Since 2008, electronic health record adoption in U.S. medical offices has more than doubled.

That’s 42% of office-based physicians using EHR systems in 2008 compared to 86.9% of them using EHRs in 2015And since 2015, the percentage of physicians using EHRs has only continued to rise.

The Marketing Solutions You Need

EMR solutions providers offer a much-needed service to physicians offices, dentists, hospitals, surgical practices, and all other types of medical practices. The industry is booming, and potential clients are everywhere.

But is your company seeing any of this business?

If not, you may not be using optimal digital marketing strategies for lead generation and conversion optimization. With the constantly changing digital times, it’s not uncommon for some industries to be left behind. In-house teams don’t have the time or know-how to stay abreast of transforming Google search trends, the latest content marketing strategies, and the ever-changing needs and desires of potential clients.

At Omnicore, we are intuitive toward the needs of EHR vendors and EMR vendors and their potential clients. We’ve been in the Internet marketing industry since 2009, and since that time, we’ve helped companies just like yours see notable boosts in client-base and revenue. We’d love to help you too.

Our key to success lies in utilizing the following proven Internet marketing services:

Is This You?

Let’s see if we’re a good fit. Do these points sound familiar?

  • You know your record systems are valuable and can be useful for physicians, hospitals, dentists, and patients. You’ve proven that with satisfied clients in the past. But new clients haven’t been coming in.
  • You used to see success in your old marketing techniques, but lately, things have changed. You’re not seeing a return on the marketing investments you’ve made.
  • You see a need for change, but you’re not sure what it is. Terms like “Google Adwords,” “PPC,” “SEO,” and “conversion optimization rate” are confusing, and you don’t have time to focus on them. It seems like there’s too much to learn about a digital approach to marketing.
  • In addition to being bewildered by today’s current ad strategies, you’re struggling to keep up with your own website and social media platforms. Emails go unanswered, a few bad online reviews were never addressed, and you haven’t uploaded a new blog post in months.
  • You know how valuable leads are, and you want to work with marketing experts who know how to generate them. You knot this will take time, and you’re willing to revamp your current marketing approaches to see a positive ROI.

If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. Our marketing team at Omnicore understands the current trends in digital marketing, from the importance of SEO and PPC to how keyword trends change and exactly who you need to be targeting in your social media updates and blog posts — hint: it may not be who you think.

Why Internet Marketing for EMR Vendors Matters

Like any marketing campaign, the focus of everything you do online needs to be on targeting your core audience. These are the individuals, practices, and hospitals who are going to be using your electronic health record systems.

The good news is: these people need you. How do we know? More and more patients want to be able to access their records on their home computers, smart phones, and tablets. In offices and hospitals, there’s a strong need for interoperable EMR systems that make day-to-day operations easier and services for patients faster and more effective.

But any old EHR system won’t do for these target audiences. Both patients and health specialists like pain medicine professionals, family doctors, and neurologists want certain assurances with their EHR systems. They have problems and concerns that are currently not being addressed by their EHR and EMR vendors.

For example, did you know that right now, 79% of health specialists say EHRs have negatively impacted physician-patient communication? Or that 45% of specialists say their current EHR system is not appreciably closer to interoperability with other systems being used years ago? Directly from pain medicine specialists, we’re hearing things like, “EHRs make the … speed, efficiency, and safety [of our practice] … worse. Every attempt to find the relevant piece of information you’re looking for is a digital search for a needle in a haystack.”

Addressing Physician and Patient Problems Directly Puts You on Top

So what does this mean for you? If these statistics and direct concerns from health professionals speak to you as an EMR and EHR vendor, good. These are what we call pain points, problem areas and core concerns of your target audience. And if you know these pain points, you can fix them. Moreover, you can address them in your digital marketing.

That’s where Omnicore comes in.

Through the use of effective social media marketing strategies, meaningful content, SEO and PPC techniques, and more, Omnicore will help you engage the physician community — and patients — with solutions for their pain points. We’ll help you create a marketing campaign that directly targets this audience using techniques like Google Adwords. With Good Adwords, for example, you can create ads that only pop up in online search results when users type in search terms like “EHR systems for dentists” or “EMR systems that patients like.” When your ad appears, you only pay for it when someone clicks on it to show interest in your website.

From there, we go further with our marketing strategies in order to convert cursory visitors to your site into paying customers. This is done through the use of conversion optimization techniques, which we’ll discuss more in detail when you’re ready to get started.

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