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How Omnicore helped a Ketamine Infusion Center gain a +533% increase in Organic Traffic in 6 months

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About the client

Located in the heart of Cedar Park, just north of Austin, Nepenthe Wellness Center offers wellness services to promote and maintain balanced mental health. Nepenthe achieves this mission by providing Ketamine Therapy and IV Therapy, among other wellness services.

Nepenthe identifies its unique value proposition to focus on advanced treatments that target underlying problems, not just symptoms. Their compassionate stance towards treating their patients is what makes them stand out.

Project Overview

Nepenthe reached out to Omnicore to help revamp its digital presence and build a solid organic patient acquisition strategy.

Before engaging us, the center was only generating leads through PPC. The company wanted to reduce their ad spend on Google Ads and generate leads through organic search.

Besides seeking an increase in patient volume, Nepenthe also needed a digital marketing partner to position them as the authority figure in Ketamine Therapy in their target area.

We partnered with Nepenthe to implement a complete website redesign coupled with a new SEO strategy, along with fresh creative branding for the company that effectively drove the right message home and to the target audience.

We executed powerful SEO strategies to assist Nepenthe in achieving its goals, which included showing higher in Google Maps and Search Results.

Specifically, we saw a +533 increase in organic traffic and a +4611% increase in the overall volume of ranking keywords, all within 6 months. We helped Nepenthe improve lead acquisition, drive organic traffic to their business website, and more.

Nepenthe on first position
Nepenthe ranks # 1 on Google Maps

The Problem

When Nepenthe reached out to Omnicore, they were not receiving any tangible visits to their website. Their website was also not well done, at least not for their target audience and through Google’s lenses.

They were missing one of the most crucial aspects of online marketing: SEO.

Their main goal when reaching out to Omnicore was to create a patient-generating framework that would position them as the industry leader in their area.

The main challenge was that the website was new and had no backlinks or visibility on search. In order to help increase organic traffic, Omnicore launched its signature Healthcare SEO campaign with the primary objective to improve Nepenthe’s website visibility in the search results for its main keywords.

The Solution

After performing a thorough audit and research, Omnicore’s SEO specialists and website strategists developed an optimization strategy to improve Nepenthe’s website layout, SEO, content creation, and link building.

Step 1: Build a patient-centric website with a strong SEO foundation

We developed a comprehensive website redesign with a strong technical SEO foundation. A clean, well-organized site architecture improved the website’s visibility before the eyes of Google, making it easier to crawl and start ranking the website.

With our years of experience working with the healthcare industry, our website developers, designers, and strategists came up with a fully-functional website, made to appeal to patients seeking the services of a wellness center.

We built a fast and responsive wellness center website design optimized for mobile and also ensured that it met Google’s Core Web Vitals standards. We, thereafter, implemented optimized metadata throughout each page to target our primary keywords.

Step 2: Laying out a strong technical SEO structure

Redesigning a website with a strong SEO foundation is only one part of the job. Going deeper into technical SEO makes your website to stand out and get ranked much faster, which means more leads to you within a short period.

Our team uses various SEO tools to get the job done, including SEMrush, Ahrefs, SpyFu, and more.

After redesigning the website, we used our unique 5-step SEO checklist to increase the website’s online visibility. Our SEO checklist includes:

  1. Crawlability

Crawlability is the foundation of SEO. We ensure that search bots are able to crawl each important page and gather information about your website.

In our crawlability checklist, we handled various aspects including creating an XML sitemap, optimizing the site architecture, setting a URL structure, using pagination, and utilizing the robots.txt., among others.


Once the search bots crawl the website, they begin indexing pages based on the topics and relevance. We wanted to ensure that the bots could only find relevant information throughout the site, making it possible to get Nepenthe’s website at the top of the SERPs.

Our SEO strategists followed various checklists to ensure the website is indexable, including removing duplicate content, auditing all redirects, fixing HTTPS errors, and much more.


Conducting a renderability audit is one of Omnicore’s unique ways to ensure that a website is easily accessible by both the search bots and your visitors.

Our team reviewed and resolved the website for renderability issues, which include optimizing server performance, load times, and page size, among others. We also reviewed the site’s HTTP status, page depth, etc.


Our rankability checklist includes various on-page SEO tactics, but from technical lenses. To ensure the rankability of our client’s website, we analyzed the backlink quality, content clusters, etc.


Getting your website ranking on the SERPs is one thing, but having people click on your links is another. This is another crucial step our SEO strategists focus most on to ensure you have a better click-through rate (CTR).

Our clickability checklist is long and includes tactics such as using structured data, optimizing content for featured snippets, and more.

Step 3: Optimize landing pages (On-page SEO)

After ensuring that all technical and design aspects of the wellness center website were in order, we embarked on creating a robust on-page SEO strategy. We focused on creating strong landing-page experiences that could engage and persuade users to take action.

Our team worked together to build comprehensive product pages for IV Vitamin Therapy, including Hangover Drip, Myers Cocktail, Beauty Drip, and more. Similarly, we created condition-specific pages for Ketamine Therapy targeting conditions like OCD, Chronic Pain, Anxiety, etc.

That ensures Nepenthe’s target clients know exactly what the business offers, allowing them to find information easily anywhere on the website. This also has a strong SEO impact, as it signals Google and other search engines about the precise services our client offers.

Separate service pages also target more customers for each service. It can be relatively easier to boost organic rankings and traffic by building a specific page for each service. The rule of thumb is, as we go deeper: competition becomes low.

We also identified the primary keywords to target for each of the pages, with a key focus on the main services.

We carried out keyword optimization for the following:

• Metadata

• URL structure

• Header tags

• Main menu structure

• Site architecture and information hierarchy

• Page content

Step 4: Implementing a robust mid-funnel content marketing strategy

Post-launch, we developed a long-form content strategy to build a successful organic funnel. A full-funnel content strategy allows patients to find relevant information at each stage of their journey.

Part of our content strategy was to develop a long-term plan for informational blogs and guides for patients and their friends and family, to create brand awareness and generate top-level interest. In turn, this increases conversion rates.

These guides covered various topics relevant to the services offered by Nepenthe Wellness Center, such as ketamine therapy, anxiety, vitamin drips, and more. By providing this kind of useful content on our client’s website, we demonstrated that Nepenthe is knowledgeable about its services and can be trusted to deliver quality services.

Step 5: Linkbuilding

Nepenthe’s direct competitors had a strong link profile. Having links from relevant websites signals Google that your website is trustworthy and authoritative.

To improve Nepenthe’s backlink profile, we helped them naturally earn new links through our white hat methods.

We also focused on building high-quality local citations. This is also an essential part as they were aiming to rank higher on Google Maps and reach their potential clients in Cedar Park, TX.

We also embarked on creating a solid internal linking structure for the website. Having a robust internal linking structure is also crucial in setting out the layout of the website for both visitors and Google crawlers.

The Results

Increased Organic Visibility and Patient Acquisition

After working with Omnicore, Nepenthe gained a more patient-centric online presence, allowing them to reach more patients seeking their services. The current site structure allows for more organic growth.

Omnicore focused mainly on position tracking, lead volume, and keyword ranking to measure the success and growth of Nepenthe’s online presence since they started working with us.

After redesigning their website and implementing our signature healthcare SEO, we observed the following improvements within 6 months:

+533% increase in organic traffic in 6 months (Jun 2022 to Dec 2022).

+1742% increase in impressions in 6 months (Jun 2022 to Dec 2022).

+4611% increase in the overall volume of ranking keywords in 6 months (848 keywords on Google U.S. as of Dec 2022).

+2100% increase in page 1 rankings in 6 months (22 keywords on the first page of Google as of Dec 2022).

Their main keyword, ‘ketamine therapy cedar park,’ ranks # 1 on Google in SERPs.

organic keywords - Nepenthe
performance - Nepenthe

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