Let’s face it: Digital marketing for biotech companies is no longer recommended … it’s essential for success in your industry.

In 2015, 76% of healthcare companies said they heavily relied on digital marketing to garner new business. Only a fraction of these companies still used traditional means of advertising. Furthermore, from 2014 to 2015, 52% of healthcare companies reported a significant increase in their digital marketing budget.

How much of your biotech company’s budget is digital? Are you on track with the competition? Omnicore can help.

Improving Your Success: The Importance of Internet Marketing for Biotech Companies in a Digital World

In order to be recognized as a leading biotech company in today’s online world, you need a strong online presence, yes. But more importantly, you need to first, stick out, and second, make your company and products irreplaceable.

Your audience is made up of researchers, clinicians, scientists, and others who are used to wading through thick fogs of technological babble, regulation speak, and other mind-numbing content. Your biotech company needs to inform your audience … but not overinform them.

This approach draws a fine line between underselling your unquestionably wonderful products and perfectly portraying what you have to offer in just the right way. It’s a fine line, but it’s doable. It involves knowing who your audience is, understanding what they’re looking for, and efficiently relaying that your products can meet their needs before their eyes glaze over and they’re no longer navigating your site, reading your blog post, or checking our your social media page.

You’ve got to hook them, and it won’t be easy, but at Omnicore, we know just the digital marketing strategies to employ:

Does This Sound Like Your Biotech Company?

Let’s see if your biotech firm and our digital marketing agency are a match made in heaven. Does this sound familiar?

  • You understand the value of generating a solid lead, but as of late, they’ve been few and far between.
  • You see a direct need for change in your marketing and advertising methods, but you aren’t sure what approach you should take.
  • You’ve heard terms like PPC, SEO, and conversion optimization thrown around, but you’re not sure how to use these techniques. You know the value of driving visitors to your website and inciting interest in your products through social media.
  • Still, you don’t have time to set these things up yourself. Plus, you want to be sure you’ll get a worthwhile return on your investment — and Internet marketing solutions change by the day.
  • You’re ready to go digital, but you’re waiting for the right Internet marketing agency to meet your niche needs.

If these points sound familiar, digital marketing is your solution, and Omnicore is the team for the job.

Digital Marketing for the World of Biotech

There’s no doubt that the future of biotech marketing is — and will be — entirely digital. In fact, the medical marketing areas that have seen the largest budget increases since 2015 were all digital: search engine marketing (SEO), social media, paid digital advertising, and content development. If your company is still caught up in print media and other traditional methods of advertising, it’s time to change.

But just keep in mind that that change may be difficult on your own. After all, the techniques that current digital marketing agencies like Omnicore use on a regular basis have been acquired over years in the industry. We’ve been working in digital marketing since 2009, and even in the past few years, strategies and audience needs have completely changed. It’s difficult for biotech companies to keep up on their own, and that’s where we come in.

Our digital marketing solutions are proven effective at helping biotech companies dominate their niche and gain new clients and customers. We have a number of global offices around the world, and we manage the marketing for a variety of motivated biotech brands who’ve seen marked success with our help. We’d love to help you too. So is your company ready to go digital?

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