Do you know why your rankings are what they are? We do


If you’re like most people, you probably think that SEO is some sort of magic that involves algorithmic ritual sacrifices. Okay, maybe not really, but you get that SEO can be challenging, illusive, and incredibly frustrating as a business owner. It looks like you’re doing everything right, but still your competition is out performing you. What can you do? Where do you even begin? That’s where we can help.

At Omnicore Agency, we perform SEO audits that can give you a clear picture of your current performance as well as what areas of opportunities exist for you to improve. While we can’t guarantee the exact reasons why you may or may not be ranking well, we can provide in-depth feedback based on years of experience, study, and experimentation. We advise on the latest best practices in SEO and only focus on white hat tactics.

With our SEO Audits, you can pretty much say that we look at everything and when we say everything, we truly mean everything.

Your SEO Audit will be personalized completely to your business and we examine your site from homepage to sitemap, it can include each offer the following if it effects your website :

  • Domains and Sub Domains
  • URLs Structure
  • Potential Website Architecture and Structure Issues
  • Redirects (e.g 301, 302), 404 pages and Robots.txt Check
  • Potential Crawl and Indexing issues
  • Page load time
  • Code validation
  • HTML and XML site maps
  • Navigation and file structure
  • Internal and External Link Strategies
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Page titles and meta tags
  • Duplicate content Issues Check
  • Analytics Analysis
  • Webmaster accounts
  • Local targeting
  • Image optimization
  • Mobile optimization
  • Content Analysis & Strategy
  • Broken Link
  • Link Profile Analysis
  • Penguin-Proof Link Risk Audit
  • Competitive Link Analysis
  • and more…

In addition, we also use tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools to help us measure what’s happening with your site and pinpoint specific problem areas that need addressing. If you’ve seen a drop in traffic, have noticed decreased visibility for some time, or just want to get started marketing your site the right way with SEO, a SEO Audit from our team is the perfect first step.

Being ethical is important to us as well as your business. We’ll advise you on the latest strategies that can help you address your SEO pain points, and we’ll do so with actionable insights. This, along with our expertise and certifications from some of the top internet marketing thought leaders, sets us apart from other SEO agencies. We don’t just want to know where you’re ranking – we want to know the why.

Get answers. Start optimizing.