Pinterest Cheat Sheet – Your Guide to Pinterest Image Size

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Pinterest Cheat Sheet – Your Guide to Pinterest Image Size

Pinterest Cheat Sheet
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Pinterest may already be a household name, but its perceived heft and potential among social media marketers is still vastly underestimated. You might be surprised to know that Pinterest drives four times more money than Facebook and Twitter. We released an Infographic about reasons to market your business on Pinterest which was very well received with a lot of positive feedback from folks around the social media community and experts like Dave Peck who is Global Head of Social Media at @PayPal.

— Dave Peck (@davepeck) February 5, 2014

Now, we want to supercharge your Pinterest Marketing efforts by helping you with a Pinterest Cheat Sheet which will guide you what size of images you should be using to use this network effectively.

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Pinterest Cheat Sheet Summary

Profile Picture
160 x 165 px
About SectionUp to 200 characters
222 x 207 px
Big Thumbnail
222 x 150 px
Small Thumbnails
55 x 55 px
Profile Picture
32 x 32 px
Pin Image Preview
192 x scaled height
Pin on board
222 x scaled height
Profile Picture
49 x 49 px
600 x infinity

Here are some key takeaways before you start making your Pinterest Images:

1. Longer images tend to do well as compared to horizontal images due to design of the website and boards. DIY Instructions, Recipes, Product Shots are all longer skinny images which works well on the platform.

2. Quotations drive a lot of traffic so do have a board however they might not bring the highest ROI too but it’s good to mix it up.

3.  Focus on typography as that is readable and helps you stand out.

4.  Create Cover Images for your Boards.

5. Don’t just use the same color, different colored pins gets re-pinned more.

6. Once you upload a pin, click on pencil icon to edit and add a link back to your post or website.

We hope you find this cheat sheet helpful, make sure you subscribe to our blog to get update on cheat sheets for other social media channels.

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Salman Aslam
Salman Aslam
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