72% of Internet users reported searching on the Internet for health information in the last year. 41% of consumers say that social media content will probably impact their choice of medical treatment center. Writing or reading social media comments and reviews will influence the spending behavior of 67% of consumers.

Is your plastic surgery practice on social media? How quickly do you respond to questions from potential patients? How do you react when you receive a negative review? What’s your practice’s website like — do you use SEO and PPC to drive more traffic to your page? What about blogging and information sharing for conversion optimization?

Why Your Surgical Practice Needs Digital Marketing

If you’re not taking advantage of the latest and most advanced digital marketing trends, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of the market. But if you started your practice any time before 2005, you may still not be fully aware of just how completely lead generation has shifted to the digital world.

In fact, today, only a fraction of plastic surgeons rely on traditional means of marketing to attract new patients. Where’s their marketing budget gone? It’s been completely allocated to digital strategies.

Today, all marketing is digital … because digital marketing works.

At Omnicore, we can help convert and optimize your plastic surgery practice to be digitally focused. We’ve been in the Internet marketing industry since 2009, and with our experience and knowledge, we’ll drive traffic to your website, convert visitors and social media followers into patients, and give you a visible return on your marketing investments.

Full-Service Digital Marketing to Enhance Your Practice’s Business

As a plastic surgeon, lead generation and conversion optimization are your bread and butter. You need a consistent flow of patients coming in to stay on track with profits and spending.

But the Internet at large is vast and wide. To attract customers in this global space, you need concentrated strategies with proven results.

To begin with, digital marketing — like all marketing — means knowing your audience. Who is it that currently patronizes your plastic surgery practice? What type of patients do you want more of? Where are you seeing your greatest growth in revenue? All of these factors and more influence whether or not your marketing efforts will be fruitful or in vain.

Furthermore, you’ve got to know what your audience’s preferences are. In other words, what attributes of a plastic surgery practice are most important to them when they search online? For instance, did you know that 35.6% of plastic surgery patients say the most important attribute in a surgeon is the surgeon’s experience? Or that cost of a procedure is only the most important attribute for 12.9%of patients?

All of this is the information we glean as Internet marketers. And with this information, we integrate the following digital marketing services to optimize your return on investment:

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

A large part of SEO is about knowing what your potential clients search for — we call these search choices keywords, and we use them to optimize your content. With strategically placed keywords in your content, we’ll drive visitors to your website, and from there, work to convert them into paying customers.

PPC: Pay-Per-Click

Pay-per-click mostly refers to how we use Google Adwords — an affordable and highly effective advertising strategy. With Google Adwords PPC, specific keywords and phrases related to your industry will spark your surgical practice’s ads to pop up in people’s searches. You only pay for this service when someone shows interest in your practice and clicks on your ad.

Content Marketing

Content is everything portrayed in your online presence: your website content, blog posts, shared articles, emails, e-books and e-guides, videos, images, social media posts, and more. 61% of the most successful marketers have a documented strategy for their content. Compare that to the least successful content marketers — only 2% of which have a documented strategy. We’ll help you create the perfect strategy for the plastic surgery industry and your business so as to optimize your content and drive traffic to your site.

Social Media Marketing

As stated at the beginning of this page, social media is what motivates a large swath of Internet users who are looking for plastic surgery. This means that you not only need to be present on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but you need to be active there — replying to patient concerns and questions in a timely manner, posting articles and blog posts regularly, and using your accounts to make lasting connections with your followers.

Conversion Optimization

The main goal of digital marketing is to get Internet users to find you online. But then, of course, you need them to go to your website. Next, you want them to call for a consultation or visit your office in person, and finally, patronize your practice. This is conversion optimization. The focus is on driving visitors to your site and ultimately converting them to paying customers.

Reputation Management

No surgical practice is without the occasional negative review or so-so comment. Ultimately, a few of these won’t impact your business, but a few too many, and you may see a dip in patients and sales. Our digital marketing services will help you stay attune to your online reputation and fix any negative blemishes that could be hurting business.

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