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Track your progress at a glance

Access your sales, marketing, and key metrics in one place

Data don’t lie. Some agencies do. With Practice Pulse, you won’t get duped with vague marketing reports. Watch the numbers go up as you reach your business goals. Monitor your website performance, observe search result rankings, track calls, and more.

Omnicore Growth Dashboard

Access data that matters to you

See Ad Campaign Results

Track Website Performance

Monitor Leads & Prospects

Keep a Pulse on Your Practice

Access data that matters to you

Never miss opportunities

Practice Pulse is an all-in-one tool made to transform opportunities into tangible successes. You can grab potential wins before they slip. See your healthcare marketing campaign’s progress, and monitor business sales.
Never miss opportunities
The secret to ranking first on organic search results is by being consistently on top of the trends. Check what your patients are googling for and do the necessary tweaks to climb up the ranks.
Website Performance Analytics

The moment your website slows down, you repel visitors (and potential clients!) Keep your website running smoothly and detect errors before they even reach your customers’ screens.

Track relevant metrics

Raving reviews and incoming calls are what every practice owner is looking for. With practice pulse you can keep a tab on how many calls you’re receiving and stay up-to-date on the online reputation with detailed analytics

Call Tracking

Often, leads go straight to phone calls. When that happens, healthcare businesses have little to no way of logging these transactions. By tracking calls, you have a complete view of general customer inquiries and even first-time callers.

Reputation Management

Building a 5-star online reputation with our platform that allows medical practices to track online reviews, ensure listing accuracy in business directories, and respond to customer feedback in real-time.

Reach goals in no time

When you have a clear track towards your goals, making them into a reality will be relatively easier (and faster!) Clearly identify areas of improvement and develop them. Anticipate risks and manage them. Continue running effective tactics. Reduce trials and errors, and boost your chances of winning by having all your data points in one center.

PPC Campaign Monitoring

See how your ad is performing in one place! Check out the behind-the-scenes of us running your campaigns. You’ll have a much better understanding of mid-campaign adjustments and changes.

Social Media Insights

Monitor your pages’ growth. Identify your best-performing channels and invest more in them. Make sure all your social media efforts are reaping results.

Keep your eyes on the business


Dedicated marketing partner

Omnicore will be your hands-on team to keep your campaigns running. The Practice Pulse primarily works to give you a clear bird’s eye view of your goals. This way, you’re confident your marketing investment is reaping results.


Monitor at your own pace

With the Omni Panel present, you can check your progress while out for lunch, on your commute, or whenever you’re free. Be involved enough not to be in the dark. See where your money is flowing and check whether they’re returning.


Easy-to-read reports

One of the biggest solutions Omni Panel gives is clarity. Your reports wouldn’t be filled with jargon and technical terms. Check your stats in straightforward terms neatly laid out to highlight data that matters to you. Plus, you’ll have regular meetings with the team to walk through the reports.

Pricing plan

Practice Growth Dashboard Subscription Plan

Take your practice to the next level.

$97 /monthly

What’s included

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is. This is our solution to healthcare practices that have been burnt by their previous marketing agency’s dishonest reports. Along with our reports, we want you to access your marketing data at any time and place.

Unfortunately not. The Practice Pulse dashboard is an additional solution that you can pair with any of our marketing services.

Absolutely! We’ll provide you with your login details, a website that’s accessible on your desktop, and a mobile app download link you can install on your portable devices.

Our team will give you a dashboard that’s easy to understand and navigate. We’ll give you a walk-through when we first hand you access to the dashboard. In case you need assistance, we will be more than happy to offer you support.

This is, of course, an optional service for you. We believe in transparency and thus provide you the power to view your marketing results with us on a single platform.

Get to a place of certainty and growth