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PPC / Google Ads for Healthcare Practices

Start getting qualified leads to your website by appearing at the top of search results. Show up above organic results and even above Google map results and drive immediate patient appointments.

Why Choose Omnicore as Your Healthcare PPC Agency​

In a competitive industry like healthcare, staying ahead means seizing every opportunity. With Google Ads, your practice can start getting patient leads in days, not weeks and months.

Navigating the intricacies of advertising isn’t typically in a doctor’s wheelhouse. Attempting to manage campaigns solo could lead to overlooking and missing advanced bid tactics, and neglecting best practices in campaign structuring.

These lapses translate into unnecessary ad expenditures and lackluster results. Which you clearly don’t want.

At Omnicore, our PPC specialists ensure your advertising budget yields maximum value. We present the optimal ads to the most suitable patients exactly when they’re most receptive, giving your campaigns the edge they deserve.

Ads your Patients will be Eager to Click

PPC Campaign Strategy

We’ll handle the intricate parts of campaign building. This includes setup, optimization, monitoring, creatives, budgeting, and reporting. PPC Campaigns make sure your link gets clicked, your forms get filled, and your bookings get scheduled.

Offer Creation

Appear in your prospects' most relevant searches. Their search terms reflect where they are in the buying stage. Are they still looking for clinics in the area? Or are they already asking for prices? Discover which words will have the most conversions and rank for them.

High-Converting Copy

Without effective copy, your ads go stale. Tickle your prospect‘s fancy by speaking their language. Craft a message that pulls both their attention and emotions. It’s Google that places you at the top, and it’s your words that usher your prospects to click.

Landing Page Creation

Pull your prospects further down the sales funnel with a landing page. Using the same high-converting copywriting, your landing page will turn one-time visitors into paying clients.

Device Optimization

The majority of us are always on our phones! Surprisingly, most businesses aren’t primed for mobile use. Be the one that sticks out. Your best lead may be googling during their commute to work or while having their lunch. Put your best foot forward across all devices with optimized ads and pages.

Practices We Help Grow

About Google Ads

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Our Approach

At Omnicore, every decision is made with purpose and strategy in mind. We don’t just launch campaigns; we sculpt them for optimal performance.

Big-Picture Thinking

Your practice deserves more than just generic ads. We align our PPC campaigns with your overarching objectives. Understanding that different goals require unique strategies, we'll guide you in refining your aims, ensuring maximum returns and sustainable growth.

Result-Focused Campaigns

Every healthcare practice is unique, and so is its audience. We shun the one-size-fits-all approach. Instead of getting bogged down by minute costs and efficiencies, we keep our eyes on the prize: tangible results that benefit your practice in the long run.

Adapt and Optimize

The digital ad space is dynamic, demanding agility and constant evolution. We take into account how agile and fast-paced marketing is. Each time we see a gap to do better, we brainstorm and implement new tactics. A huge part of running our campaigns involves repetitive testing to ensure we get the results you need.

What Our Clients Think of Us

"Omnicore took full ownership of a website redesign that we planned for our medical clinic based in Austin, TX. This involved a new website, integration of ecommerce functionality as well as set up of blog content and other tasks. Salman was fantastic to work with throughout the process, and the website was delivered on budget and in a short timeframe. We were so impressed with the work as well as everyone who was involved that we are now looking to use Omnicore for other areas of our business that we need to develop further. "

Ready to Increase Your Practice's Patient Flow?

With Omnicore’s expertise, navigating PPC becomes effortless. Experience swift, tangible results and elevate your online presence. Let’s make every click count.

Frequently Asked Questions

To begin, we’ll schedule a discovery session where we understand your goals, needs, and preferences. Once we’re aligned, we’ll propose a tailored solution, sign a contract, and kickstart the campaign.

Our PPC service cater to a wide range of healthcare practices, from single-location clinics to multi-location clinics and large centers.


Omnicore has had the privilege of working with a variety of healthcare practices including Med Spas, Dentistry, Orthodontics, Cosmetic Surgery, Optometry, Hair Restoration, Physical Therapy, Chiropractics, Fertility Clinics, Addiction Treatment, Bariatric Surgery, Veterinary services, Hospice care, Stem Cell clinics, Assisted Living, and BioTech companies.


We are confident that, as a specialist digital marketing agency, we can deliver amazing results in other sectors of the healthcare industry.

Our team is well-versed in the nuances of the healthcare industry. We leverage this expertise to create campaigns targeting the unique patient demographics each practice serves, ensuring that the ads resonate and drive results.

Typically, PPC campaigns can drive traffic immediately after launch. However, the time it takes to see a tangible increase in patient bookings varies depending on factors like ad budget, competition, and the relevance of your landing page.

We operate on a month-to-month basis with no long-term commitments required. Our focus is on delivering consistent value to keep our clients satisfied.

We provide comprehensive reports that include key metrics such as click-through rates, cost-per-click, conversion rates, and return on ad spend. Additionally, we’ll highlight actionable insights and future strategy adjustments.


While there’s no strict minimum budget, we do recommend a baseline amount to ensure your campaign gains traction and delivers meaningful results. During our initial consultation, we’ll discuss your goals and provide guidance on an appropriate starting budget.

Transparency is a cornerstone of our service. All costs will be outlined clearly in our proposal. Typically, you’ll have your ad spend (paid directly to the ad platform) and our management fee. Any additional services, such as landing page design or advanced analytics, will be discussed upfront.

Yes, we understand the importance of a high-converting landing page in the PPC funnel. Our service includes landing page recommendations and, if required, design and optimization services to maximize conversions.