If you’re in a hurry, check out our Editor's Pick, Ergotron – LX.

Do you experience frequent pain in your neck and back after a few hours of working on your monitor? Have you been dealing with a tightly-packed desk space in your work office? Do you find it difficult to locate other work items like your notepads and flash drives because your monitor takes so much desk space?

A simple ergonomic monitor arm solves all these problems and then some. Unlike the original monitor stand, a monitor arm enables you to adjust your monitor screen in terms of height and direction. It reduces the monitor footprint on your desk and gives added creativity and flexibility as you work on your monitor.

We have scoured the market to help you find the best monitor arms for any use case or budget without having to sacrifice your time. One of the monitor arms below will be the perfect addition to your office to promote increased productivity and a healthier state of mind.

But before jumping into our suggestions, check out our list of things you need to consider when shopping for the best monitor arm for you.

Things to Consider

Choosing the right monitor arm can be a bit tricky because there are numerous options to pick from. However, there are certain factors that will guide your purchasing decision, including:

1. Monitor size

This refers to both the width and weight of your monitor screen. Most monitor arms have specified restrictions on these features, with a range of 17” to 49” in width and 17 to 40 pounds in weight capacity.

You need to be careful not to purchase an arm that would make your monitor wobble continuously, or worse, crumble under the weight of your monitor.

2. Mounting options and style

Would you prefer a wall mount or a desk mount? Would you rather drill a hole into your desk or use the clamping option? Can your wall or desk material support the monitor arm you’re interested in?

The best monitor arms will indicate the options you have for mounting and sometimes how to alter your work environment to accommodate them.

For instance, if your desk is made of glass, there are monitor arms that guarantee the safety of your desk after mounting.

All of the best monitor arms also have standard VESA mounts that are compatible with the small square arrangement of screw holes at the back of the best 4K monitors.

3. Versatility and flexibility

The best monitor arm should support movement in multiple directions. Your monitor should be able to tilt, rotate, and swivel at different angles.

This flexibility should not come at the cost of wobbly or saggy monitors either, so as much as the movement matters, the motor function also requires consideration.

4. Price

Monitor arms vary greatly in price. Most models fall within the $50-$200 price range, however, you will come across monitor arms that cost above $500.

Additional features, warranty policies and overall customer service can account for the price differences.

5. Number of monitors

If you have two monitors, or maybe a laptop and a monitor, then you know exactly how bad desk clutter can get. So, instead of settling for the best monitor arm with a single mount, how about a dual monitor arm to swiftly reclaim that desk real estate?

Best Monitor Arms

Product Model Capacity Mount Price
Ergotron - LX One 34-inch
Desk clamp and
grommet mount
HUANUO HNDS6 Two 27-inch monitors
below 15 pounds
Gas spring arms with
grommet and clamp mounts
Viozon 3L Pro One 17-inch laptop
and One 32-inch
Gas spring arm with
C-Clamp and Grommet mounting
Monitor arm
Two 32-inch monitors
of any weight
Mechanical spring arms with C-Clamp and
Grommet mounting
AVLT-DM40-1 One 17-43-inch
Clamp and grommet

Editor’s Pick

If you’re in a hurry, check out our editor’s pick: the Ergotron – LX single monitor arm. It offers a combination of versatility, flexibility, and comfort and has been engineered to ensure long-term durability and remarkable performance. The Ergotron -LX single monitor arm supports as much as 25 pounds of monitor weight.

It also has high adjustability and allows for a wide range of monitor movement. Whether you are a graphic artist or a product designer, this arm provides enough resistance for you to manipulate your monitor in as many directions as you want, making it our pick for the best monitor arm for you.

Best Monitor Arms Under $50

1. VIVO Adjustable Single Monitor Mount

The VIVO Adjustable single monitor mount was designed specifically for use in standing workstations. It comes with cable management clips and a desk clamp and grommet mounting option for easy installation, support and organization.

This budget-friendly monitor arm has a sleek black appearance and minimalistic design. Because of its design, you get more desk space to lay out other working materials like your phone, tablets, and documents. In essence, it reduces the overall footprint on your workstation.

The VIVO adjustable mount is easy to assemble and fully adjustable to any angle for the best screen positioning. However, your desk thickness is very crucial to the full operability of the VIVO Adjustable monitor mount. If it’s thicker than 1 inch, you won’t benefit from this monitor arm.

Whether you’re a gamer, graphics or product designer, or a developer, you’ll appreciate this monitor arm. At this price, it is not scarily expensive or ridiculously cheap. This is the best monitor arm for professionals on a budget hoping to improve their ergonomic home setups, especially if you’re just transitioning from office to work-from-home.

Some of the features of the VIVO Adjustable Monitor mount to keep in mind include:

  • Max monitor size is 32 inches
  • Max monitor weight is 17.6 pounds
  • Weighs 5.11 pounds
  • Quick release VESA plate
  • 360-degree rotation and flexibility
  • Desk thickness compatibility of ⅜” to ¾”

2. MOUNTPRO Single Monitor Desk Mount

Flexibility and comfort are what the MOUNTPRO single monitor mount is all about. It has the grommet and C-Clamp mounting options for a stable setup. With the tilting features, unlimited rotation, and an extendable arm, you can place your monitor at the viewing angle and distance that serves you best.

You can elevate your screen, work with your monitor at eye level and save yourself from the inescapable neck and back strain that comes with staring down at your work screen for hours. You can also share your screen with coworkers by rotating your monitor in any direction at 45 or 90 degrees at a time. If you’re giving a presentation or need to display a dashboard for any reason, this monitor arm makes the process very smooth and enjoyable.

The MOUNTPRO single monitor desk mount is also easy to assemble, sturdy, and lightweight compared to some other monitor arms. It secures your VESA-compatible monitor in place and offers a more organized and decluttered work desk.

Some of the notable features of the MOUNTPRO Single Monitor Desk Mount include:

  • Monitor size range of 13 to 32 inches
  • Max monitor weight of 17.6 pounds
  • Quick release VESA plate
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Flexible arm extension
  • Weighs 5.96 pounds

Best Monitor Arms Under $75

3. MOUNTUP Dual Monitor Wall Mount

The MOUNTUP Dual Monitor Wall mount is highly flexible and supports different movement types including tilts, rotation, swivel and full motion for two monitors. All you need is a wall made of wood, concrete or brick where you can drill the right hole size and mount your monitor permanently. Be certain of your wall type before you dive for the MOUNTUP wall mount.

If you work with projects that require frequent switches between the landscape and portrait views on your monitors, the MOUNTUP dual monitor arms are especially great for this. They make the process so breezy and effortless. It is easy to install and has 360-degree screen rotation, making it ideal for editors and designers alike.

The gas spring system on the arms holds your screen securely and in place. You can customize your viewing angles with the extendable and retractable arms on this mount. It has an ergonomic design that reassures you of healthy postures as you work. You can tilt at 90 and 45 degrees, swivel at 180 degrees, and adjust the height of your monitor by 11 inches.

For the sake of increased productivity, comfort level and top-notch organization, having both your monitors off the table with impressive cable management is a good idea.

Some of the best features of each of the MOUNTUP Dual monitor arms include:

  • Max screen size of 32 inches
  • Min screen size of 17 inches
  • Maximum monitor weight of 17.6 pounds
  • Weighs 7.96 pounds
  • Compatible with flat and curved monitor screens
  • Sturdy materials of wood, aluminum and concrete

4. HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

The HUANUO Dual monitor stand improves your work efficiency by placing more than one monitor side-by-side to appear like an ultrawide screen. It uses gas spring technology to support smooth, reliable, and steady height adjustments for the monitors. For both arms, you can tilt at -50 degrees and +35 degrees, swivel at 180 degrees, and adjust heights up to 40 cm (about 17 inches) up or down.

With the HUANUO dual monitor stand, the size or type of your desk won’t matter at all. It is compatible with desks as thick as 3 inches and it fits perfectly on glass desk tops. The dual arm system is fully adjustable and supports healthy posture as you work. It gives you the feeling that you have all the workspace in the world to handle other activities.

If you currently own one monitor, but are looking to purchase a second one, you can get this mount in anticipation. The arms on this mount are foldable and do not occupy a lot of space. The mount is easy to install, very sturdy and has overall high-quality performance.

You can’t go wrong with this mount. Even if you’re not excited to drill a hole into your desk, you can use the clamp and still get the best results.

Some of the great features of the HUANUO Dual monitor arms include:

  • Monitor screen size range of 17 - 27 inches
  • Monitor weight range of 4.4 - 14.3 pounds
  • C-Clamp and grommet mounting suitable for 3.7 inches desk thickness
  • Supports swivel, tilts and rotations
  • Weighs 11.14 pounds

Best Monitor Arms Under $100

5. Kensington SmartFit Adjustable Single Monitor Arm

The Kensington SmartFit Adjustable single monitor arm is easy to install, has a cable management system, and perfectly declutters your workspace. The beauty of Kensington single monitor arm is the smart system that automatically sets the monitor to the perfect height for you so you won’t have to spend so much time adjusting the angles until you find the best position to promote a neutral posture.

This system is a bit on the heavy side which accounts for the increased weight support of up to 19 pounds. It includes plastic cable management for organization and tidiness of the connection wires. It also features a wide motion range for different angles and directions.

Do you want to switch multiple times from horizontal to portrait continuously on the same monitor? This monitor arm would serve that purpose effortlessly. It supports a C-Clamp or grommet installation for the stability and safety of your monitor. It is also suitable for a wide range of desk widths. The Kensington SmartFit monitor arm has an included Allen wrench which helps with counterbalance tension adjustment to support different monitor weights securely.

Some of the notable features of the Kensington SmartFit Monitor Arm include:

  • Monitor screen size range of 13-34 inches
  • Max monitor weight of 19.8 pounds
  • Supports both flat and curved-screen monitors
  • Weighs 8.8 pounds
  • Quick release detachable VESA plate

6. VIOZON Monitor and Laptop mount

There are several monitor arms for single and dual monitors. But what if none of those options suit your needs because your workstation has one widescreen monitor and a portable laptop? The VIOZON monitor and laptop mount is the perfect solution to elevate your screens and improve your efficiency.

It has a steady and sturdy dual monitor arm that allows you to switch easily between monitor and laptop mode. It offers easy adjustment of both arms and tightening to avoid drooping of the monitor and laptop as you work.

The supported movement for the monitor includes 360-degree swivel, 145-degree tilts, and maximum extension up to 20 inches. The laptop mount offers 45 degrees tilt, 360 degrees swivel, and maximum extension of 22 inches. There is a functional cable management system to organize the wires behind you for a clearer workspace. If, for any reason, you must switch between standing and sitting mode as you work, these arms are flexible enough to serve you to satisfaction.

Pay attention to the thickness of your table for reliable and stable mounting. The C-Clamp mounting is compatible with a maximum desk thickness of 2.36 inches. It is very easy to assemble and gives you the best desk real estate deal. The regular arms have a good range of motion and the gas-filled arms support the gadgets movement.

At an affordable price, you’ll be getting optimal viewing, good ergonomics, flexibility, and an overall premium product.

Some of the features of VIOZON monitor and laptop mount include:

  • Laptop size range of 12 - 17 inches
  • Monitor screen size range of 17 - 32 inches
  • Monitor maximum weight of 19.8 pounds
  • C-Clamp and mounting hole installation methods
  • Quick release VESA plate
  • Weighs 13.44 pounds

7. WALI Single Monitor Gas Spring Test Mount

Do you have an ultrawide monitor? The WALI single monitor gas spring test mount has a dynamic height adjustment to find the optimum ergonomic position for your monitor. There is a safety screw adjustment feature to secure your monitor in place after installation.

This gas spring test mount is easily adjustable in multiple directions. It offers 180-degree rotation, +45 and –45 degrees tilting, and 90-degree swivel. This gives you enough flexibility to move around and observe your work from different angles.

You can extend the arm forward up to 20 inches so there’s zero chance of straining your eyes and back to see from a distance. The height adjustment feature goes up to 23 inches so your neck is safe whether you’re sitting or standing as you work.

Like any other monitor arm worth its salt, it also clears up space for increased efficiency. With this addition to your desk, you don’t have to worry about using the original huge stand that comes with your monitor.

If you’re looking for a good adjustable mount that is well-built, reasonably priced, and able to handle a heavy ultrawide monitor, then look no further. Multiple reviews have shown that this monitor arm can also support a 49-inch monitor as long as the weight limit is not exceeded.

Some of the features of the WALI single monitor mount that benefits you include:

  • Max screen size of 35 inches
  • Max monitor weight of 33 pounds
  • Quick release VESA plate
  • Maximum height adjustment of 23.03 inches
  • Maximum arm extension of 20.71 inches
  • Both C-Clamp (3.3 inches maximum desk thickness) and grommet (1.9 inches maximum desk thickness) installation options included
  • Weighs only 5 pounds

8. AVLT Single Monitor Arm Desk Mount

The AVLT single monitor arm desk mount is one of the best monitor arms for ultrawide monitor screens. It is suitable for elevating VESA-compatible and LCD monitors with the gas spring arms for effortless adjustments. AVLT went a step further with this arm by subjecting it to a test that guarantees a minimum of 10 years of smooth and seamless height adjustment.

The monitor arm has a sleek, stylish and streamlined design that adds a modern, classy and attractive appearance to your work desk. The quality aluminum and steel material prevent all forms of wobbling and drooping after installation. The integrated cable management provides you with high-level organization of all the wires linked to your monitor so you don’t have to worry about getting an important work item entangled in the wiry mess.

The ergonomic design on the AVLT single monitor desk mount ensures a productive and healthy working environment at all times. It is easily rotated and very stable. Keep in mind that the stability of this arm may depend on the strength of your desk. The stronger the wood, the less likely you are to experience any wobbling.

Some of the features of the AVLT Single Monitor Arm Desk Mount include:

  • Max supported screen size of 34 inches
  • Max monitor weight of 20 pounds
  • Max extension and height of 20 inches
  • C-Clamp and grommet mounting options with maximum desk thickness of 3.3 inches
  • Weighs 7.5 pounds

Best Monitor ArmsUnder $150

9. QUARX Dual Monitor Stand

The QUARX Dual Monitor Stand contains two very strong, flexible, and reasonably-spaced arms for your dual monitors. Think of the strangest position you have wished you could adjust your monitor to; this monitor arm was engineered to make that wish a reality.

It features a very tight arm adjustment that won’t tilt out of place as you work. It is completely made of metal and instead of gas spring arm technology, it uses mechanical spring arms. These give the QUARX Dual Monitor Stand the unique ability and sturdiness to support monitors of any weight. Any weight at all. You think your monitor is too heavy for a simple-looking support system? Think again, friend, because you just found a heavy duty monitor arm.

The QUARX monitor stand is easy to install, thanks to the VESA clips and the mounting options. It is very sturdy, and compatible with a variety of desk types including, wood, plastic, metal and glass. The design, craftsmanship and material quality of these arms are, in one word, impressive. The arms are easy to move and adjust, so you can customize the positioning.

If you get this, you’ll have a premium product at your fingertips with optimum support and an unwavering confidence that nothing will fall off.

Some of the features of the QUARX Dual Monitor Stand include:

  • Max monitor size of 32 inches
  • Weighs 13.13 pounds
  • C-Clamp mounting with maximum desk thickness of 2.2 inches
  • Grommet mounting with maximum desk thickness of 3 inches
  • Quick release VESA mount plate

10. AVLT Single 13″- 43″ Monitor Arm Desk Mount

If your monitor falls in the category labelled, “super-ultrawide”, pay good attention to this AVLT monitor arm model. The arm supports your monitor regardless of how you use it. Video and photo editing, programming, gaming, education, and business just got a whole lot easier.

The heavy-duty gas spring supports 43″ ultra-wide flat and curved monitors that provide an immersive experience. It is capable of full motion, precise adjustment as well as ergonomic positioning.

Securely suspend your monitor in the air with durable aluminum, heavy-duty steel, and gas spring arms that prevent shaking or sagging. AVLT monitor arm has a new lockable bolt design that provides friction to hold heavier and wider monitors even when tilting. If you have a 49-inch monitor and don’t have any wild expectations for adjustment, this will work just fine.

Be careful with the kind of desk you use. If it’s soft fake wood, you’ll want to reinforce both sides with thick durable wood to support the installation of the mount without any cracks appearing. This is highly recommended to anyone that is searching for a high-quality monitor stand with an articulating arm. It will be one of the most valuable purchases in your home office.

Some of the features of this model of AVLT Single Monitor Arm Desk Mount include:


  • Max screen size of 43 inches
  • Max monitor weight of 33 pounds
  • Weighs 11.5 pounds
  • Max extendable length of 20.7 inches
  • Max adjustable height of 23 inches
  • C-Clamp mounting with maximum desk thickness of 3.3 inches
  • Grommet mounting with maximum desk thickness of 1.8 inches

Best Monitor Arms Under $200

11. Ergotron – LX Single Monitor Arm

The Ergotron – LX single monitor arm was built to last for as long as ten years, and if you’re lucky, much longer. It was subjected to a 10,000-cycle test which assures its durability and excellent performance. Passing this test is equivalent to moving the arm through its full motion range ability about three times a day for ten years.

It has flexible positioning and frees up enough workspace on your desk to take notes and place other items. There’s a universal VESA interface that enables the attachment and support of ultrawide flat and curved displays. It is perfect for corner workspaces, so you can shift your monitor closer to the wall and use the desk for other activities without any issues. These positions and features are especially beneficial to digital artists and hardcore gamers. It offers a great amount of resistance when drawing on it.

The Ergotron LX Arm is easy to install, has a good range of motion, and is made of solid aluminum with heavy-duty metal springs and joints. With this arm, you can use your monitor at a comfortable height while standing, rotate the screen around to get those perfect strokes on your work, or adjust the screen to either portrait or landscape as you prefer.

It also has wire management that allows you to run cables from the monitor through the frame of the arm itself. If you want to extend the arm more than the maximum length, you can get an additional extension part for up to 9 inches.

Some of the best features of the Ergotron – LX Single Monitor Arm include:

  • Max monitor screen size of 34 inches
  • Max monitor weight of 25 pounds
  • Weighs 9.75 pounds
  • Max arm extension length of 25 inches
  • Maximum monitor height adjustment of 13 inches

12. AVLT Dual 13″-35″ Monitor Arm Desk Mount

The adjustment precision on AVLT 13″ – 35″ Dual Monitor Desk Stand is purely amazing. The ability to tilt and rotate your monitor at full capacity is the key to the flexibility that you’ve always wanted. It is very sturdy and can hold any seemingly oversized monitor in the air and give you ample workspace on your desk.

This monitor arm has a detachable design for both the monitor and the cable management feature. It takes productivity to the next level by first ensuring that you assume a comfortable posture and don’t get tired before you’ve done a commendable amount of work. Then, it has connectivity ports that allow you to connect your operating system by merely stretching your arms a few inches forward.

The quality, design and finish of this aluminum desk mount are all things modern and reliable. You will be hard pressed to find an equal or better product that offers every stated benefit regardless of the price.

Some of the features of the AVLT Dual 13″-35″ Monitor Arm Desk Mount include:

  • Max monitor screen size of 35 inches
  • Max monitor weight of 33 pounds
  • Weighs 19.4 pounds
  • C-Clamp (3.3 inches desk thickness) and grommet (1.8 inches desk thickness) mounting options
  • Two USB 3.0 and one AUX ports

Best Monitor Arms Under $400

13. Ergotron – HX Single Ultrawide Monitor Arm

The Ergotron – HX Single Ultrawide Monitor Arm is a desk mount that uses mechanical spring arms to support ultrawide and super heavy monitors. It is paired with a universal VESA interface that further enables it to support the weight of your monitor.

You can move your monitor in any direction until you find what best suits your needs at every moment. No matter how you lift or tilt, you’ll only be using a small amount of force for each motion change. The monitor arm is easy to assemble with a desk clamp and a grommet for stable mounting options depending on your desk thickness and what you prefer.

Another great benefit of this product is the ability to customize the arm to hold multiple monitors with an additional kit. There’s also the option to get a heavy-duty tilt kit for an immersive gaming experience.

If you think you have a monster of a monitor because of its weight, this is the beast you need to manage that monitor.

Some of the features of the Ergotron – HX Single Ultrawide Monitor Arm include:


  • Max screen size of 49 inches
  • Max monitor weight of 42 pounds
  • Weighs 2.42 pounds
  • 25 inches arm extension and 11.5 inches height adjustment
  • Desk clamp and grommet mounting with desk thickness of 2.6 inches

14. Ergotron – HX Single Ultrawide Monitor Arm with HD Pivot

The Ergotron – HX Single Ultrawide Monitor Arm with HD Pivot is also built to last like other Ergotron desk mounts, with cycle testing and a ten-year durability guarantee. It does, however, have a higher flexibility and improved ergonomic views compared to other models.

The Ergotron HX single with HD Pivot allows your monitor to move in different directions with a heavy-duty tilt pivot embedded in its design and packaging. If you’re in the visual design business or your monitor is strictly for gaming, the viewing experience that this arm will provide will be immersive. It is way too good to ignore.

If you’ve been looking for a way to declutter your desk, amplify the viewing angles on your designs, and get a fully immersive experience every time you sit in front of your monitor, this is the next addition to your office.

Some of the best features about the Ergotron – HX Single Ultrawide Monitor Arm with HD Pivot include:

  • HD Pivot for advanced tilting motions
  • Max screen size of 49 inches
  • Max monitor weight of 42 pounds
  • Weighs 15.4 pounds

15. Ergotron – LX Vertical Stacking Dual Monitor Arm

The Ergotron – LX Vertical Stacking Dual Monitor Arm provides two fully adjustable monitor arms that extend, rotate, and fold to produce the less overwhelming desk space you’ve always wanted. It may be called a dual monitor arm, but it can also suspend a laptop on one arm with the included notebook tray, and a monitor on the other.

With a few added accessories, you can create a massive wall of up to four monitor screens with the LX vertical stacking dual arm. Even with four screens, you won’t have to worry about losing the best view and most comfortable viewing positions. The adjustable tension allows you to adjust the arms enough to accommodate the weight of the monitors that you place on them.

This rock solid and sturdy dual monitor arm is easy to assemble and has an included tall pole that means you don’t have to place your monitors side by side. You can go the other route and place one on top of the other.

Stability, flexibility and the opportunity to get creative with your monitor positioning is what you’ll be getting from this dual monitor arm.

Some of the best features for each arm of the Ergotron – LX Vertical Stacking Dual Monitor Arm include:

  • Max screen size of 24 inches
  • Max monitor weight of 20 pounds
  • Weighs 16.57 pounds
  • Desk clamp mounting with maximum desk thickness of 2.6 inches
  • Grommet mounting with maximum desk thickness of 3 inches

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look out for in a monitor arm?

Buying the best monitor arm for your setup takes a lot of consideration. You should look out for a fitting carrying capacity for the monitors you own, as well as your preferred mounting style – wall or desk, clamp or hole drilling – to decide which would best fit into your workspace.

How high can monitor arms go?

The extensive ability of monitor arms depends on the brand and design of the arm. Ideally, the best monitor arm will be ergonomic which simply means it should hold your monitors at eye level. Typically monitor arm extension can vary from 8 to 16 inches.

Are all monitor arms VESA compatible?

Most monitor arms are VESA-compatible but there are a few that can support monitors that don’t have VESA-compatibility. You only need to be aware of the monitor’s capacity and make sure that whatever monitor arm you buy will serve for as long as possible.

Do all monitor arms have cable management?

The best monitor arms should have a cord or cable management system. One of the top benefits of having a monitor arm is to organize and free up your workspace, after all. If your monitor arm is leaving cables lying around and causing distraction, then it’s not doing the job.

How long do monitor arms last?

A monitor arm is not something you should replace annually or every two years. It should be durable and last for as long as five to ten years without so much as a wobble. The lifespan of each monitor arm differs by brand, so you should check the warranty on each product and the supporting technology to have an idea of what is the best monitor arm for you.


Building and maintaining a decluttered and organized workspace is such an important part of setting up a productive workspace, especially if you spend hours in your office. The best monitor arm will be an effective and affordable way to stay organized, save desk space, and embrace a healthy work environment as it helps to reduce strain on the body.

Now that you have 15 of the best monitor arms that money can buy, it’s time to improve your own work setup. Hopefully, you have all the information you need to make a profitable decision.

Which monitor arm is going in your shopping cart? Have you tried any of our top picks? Do you have any suggestions for the best monitor arm that isn’t on our list?
Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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