February 15, 2016
SEO VS PPC for Dental Practices

SEO vs PPC for Dental Practices: Which one Should you Choose?

PPC or Pay per Click is one of the most optimal way to grow your dental business whether you are a new practice or an established one looking to attract […]
February 23, 2015
PPC for Dentists

3 Reasons Why Dentists Should Use PPC

Small businesses, including dentist offices, are all competing for the attention of potential customers, both online and off. With searches on the rise, specifically for mobile, it’s more important than […]
March 31, 2014
What is RTB

What is Real Time Bidding? How Does it work and Why you Need it in your PPC Campaigns?

Why is real time bidding important for Your PPC Campaign? Right now, everyone is buzzing about real-time bidding and if you’re taking part in a paid search campaign, it’s definitely […]
March 24, 2014

5 Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies You should Bookmark

Conversion optimization is both an art and a science. Few digital marketing agencies put it to good use, instead opting to focus in on just the tactics themselves and not […]
March 18, 2014
Spring Clean PPC Account

PPC Account Optimization: 5 Tips to Spring Clean your Google Adwords Account

It’s that time of year again. If you’ve been neglecting your PPC accounts, now is the perfect time for your PPC account optimization to give it a good refresh so that […]
February 3, 2014
Common PLA Mistakes

10 Common PLA Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Product listing ads are a must for any ecommerce merchant and as the holiday shopping season is now in full swing, it’s important to check your PLAs (and check them […]