Visual Communication that get you results. Really.


Some people like to read to get their information. Others prefer strong visualizations to get the point. Luckily, we can give you the best of both worlds. In fact, we can market your business effectively while appealing to our memories. According to some studies, the majority of all information we remember is based on visual impact. Here’s how you can harness that power of recognition.

Benefits of Omnicore Infographics Marketing Service


Infographics are the missing piece you’ve been searching for in your online marketing puzzle. They can help you:

  • Improve your search engine rankings by acquiring authority backlinks.
  • Get you links from Authority websites in your niche. ( see below websites where we’ve published infographics)
  • Earn you exposure on countless websites and blogs, as infographics are often spread virally.
  • Drive targeted traffic to your website through referrals from sites that share your infographic.
  • Build brand awareness and recognition that keeps visitors coming back for more, as well as establishing trust within your industry.

And these are just a few of the things infographics can do. As a content medium, they give your business an edge that most others haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of. Let’s face it – most industries today are visually driven and having something that appeals to both the eyes and mind works. Infographics are an answer to that challenge.

We put our imaginations and knowledge of best practices to work by crafting infographics that combine together stunning visuals with concepts that sell so that your infographic has the best possible chance at producing the results described above.

Our Process

Our team of designers and content specialists are highly skilled in creating infographics that truly engage an audience and also receive attention of high profile Industry websites and bloggers.

1.  Concept Ideation – The very first step is to understand the campaign goals and customers market after which we work on creating ideas and topics for the Infographic.

2. Marketing Research – We carry out the market research to identify linkable partners and potential websites to reach out to. Also it helps us see if there are any similar infographic produced by competitors.

3. Fact Finding/ Content Research – Our researchers are certified Google Power Searcher who thoroughly research, compare and verify each factor that we use.

4. Graphic Design –  We don’t have Picassos in our office, but our Infographics are designed by world-class  professionals who create beautiful Infographics that we are proud of.

5. Promotion – This is where the magic begin as begin our Infographic seed promotion to blogger outreach to promote the Infographic with influencers who share and link back to infographics getting us traffic, links and authority.

Our Promotion Includes:

  • Social media distribution
  • Paid Discovery Platforms
  • Blogger and media relations
  • Online content creation
  • Embedding
  • Guest blogging 

…and other tactics. We’ll work together on coming up with the right strategies for getting your content seen, shared, and sending traffic to your site.


Our Infographic promotional and placement campaign can get you a mix of few high-quality links to the Infographic being covered by a lot of industry bloggers. It can also result in a lot of social shares and views and in some cases deliver qualified prospects and leads that pays for the cost of infographic many times over the initial cost.

The Infographics cost more than other link building activities but the reward is great with inbound links to social signals that helps build brand equity, domain authority and ranking when used effectively.

Here are some of the publications we’ve successfully placed our Infographics on:

Infographic Placement

So, are you ready for the kind of results we can produce for your business?

Great. We can’t wait to get started.