, this combination of mesh and foam yields all the usual benefits of breathability and moisture resistance while offering improved sturdiness and weight-bearing strength.

The seat is angled, promoting a natural posture while sitting, and best of all, it can be adjusted horizontally.

The armrests are also highly adjustable, but sadly, they’re bare. Unless you wrap them or place cushions over them, your elbows may feel a bit sticky from the plastic, especially if in hot environments.

The built-in lumbar support pillow is much wider than average and its sides sit at a steeper angle. JoyFly wanted this feature to “envelop” your lower back, providing optimal support from all sides and at all times.

Although this office chair does not feature a standard headrest, its back features extra mesh padding on the top and is high enough so that most users can comfortably rest their heads on it.


  • Dimensions: 34 x 12 x 20.5 inches
  • Weight: 40.9 pounds
  • Maximum weight support: 450 pounds
  • Material: Mesh
  • Arms: non-padded 3D adjustable arms
  • Back support: built-in adjustable lumbar support pillow
  • Head support: high back design

While working in a tiny cubicle, I’ve come to appreciate what little space I had to organize my things.

At that time, I preferred using stationary desk chairs, knowing that they provided superior stability.

Emiah’s Armless Office Desk Chair was one of my favorites before I started working from home and had room for “Big and Tall” ergonomic chairs.

Armless, immobile, and rotating, theEmiah chair gives you the flexibility to sit in comfort while optimizing your workspace.

It rocks ultra-large back support pillows designed to support your lumbar and mid-back areas, as well as an incredibly soft PU leather seat. The same material was used for the back too.

This chair is height-adjustable up to 5 inches and can recline from 105 to 120 degrees. It weighs only 28.41 pounds while being able to support up to 300 pounds.

Regarding aesthetics, it looks refined and elegant, although it’s only available in one color.

If you like everything Emiah’s chair has to offer except it being immobile, a wheeled variant is also available at a slightly higher cost.


  • Dimensions: 19.3 x 25.5 x 34.2 inches
  • Weight: 28.41 pounds
  • Maximum weight support: 300 pounds
  • Material: PU leather construction
  • Arms: none
  • Back support: two soft pillows supporting the lumbar and mid-back areas
  • Head support: none

Oline’s ErgoPro office chair is arguably one of the finest mid-priced mesh chairs in the current market.

With contoured supports, silent blade wheels, a durable frame, and all-mesh construction, it’s about as breathable, comfy, and refreshing as they come in this price range.

Let me talk about contoured support pillows for a second. After using about a dozen different models with inbuilt lumbar and headrest supports,

I’ve come to realize that most brands strive to find the “one-size-fits-all” design. In, contrast, Oline created flexible supports that mold to the user’s back, enhancing comfort and improving posture at the same time.

Aren’t blade wheels supposed to belong on rollerblades? Not necessarily since any chair equipped with wheels such as these can smoothly traverse almost any kind of terrain, be it brick, marble, or rock.

I simply adore the sliding seat design that both Oline and JoyFly ergonomic office chair models come supplied with.

Unlike “flat” seats, sliding seats allow your contour to your legs, improving circulation and preventing that dreaded “fuzzy” feeling you can sometimes get when sitting on a hard surface for too long.

Unlike office chairs that can rock up to 120 degrees, Oline’s model can recline up to 135 degrees.

Similar to most models we’ve seen so far, the reclining feature can be left floating or kept in a locked position.

On a side note, I think this chair looks amazing in any of the available color styles, which include black, burgundy, grey, navy blue, and white.


  • Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 53 inches
  • Weight: 50.9 pounds
  • Maximum weight support: 300 pounds
  • Material: Mesh and metal
  • Arms: 4D fully adjustable armrest supports
  • Back support: contoured mesh lumbar support
  • Head support: contoured adjustable headrest support

Best Ergonomic Office Chair Under $300

Linsy Home is a home furniture specialist that offers a variety of great quality home office desks, chairs, and other accessories at decently approachable prices.

Even though its ergonomic office chair is a tad more expensive than the models I’ve reviewed so far, it’s both more practical and more versatile in turn.

For starters, nearly all of its supports are highly adjustable. The curved mesh headrest can be moved vertically or horizontally, plus it’s larger than average.

With a bigger surface and contoured edges, you can simply tilt your head back whenever you need to rest a bit.

The lumbar support section is almost fixed; you can tilt it a few inches horizontally, which should be more than enough to find the sweet spot. The back support felt just perfect immediately after I assembled this chair.

Speaking of which, most similarly priced ergonomic office chairs come packed with dozens of screws, nuts, and bolts that even DIY experts would need at least half an hour to put together.

Linsy Home’s office chair is much simpler in terms of design, and even if your handyman skills aren’t top-notch, you’ll be able to assemble it in 15 minutes or less.

Similar to Oline’s chair, Linsy Home’s ergonomic office chair is outfitted with easy roller-blade wheels that can be used on almost any surface. Not only do they not scratch the surface but they’re also fairly silent.

I can’t even count how many times my work came to a halt after I woke my daughter up when my chair’s wheels began squeaking.

I warmly recommend this chair to anyone looking for a sturdy, comfortable mesh-made office chair.

It’s perfectly suited for larger and taller people since it can support up to 385 pounds of weight; due to its incredible adjustability, I’m sure you’ll be able to fine-tune its specs to your preferences.


  • Dimensions: 24.5 x 27.3 x 52.8 inches
  • Weight: 42.8 pounds
  • Maximum weight support: 385 pounds
  • Material: Mesh and polyurethane
  • Arms: 3D non-padded adjustable armrests
  • Back support: Adjustable inbuilt lumbar support and high back
  • Head support: adjustable headrest support

What if there was an ergonomic office chair with a headrest as tall and wide as the chair itself?

Bilkoh answered this question with an innovative ergonomic chair design, reimagining one of its most useful features.

Most people I know like having an optional headrest, but I have so many friends who wound up removing it from their chairs.

Whether it’s unstable, too firm, too soft, or simply inconvenient for the user, some headrests are downright a hindrance.

Bilkoh’s ergonomic office chair features a collapsible angled headrest design, a removable & adjustable inbuilt lumbar pillow, and a waterfall-style contoured seat, all of which are made of high-quality mesh material.

Its base is made of exceptionally robust aluminum and packs five easy-rolling wheels designed for use on most types of floor surfaces.

The only thing this chair could’ve done better is to feature padded or even slightly wider armrests, but that’s not to say they’re bad – these 3D supports are fully adjustable.

I simply don’t like them “bare” since that makes them elbow rests rather than armrests.


  • Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 25 inches
  • Weight: 40 pounds
  • Maximum weight support: 330 pounds
  • Material: All-mesh construction
  • Arms: 3D adjustable armrests
  • Back support: adjustable and removable lumbar support
  • Head support: adjustable and removable headrest

Best Ergonomic Office Chair Under $400

The creator of the infamous Ignition ergonomic office chair, HON is the brand that offers a variety of similar models.

I’ve picked the “Wave” high-back chair because it’s one of the best-rounded office chairs that money can buy.

Unlike the vast majority of mesh chairs, Hon’s Wave chair rocks two-layer interwoven mesh construction. That equates to twice the breathability and twice the durability of a normal chair.

The contoured seat and mesh upholstered back are as comfortable as they look. As you sit in this chair, these features will conform to your body’s posture and dimensions.

This is the first chair that features bare armrests that I like. They’re not only wider than average but also feature a contoured design, gently enveloping your forearms from the sides into a comfortable position.

Regarding the supports, Hon’s Wave doesn’t have a dedicated headrest or lumbar support – it simply doesn’t need them.

Its mesh back was designed with surgical accuracy to provide optimal support to the crucial areas of the spine, neck, and head; it’s tall enough that its top can serve as a fixed headrest.


  • Dimensions: 26.5 x 26.5 x 40.5 inches
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Maximum weight support: 250 pounds
  • Material: Mesh
  • Arms: contoured adjustable armrests
  • Back support: high back upholstered in dual-layer mesh
  • Head support: none

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