The demand for Botox treatments is growing so much.

A study by Grandview Research revealed that the Facial Injectable Market was valued at $11.5 Billion in 2022. It’s projected to reach $15.4 Billion by 2030.

This demand is fueled by the desire to look younger, feel stronger, and experience a more fulfilling life.

Aside from the population aged 40+ years who desire to look younger, Baby Boomers and Generation X age are not left out.

As they age, millions of them will gladly consult with professionals — to address these specific areas.

Botox treatment areas


That’s why Botox is the fastest-growing non-surgical cosmetic procedure in the world.

This is an in-depth article that shows you the most effective ways to market/advertise your Botox practice, regardless of your procedure (or specialty).

Speak with a digital marketing specialist today to start getting new clients to your Botox business.

What is Botox Marketing?

Botox marketing refers to the combination of online and offline tactics employed to attract new patients and clients to an aesthetic practice that offers Botox injections.

Botox Marketing: 5 Effective Advertising Ideas to Get More Clients

Here are actionable Botox advertising ideas that you can easily implement today to start getting 5, 10, 20, or 50 new leads & clients per month.

1. Use Facebook Lead Ads to Generate Botox Leads

Facebook Lead Ads offers an effective way to attract ideal leads to your Botox.

This type of Facebook ad works — because your potential patients can book free consultations directly on Facebook.

Use Facebook Lead Ads to Generate Botox Leads

Yes, they don’t have to visit any landing page or take another step.

The beauty of Facebook Lead Ads is that your prospect’s personal information (name, email address, location, etc.) is pre-filled.

They ONLY need to authorize it with a single click — to have their data sent to your email autoresponder.

Use Facebook Lead Ads to Generate Botox Leads


Create your ad campaign in Facebook Business Manager by selecting an ad type, budget, and target demographics.

Our clients consist of ChiropractorsBotox ProfessionalsDentists, and Surgeons; and they all love Facebook because it gives them complete control over every detail of the ad campaign.

Make sure to target your primary audience, location, and even their interests.

To generate high-quality leads, create engaging Lead ads that draw people in.

Your ad copy should be tailored to your target market and include catchy words such as ‘Look Younger’, ‘Look Beautiful,’ ‘Experience New Life’, and the like in your copy.

To abide by GDPR, you should add tracking parameters to your ad form and request user consent before collecting their data.


Doing this is an effective way of guaranteeing that your ad remains secure and doesn’t infringe upon Facebook’s community standards.

2. Leverage YouTube Pre-Roll Ads to Get More Botox Leads

YouTube is one of the world’s most popular marketing channels, making it an invaluable platform for Botox practices, Beauty experts, and service providers.

2. Leverage YouTube Pre-Roll Ads to Get More Botox Leads

According to Insivia, your target audience will retain 95% of your message when it’s communicated in a video format, compared to 10% when it’s text-based.

With so many viewers watching videos simultaneously, pre-roll ads (skippable ads) are considered the most effective type of YouTube ad format.

Leverage YouTube Pre-Roll Ads to Get More Botox Leads_2


Pre-Roll Ads play before the video starts. They typically last 15, 30, or 60 seconds — but allow viewers to skip them after 5 seconds if they don’t like them.

While these can be highly effective for promoting your services, make sure they’re structured correctly with the skip window in mind.

They’re the least interruptive ads. However, a successful pre-roll ad requires careful targeting, unique content, and entertainment.

Leverage YouTube Pre-Roll Ads to Get More Botox Leads_3


At Omnicore Agency, our digital marketing specialists can assist you in getting the most out of YouTube pre-roll advertising.

Let’s design a growth marketing strategy tailored to your practice, and help you place ads aimed at health and beauty-related YouTube channels & videos where they will generate leads for you.

3. Get Instant Botox Bookings With Google Ads

Get Instant Botox Bookings With Google Ads

Botox is one of the most sought-after treatments in medical aesthetics, making it an invaluable asset to any cosmetic practice.

If you want to generate immediate Botox bookings, a Google Ads campaign is an effective way to do so.

Your ads will appear in the search results.

Get Instant Botox Bookings With Google Ads_2

To effectively engage your target audience, be strategic, enticing, and direct.

With the Google Keywords Planner or Google Autosuggest results, carefully curate a keyword list that appeals to them.

Get Instant Botox Bookings With Google Ads

If you’re going to run Display Ads instead, consider including your phone number and address to quickly show you’re a ‘true’ practice.

Get Instant Botox Bookings With Google Ads_4

Note: To increase the chances of getting your Google Display Ads approved, avoid using the word “Botox” in your ad copy, simply use the outcome instead: Look Younger, for example.

Customizing your ad copy for each market is beneficial in the long run, as it guarantees your ads are visible to the right people.

You can achieve this by crafting an individualized ad based on demographic and location information, as well as testing different text and image combinations to see which ones produce the most effective results.

Advertising Botox doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you’re willing to put in the time.

A little planning and some strategic thinking will pay off in the end, generating an endless stream of new patients with minimal effort on your part.

4. Collaborate With Influencers to Attract Botox Clients

One of the best ways to reach potential patients is by partnering with both online and local influencers.

This could be a cookie company, an ice cream shop, or even a medical spa near you — working together can be an incredibly beneficial step for your business.

About 80% of marketers find influencer marketing effective in generating leads, clients, and sales.

Collaborate With Influencers to Attract Botox Clients

For online marketing, target micro-influencers with about 5,000 to 100,000 followers.

These are mostly content creators on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Blogs, Medium, etc. There’s a chance you’ll reach them via a direct message or phone call.

Collaborate With Influencers to Attract Botox Clients_2

Source: Linqia

If you’re not a multimillion-dollar Botox company, steer clear of mega influencers such as Kim Kardashians, Serena Williams, etc.

To capture the attention of these micro influential on social media, you need to make a statement with your outreach messages.

Utilizing hashtags as bait increases your chances for success greatly.

Alternatively, use an Instagram retargeting tool to target these influencers with relevant ads.

5. Offer Discounts to Encourage Repeat Botox Clients

One of the best ways to encourage repeat botox clients is by offering them discounts and upgrades.

This will help you create a memorable experience for patients, which is one of the most powerful ways to gain repeat customers, according to Zendesk.

Offer Discounts to Encourage Repeat Botox Clients


You can reward patients by setting up a loyalty club where they can accumulate points on treatments and receive discounts on other cosmetic procedures.

You could also create a reward system within your practice and give away free treatments or facials as a ‘thank-you’ for their loyalty.

Another strategy is offering discounts on bundles of services, which will add value to patients while increasing your bookings.

Aesthetics By Design offers a 50% OFF Botox Cosmetic. Patients can qualify once they text REWARD to 65190. What a smart strategy to collect phone numbers for SMS marketing later on.

Offer Discounts to Encourage Repeat Botox Clients

Here’s another example:

If you offer 4 BOTOX treatments and include the 5th free, patients are likely to book their appointments sooner and continue with their treatment even after the bundle value has expired.

You can offer discounts to patients when they purchase their initial filler treatment.

Not only will this improve patient conversion rates, but it will also ensure clients are happy with their outcomes.

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What You Should Know About Botox Advertising

Botox and its related non-surgical cosmetic procedures are delicate practices. As such, the way you market, promote, or advertise your practice is critical.

In recent years, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has published strict regulations about Botox. The Enforcement Notice is clearly defined.

Since Botox is a prescription-only treatment (mostly non-surgical), you’re not permitted to advertise directly to the public.

Essentially, the word “Botox” and other closely-similar words or terms SHOULD not be included in your marketing campaigns.

So how do you reach your target audience and attract patients to your practice?

Well, there’s a better way.

But first, take a look at the summarized points in rule 12.12 of the Committee for Advertising Practice (CAP) Code. Stay compliant with these 4 rules:

  • Don’t use language that would influence a patient’s decision of deciding on botox treatments.
  • Don’t mention or use these words (Botox, Botulinum toxin, Dysport, Bocouture, Vistabel, and Azzulure in your social media posts, ad campaigns, website homepages, web page titles, logos, landing pages, or flyers.
  • Don’t refer to Botox directly as an option (this includes calling it another name: anti-wrinkle injections).
  • Don’t refer to treatments, which are beyond the scope of the Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC).

In addition to the CAP Code guidance above, Google also introduced E.E.A.T. (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) as a way to gauge the credibility of medical content or medical-related websites.

When it comes to Healthcare and Medicines, Google doesn’t want to rank prescription medicine websites or specific procedures such as Botox to its audience. 

In the UK, pharmaceutical companies are not even allowed to advertise their products using Google. That’s how serious it can be!

Pro Tip: To protect potential patients from falling for unscrupulous Botox ads and ‘truly’ help them, practices must build trust with their patients.

Offering free seminars or free Botox consultations, informing them of the treatment options, and providing patient testimonials, can help you cut through the noise quickly.

Botox Marketing: Get Consistent Clients

All in all, social media marketing on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok can be very powerful when it comes to attracting new patients to your aesthetic practice.

It’s easy to get started and you can launch your first ad campaign with just $10/day.

Botox Marketing Get Consistent Clients

This will provide a reliable way to potential clients on a more personal level.

Using these platforms to share pictures, videos, and updates is like treating your patients to delicious meals.

They will glimpse into your personality and the amazing results they can expect from your Botox treatments.

Botox Marketing Get Consistent Clients

Don’t forget to target the demographics that have a high demand for this treatment.

This includes women, millennials, and anyone who has started to see wrinkles on their faces. Target broader demographics that want to look more beautiful, younger, sexier, and smarter.


Build and optimize your website to rank well on Google and other search engines for your city, state, or country.

This will help new patients find your website when they’re searching for:

  • Botox near me
  • Botox in TX
  • Best Botox centers near me
  • Botox treatments in Los Angeles

And so on.

When your website ranks on Google’s first page for its main keywords (as shown above), this will allow new patients to learn about the treatment, its benefits, and its risks before they commit to a consultation.

By doing this, you’re able to build trust and confidence with your new patients, as they’ll be able to see that you understand their needs and are a trusted resource for information about the procedure.

This is a good strategy to follow for any of your cosmetic services, but it’s especially important with Botox — which has strict advertising guidelines.

It will ensure that you have a good understanding of the patient’s goals and expectations, which can set your practice apart from others in the industry.

Ready to kickstart your first Botox marketing campaign?

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