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8 Must Have Google Analytics Browser Extensions for 2021

Google Analytics Browser Extensions

Browsers are turning into one-stop-shop operations with the advent of extensions and now include anything from games to professional web analytics engines.

Web analytics is a big part of web marketing and analysts prefer to have all the required data in one application. So, adding the requisite extension to your browser makes it easy for analysts to manage data, keep an eye on latest results and to help with efficient decision-making.

Google Chrome is one of the leading browsers with a user-share of over 50% and rising, since February 2013. This means that users prefer Chrome to any other browser in the market and so extensions to Chrome are more important than with any other browser. So, here we look at the most effective web analytics browser extensions used by professionals across the world. If you want to springboard your business, take advantage of these nifty extensions.

1) Analytics Helper

Browser: Chrome

Analytics Helper extension detects if Google Analytics UA Code is installed on the website and if it is done correctly. It Includes the code type (asynchronous, traditional), any UAs present on the page, and the location of code on the page i.e in the <head> or <footer> section of the code.

Google Analytics Code Detector

2) Copy Google Analytics Profiles

Browser: Firefox

Greasemonkey have made many handy scripts, Copying Google Analytics Profile is one of them. If you’ve made standard goals, filters and user settings and want to replicate across other profiles then this script will come in handy as you can literally just click Copy and Paste to automate the task.

While it does not copy events that are set up in Google Analytics version 5 I still believe this is a very handy extension to use.

3) Google Analytics Goal Copy

Browser: Firefox

The extension above has its limitations that’s why Michael from LunaMetrics made this extension which helps you copy individual goals from one profile to another.

When profiles are already in place, #2 above is not a good solution, but neither is manually creating the same goal a dozen times. Solution? GoalCopy Firefox extension! Copy individual goals from one profile to another.


4) gaSwitchr

Browser: Chrome

This extension allows you to switch between profiles while staying on the same report page and copy (duplicate) the current report with selected duration to another profile. Simple!

Disclaimer: This extension works with older version of Google Analytics.

5) Straight to Google Analytics

Browser: Chrome

Jump right into Google Analytics without clicking the “Access Analytics” button everytime.

Google Analytics Access

6) Google Analytics Debugger

Browser: Chrome

Having trouble with your Google Analytics code? Then try the Google Analytics Debugger. The leading web analytics platform has extensions available in Chrome. The debugger takes a look at your code and finds where the code malfunctions. A malfunctioning code will usually lead to incorrect data or worse yet no data at all. So, it is important to debug the tracking code once it has been installed.

7) Google Analytics URL Builder

If you are looking to setup a Google Analytics campaign then, putting in all the tracking URLs can be difficult. However, with this extension, you can easily tag the URL to track while browsing – makes setting up a campaign easy.

8) Daily Stats for Google Analytics™

Browser: Chrome

Chrome can be your one-stop-shop, for Google analytics reports as well. This particular extension makes it very easy to view your daily traffic reports and allows webmasters to keep in touch with their website traffic.

What extensions do you use with Google Chrome? Leave a comment and let us know about your favorite Chrome extensions, used for analytics and tracking?

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Hafiz Muhammad Ali
Hafiz Muhammad Ali
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