Did you know that marketers who prioritize blogging are thirteen times more likely to see a positive ROI? Or that 46% of millennials trust social media first when it comes to making their purchase decisions?

Add to that the fact that 87% of Internet users have a smartphone and that by 2019, 80% of the world’s Internet traffic will be videoand you can see why digital marketing is so immensely essential to your business.

As a dental care provider, you need a constant flow of new patients in order to stay in the black and enjoy a positive ROI. This means attracting new customers from all demographics — including the Baby Boomer generation, Generation X, and Millenialls. And in areas where dental practices are competing fiercely for these patients, Internet marketing becomes even more vital.

How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Dental Business

With the millennial generation fast becoming the generation who will be making all health decisions for the family, Internet marketing is more important than ever. These individuals own smartphones and use them every day as their primary source of interacting with the world. This includes interaction with healthcare providers like their primary dentist or orthodontist.

Even within Generation X and the Baby Boomer generation, Internet marketing is the lens through which these individuals see the world. When it comes to finding a new family dentist, locating a reputable orthodontist in the area, reading dental care provider reviews, and scheduling appointments, the Internet is the key tool being utilized.

Because of this, as a dental practice you must understand that the Internet is what’s driving customers. In order to be successful, therefore, you need to be in-the-know and on top of your own Internet marketing strategies. This will allow you to profit and thrive.

Whether it’s inviting new patients to visit your dental office with a discounted “first cleaning offer,” allowing existing patients to schedule and reschedule appointments directly on your website, or anything else Internet-related, Omnicore should be your go-to marketing provider.

At Omnicore, we offer the lasting Internet marketing changes that your practice needs to see a markedly improved patient-base and ROI. In order to achieve this for our clients, we offer the following key services:

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is what dental care providers like yours use to attract new customers.

When someone new to your area searches in Google for “dentists in [insert your city here]” as they search for a new family dentist, what pops up first is likely what they’re going to click on and inevitably call for an appointment.

Don’t you want this listing to be your dental practice? With SEO, we make this happen.

PPC: Pay-Per-Click

Pay-per-click is an excellent way to attract new patients via search engines like Google. With Google Adwords PPC, your ad shows up only to people who enter keywords and phrases that were specifically chosen for your industry and location.

There are numerous benefits to this advertising model. Namely, you’ll only be charged for your ads when someone clicks one to show interest in your business. Additionally, you’re free to set your own maximum daily budget.

Content Marketing

Content marketing entails all content on your website and social media platforms as well as marketing emails, blog posts, advertisements and ebooks for lead generation, and infographics. It also includes such digital media as photos, video, and various other media.

The best content marketing approaches anticipate the needs of your audience, appeal to and attract potential patients, and educate and inform current patients. It’s all about influencing your audience and driving customers to change their behavior through effective marketing copy and digital media. At Omnicore, we accomplish this through rigorous research, efficient content creation that taps into this research, and effectual delivery to your audience.

Social Media Marketing

As a dental practice looking to increase your patient-base, you need to be where potential patients hang out. And for nearly every demographic, this means social media platforms that are important to these individuals: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The influence of social media platforms cannot be overstated.

Yet simply having social media isn’t enough — the marketing possibilities are too great not to take advantage of. In addition to building up your social media profiles and campaigns, it’s also important to communicate regularly and effectively with customers, answering their questions as they come in and updating news and events on a daily basis. Offering live video via Facebook and Instagram, for example, is a great way to stay connected. At Omnicore, we’ll help you with all of this and more so that your social media presence is entirely optimized and working for you.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization can be described as a system that strives to drive more visitors to your website, and in turn be converted to paying customers or patients. Essentially, this is about making your website work harder for you and making your marketing endeavors more effective online as well.

At Omnicore, we adapt these strategies efficiently and effectively to increase the number of people who visit your website and social media platforms. This means increased conversions — more patients contacting you for service and more returns on your investments.

Reputation Management

Anything can happen with a business — from the fortunate to the unfortunate. And while the Internet can be a helpful blessing for attracting a patient-base and increasing revenue, it can also be a discouraging pitfall for the reputation of the business in some cases.

If your dental practice has recently received unwarranted bad reviews or any other hit to your overall reputation, we can take charge of the situation and immediately improve your reputation using deliberate marketing strategies.

Not Sure What You’re Looking For? No Problem — We Can Help!

Omnicore’s core goal is to provide the best possible Internet marketing services to our clients. We do this through excellent client service, quality marketing strategies with proven results at improving your patient-baseand the ability to adapt quickly and effectively with the changing face of Internet marketing. Things never stay the same when it comes to online marketing, and you can count on us to anticipate and preempt these changes to achieve optimal results for your dental care business.

Whether you’re looking for improved search engine optimization, better online adds, an enhanced expression of your social media presence, or just an overall better ROI, we have what you need at Omnicore Internet Marketing.

Contact us to request pricing and achieve a better understanding of exactly what you’re looking for. During your initial consultation, it’s completely risk free, which means there is no obligation to buy.

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