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8 Tips Make Your Landing Pages Human

Landing Pages for Human
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You’re all about data. You love metrics and measurement. In fact, it’s what helps to make your site so successful. But are you missing out on more conversions by not following Landing page best practices?

So often, site owners get wrapped up in structure, SEO, analytics, and technicality and they miss what may be the most important part of building a successful site, and that’s the human element.

Ultimately, every visitor to your site is a person. They have feelings, thoughts, and opinions. They come to you looking for relevancy, answers, or a solution. You have to deliver that, of course – but are you delivering it in a way that makes those people want to stay on your site, or even better yet, come back?

Human elements are the parts of the site that make an impression on people. It’s not about what’s easy to crawl or what’s easy to click. Instead, it’s more about what works to persuade from a person to person standpoint.

Here are some of the things you can do to add a more human element to your landing page, and hopefully, see better conversions as a result:

1. Incorporate live chat or click to call:

People like being able to easily communicate with your site if they have questions. A pop up chat to give assistance or an easily accessible phone number can build trust and be that great first impression you want to make with a visitor. Just be sure that they’re not getting bombarded with messages the moment they land on your page. If they spend awhile on the page, then make the chat pop up – kind of how an associate in a shop would ask a customer who looks lost or confused if help is needed.

Peer 1 Hosting have implemented the Live Chat CTA Above the fold which gets your attention right away and after going through the content on the page you feel like to talking to the representative, they are just a click away.

Live Chat Landing Page

2. Don’t use just stock photos:

Photos of real people, real products, and real locations can make your brand feel instantly more authentic. Take the time to develop great visuals that are honest and depict your business in an honest light. Better yet, used your own photos or that of the owner to build trust with the readers and use photos of your customers as a testimonial or to show that real people use your products or services. 

Stock Photo Landing Page Experiment

3. Include testimonials.

Not only do testimonials build trust, but they also give a more human look at the people who champion your brand. It’s one thing to have a 5 star rating – it’s another to see personal comments from real people to accompany that rating. Use testimonials to help your audience relate to their peers in a unique way. (Bonus tip: using handwritten signatures and adding the person’s name and/or title can further improve the human impression, making a testimonial  even more effective)

Unbounce uses it very effectively by placing the testimonial from Director of Customer Acquisition at KiSSmetrics just under the above-the fold area.

Power of Testimonials on Landing Page

4. Use the right language:

Don’t scream at your visitors and use all caps or excessive exclamation points. Say “please” and “thank you” when polite. Write copy that appeals to the emotions of a person, not just what may be relevant to a search engine. Try to use calls to action that motivate. Always focus on text that discusses the benefits or results of the product, rather than what the features may be.

Lets take the most common problem. What should the text of submit button? Click Here? Press Here? Submit Now?  Below are the results of a campaign conducted by Unbounce how it depends for each landing page, campaign and business type and the key is to test vigorously.

Right Language Increase Conversion

5. Design for multiple learning styles:

Some users like text, others like video. Some like images, others like sound. Test and try different elements on landing pages that appeal to people’s learning styles to improve conversion. For example, use a video to demonstrate a product or use an infographic to show cost savings from a service. Play with long form versus short form content to explain your value. Find the right blend and make it work for your audience. You may incorporate one or more of these sensory elements into your landing page to make it work.

You can even display videos on your homepage or landing page to estimate their conversion potential. Crazy Egg displays a great explainer video on their homepage that increased their income by $21,000 per month, according to the Neil Patel.

6. Appeal to Emotions:

This is a great challenge for copywriters, but it’s one that can have a huge payoff. Use copy that appeals to one’s emotion; remember, psychology is a huge part of conversion optimization. The more persuasive and engaging language you use, the better chance you have of keeping someone on the page until they see your call to action – and then take it.

I found this hilarious example of how this guy, Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You to be Rich, uses his picture on his site’s thank you page for people who haven’t confirmed the subscription yet:

Emotion Appeal on Landing Page

As Ugly it may seem for an Entrepreneur of his status, it really draws user into the message makes you feel aww-ed and eventually making you click the link.

7. Don’t Forget an About Us:

Single landing pages need to give the user a clear understanding of what the page is about, who made it, and how they can benefit – so don’t forget to add something that says who exactly you are and why they should choose you! Make a link to your about us visible or easy to access, or think about adding a piece of text to explain who you are so that the audience has an opportunity to feel like they’re connecting with someone real.

Below is an example of landing page of OpenMile converting at 22% and no wonder why as it ticks more than half of our checklist. They’ve clear Headline, strong Call to Action, simple and sensible navigation and their USP showing their strong network.

Company USP Landing Page

8. Make it easy for a human to consume:

Make your landing pages clean, easy to read, and easy to use. The more stuff you cram onto a page, the further down you drive your conversion rates. Ask yourself as a person: Is this a landing page I could understand? Better yet, is this a landing page I actually want to take action on?

With the average attention span of an online reader being 8 second it is really important to make your landing pages easy to consume. We’ll let you be the judgeof which landing page is easy to consume and which one is not.


Easy to Consume Landing Page


Bad Landing Page Example

As a person, what do you find is most important to you in a landing page? Share your thoughts in a comment with us!

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Hafiz Muhammad Ali
Hafiz Muhammad Ali
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