Your med spa website should be valuable and appealing to new and existing patients.

This website should be persuasive enough to ‘nudge’ visitors to either book free consultation or visit your practice.

As global awareness of self-care continues to grow, a lot of people are embracing cosmetic procedures and prioritizing wellness as they age.

This is good news for the medical aesthetics industry. The huge interest in medical spa services opens up new avenues to serve more patients and clients, make more money, and grow a strong med spa brand.

Hence, investing in a quality medical spa website design can help you stand out in the crowd, and prove your expertise.

You may already have an existing med spa website. This might be the perfect time to refresh, redesign, or update your website with a new design concept and content.

Keep these 8 must-have features & tips in mind as you design or redesign a website for your med spa practice:

1. Adopt Mobile-First Design

Stop thinking about potential patients that use desktop computers, consider ‘mobile’ users first.

Your target audience (i.e., new and existing patients/clients) are mobile. The best way to reach them is to be where they are.

According to Exploding Topics, 54.4% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices.

Source: Explodingtopics

When you design websites with mobile users & mobile browsers in mind, you’re indirectly optimizing your pages for desktop users as well.

If your texts and images, for example, are legible on small mobile screens, you bet they will look amazing on wider desktop & laptop screen displays.

Mobile-first design goes beyond making sure your website fits a phone’s screen, ultimately, you want to create the best experience for mobile users as they navigate your med spa website.


Mobile devices use a lot of white space and speed, so make sure your website isn’t cluttered. Keep it clean and easy to use.

So whether a patient or client is visiting your website on their smartphone or tablet, make the experience intuitive and worthwhile, not frustrating.

To design with ‘mobile-first’ in mind, use responsive templates from Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, or simply install WordPress CMS to power your med spa website.

Once you install a mobile-responsive template or theme installed on your medical spa website will automatically render beautifully on mobile devices, thereby providing a great mobile experience for new and existing patients.

2. Humanize Your Team Members

Medical spa is a delicate practice and you’re expected to stand tall among the competition with social proofs.

Start by creating a dedicated page on your website that introduces your staff; the people behind your practice.

Sonterra Laser Med Spa has a dedicated page on its website for the professional team, and their specialties:


Avoid using stock photos, even a 4-year old can tell the difference between a custom photo of your staff and a stock photo of a well-dressed team.

If your team can wear branded T-Shirts to take the picture or branded backdrop theme, then no one will doubt they’re real people.

You’ll instantly build trust with potential clients, and boost the perceived value of your services. Here’s an example from Clearstone Laser Hair & Med Spa:


You don’t want them to feel vulnerable when they’re considering a consultation with you. Keep in mind that they are putting their personal health and beauty under the radar.

Make it easy for the client/patient to put a face to a name before taking the bold step to visit your practice.

3. Clear Navigation on the Website

Keep your navigation clean and modern. When people land on your med spa website, they shouldn’t feel overwhelmed!

Make it easy for patients to navigate from one page to the next. It doesn’t matter the page that led them to your website, make every other page a click or few clicks to access.

While the 3-click rule may not always apply to every website, your visitors (i.e., patients) will appreciate it if they can navigate to any page on your website within 1 to 3 clicks.


Remember that some people will discover your website from the about page, services page, or testimonials page, it doesn’t always have to begin from the homepage.

Ideally, design and optimize your website so that patients can easily locate a specific service, product, or information from the original page they came from.

Your navigational menu can be split into groups of 5 to 7 options. This is important if you want patients to remain focused when they visit your website.

Take a look at Radiance Medspa website’s menu items, isn’t it clean?


It also makes sense to integrate a Search function — that way patients can search for any page or information on your website.

4. Simple Forms For Easy Appointment Scheduling

A medical spa website exists for a purpose: to attract and funnel new patients to the practice.

The easiest way to encourage patients to book and schedule appointments is to integrate simple web forms. Here’s an example from Stadia Med Spa’s website:


If your med spa website is built with WordPress, then you have access to a ton of plugins that will simplify this process of appointment scheduling for you.

Most drag-and-drop visual website builders like Squarespace and Wix also come with handy tools for adding online booking forms to your med spa website.


This form will encourage patients to select a preferred time slot, fill out the form with their details, and some can request their insurance information on the spot.

When you’re looking to collect and use personal data from your patients and target audience, forms can act as the gateway.

You can even parse your patient information to a CRM tool to continue nurturing and building relationships with them.

5. Engaging Visuals That Deliver Your Message

Every medical spa practice has a unique message to tell.

Visuals such as photos, graphs, charts, illustrations, and infographics are fantastic tools to tell your stories.

Engaging visuals tend to convey natural and effortless-looking beauty, especially if ladies are your target audience. Visuals can also help you to convert a website visitor into an on-site visitor.

Spa Black, a medical spa that specializes in Cosmetic Injectables, Hair Removals, and Laser Treatments understands the power of visual storytelling.


On the homepage, you can hover on different Hotspot areas of the body to discover how Spa Black delivers unrivaled beauty.

There’s more. The practice also features real patient results with irresistible photos, which leads to the gallery where new patients can explore even more.

The “Before” and “After” photos of patients also draws the visitor in, giving them a chance to envision a transformative life with Rejuve Med Spa.


Rather than shoving ads down the patients’ throat, this approach is a great way to provide useful content to the client right before they even walk through the door.

6. An Active Blog

Being able to establish yourself as a trusted medical aesthetics spa in your city is crucial. While there are several paths to take, you need to start an active blog.

Use your med spa blog to answer questions related to your medical spa services, and provide evergreen resources for patients.

Blogging is a reliable lead generation strategy. According to HubSpot, companies that blog regularly generate 88% more leads than companies that do not blog.

Source: Hubspot

Rejuve Med Spa has a beautiful and visually-appealing website. Beyond the traditional services it offers, it has a well-curated blog with detailed articles on key topics, including:

  • CoolSculpting vs Kybella: How To Reduce Double Chin
  • How Long Does Botox Take To Work?
  • How Much Is the O-Shot?


As patients go through any article of their choice, there’s a form at the right sidebar that prompts the visitor to submit a request.

If you incorporate an active blog to your med spa website, you’ll be established as an authority on beauty and wellness — and help clients find treatments they didn’t even know they wanted through your well-written articles.

7. An ‘About Us’ Page

The ‘About Us’ page is arguably the most important page on your medical spa website — because it offers three primary benefits to the brand:

Trust, First Impression, and Authority.


When a typical visitor lands on your website, the first page they will visit is the “About Us” page — especially if they are serious about finding out what services you offer, who you really are, and what you stand for.

Use the ‘About Us’ page to build strong rapport with new patients — which is a difficult feat to pull off if you’re not face-to-face with them.

Mara’s Med Spa has a beautifully-curated “About Us” page. In reality, though, the page is a reflection of what the patient expects to experience.


Note: You don’t need a copywriter to craft the About Us page.

Make it relatable; use the Ws when writing the copy. Essentially, focus on answering the five Ws: who, what, when, where, and why.

Show (don’t tell) your ideal clients and patients who you are at the core, what you do, when and why you started your practice, and why you’re the go-to professional for medical services.

8. Accurate Contact and Local Information

This might seem obvious, but many medical spa practices don’t prioritize this.

You want to make sure your contact and local information are accurate, visible, and frequently updated.

In addition to specifying an accurate office address, Charette Cosmetics also uses an interactive map to guide the patient who wants to visit the office.


When you move your office or center to another location, your website is the first place to make chances.

If you have multiple offices in one city, specify all of these locations on the homepage as well as on the “Contact Us” page. Give each one’s address, contact number, and hours.

Patients and clients will be disappointed when they struggle to find a phone number or location while booking appointments. Make the experience seamless for them, be accurate.


Your med spa website has potentials. But until you understand how to effectively communicate your message, your medical spa may struggle to convert visitors to patients.

The examples we’ve shared in this article should inspire you to make your website design appealing to patients, whether they’re new to your practice or have consulted with you before.

You might need to use a custom web design concept to stand out and increase the odds of winning every visitor’s heart.

For professional med spa web design and marketing questions, speak with a team member at Omnicore Agency to get some website design concepts and a custom quote.

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Salman Aslam
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