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It’s time to ditch Groupon. Bring your campaigns right to your clients through social media advertising.

Grow your sales, not just your likes

Likes can be bought. Reach can be manipulated. The real measure of success lies in your return on investment. We make sure the effort you put into your social media translates into actual, profitable sales.

Paid Ad Campaigns

Waste no ad budgets and let substantial data run your ad campaigns. Unlike other agencies that show you vague metrics and barely-there results, our focus is on tangible results. Expect more client bookings and more appointments set for your business.

Offer Creation

In some cases, it’s not in the ad. It’s in the offer. Using our in-depth understanding of your target audience and our knowledge of social media platform nuances, we’ll help you create irresistible offers that your prospects can’t help but click.

Social Media Optimization

Social media also has a Search function. Boost organic growth with the right tags, links, and keywords found on your page. Quickly adapt to platform upgrades and be favored by the algorithm.

Lead Generation

Get leads straight from Facebook and LinkedIn. You don’t need a website or a landing page. Make things easier for your leads by keeping the form within the ad. The less hassle it is for the client, the more likely they are to convert.

Ad Retargeting

Clients now spend more time researching before making a decision. Put your business in front of them during this critical decision-making stage. Take them from consideration to conversion.

Promotion and Sponsored Posts

Warm up cold prospects by continuously engaging with them.

Analytics and Reports

We’re a stickler for data. Your campaign’s analytics are intensely monitored by our team. Downward spikes are immediately addressed through thorough testing. Our reports are sent religiously. Want a real-time view of your stats? Use our dashboard

Our Approach

Data directs our social media advertising strategies. With the combined understanding of your audience and your business goals, we use our research to create strategies that bring more than vanity metrics. Your return on investment is at the forefront of our campaigns. Our goal is to give you tangible business results while keeping you informed of progress through concrete statistics.

In-depth strategy and clear targets

Our strategies always start with defining clear objectives. Some clients come to us with only a vague idea of what they want out of social media. We help them cut through the confusion and zoom in on what’s significant and most helpful for the business. This way, we get to create strategies that offer attainable and straightforward results.

Integrated channels and solutions

Your social media audience can view your campaigns from different platforms on different devices at different times of the day. We create flexible campaigns that make sure your message is delivered clearly and sufficiently. This also means increased visibility to help boost your prospects' awareness of you.

Tracked, measured, and regularly reported

We believe in keeping you at ease by showing you transparent records of our efforts. Vague is never in our vocabulary. We believe that solid teamwork requires communication. Expect regular easy-to-digest reports that highlight our campaign’s progress.

Start broadcasting on social media

The biggest driver of businesses is connections… word-of-mouth. Give your future and existing clients a chance to share their favorite clinic (you) with their friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

To understand how impactful social media is to the current generation, we can start by looking at trends.

Almost 90% of older users accessed popular social media sites to find and share health information (JMIR Publications).

68% of parents used social media for health information (PubMed).

32% took a health-related action based on information they found on these platforms (AAFP).

Social media is already embedded in our lifestyle. People use it to either find reviews, look for a healthcare professional, or join a community that shares a similar healthcare concern.

Paid Social is how we join conversations that matter. Conversations that eventually turn into conversions.

Ad budget is the amount Facebook needs to run an ad. A bigger ad budget does not necessarily mean better results. It is all up to the marketing team to create efficient campaigns that spend less and return more.

Your ad budget is paid towards Facebook. With this said, we do add a management fee on top of Facebook’s ad budget to account for our regular reporting, strategy creation, and setting up of ads.

This depends on the type of healthcare industry and the platforms your audience uses. If you run an aesthetic clinic, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok are great options.

Facebook will most likely be included in your Paid Social campaigns as it is the biggest social media network worldwide with over 2.80 billion active users (Oberlo). That’s over half of the world’s social media users.

Yes! We’ll help you with your creatives. Once we receive raw photos and videos from you, we’ll craft them into beautiful ad-ready designs.

There’s always an ad for any budget. Omnicore will help you formulate an amount that would bring you the results you want.

Ultimately, this will depend on your industry and competitive landscape, as well as which networks you are advertising on. We can help you determine the best budget for your unique brand.

Your ad budget will go straight to Facebook. In addition, we do charge a small management fee to set up, manage, and handle your ad reporting.