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Addiction treatment marketing is a sensitive and complex subject. This is an industry where compassion takes center stage, as you are dedicated to helping others heal in various aspects of their lives.

While you want to keep your addiction treatment center running with a bigger patient volume, you also have to be careful and protective of your reputation by avoiding marketing techniques that depict you as ‘sales-hungry’.

Digital marketing for rehabs is not like any other traditional marketing. The main purpose of rehab marketing is to show compassion by revealing to those that need your life-saving services how you can help them.

While the idea of seeking help for addiction can be intimidating, the internet has given those struggling a new power. Browsing the internet can be private and confidential, enabling them to search for help without fear. This is why your brand should be the first thing they find online when browsing for solutions.

As you continue rebuilding lives, Omnicore is here to assist you with industry-leading addiction treatment digital marketing services. We have spent years mastering the art of healthcare digital marketing, and we know what works when marketing an addiction treatment facility.

We are a rehab marketing agency with proven methods to get you in front of people that may require your services and increase your patient volume.

What we do

The four main services that will make up your tailored solution

Search Engine Optimization

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Be there when they seek you.

More often than not, their first interaction with you is through a Google search. Your potential patients are already searching online for their nearest rehab center. If not the victim, it’s their family searching for your services.

Through SEO for addiction treatment centers, we ensure that those searching for your services can easily find you through online search. We use innovative SEO techniques to position your resources at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs), ultimately increasing clicks to your website.

By studying your audience and becoming their reliable intel, you gain their trust. Our goal is to make you the first thing that pops into their minds when they need your services.

More traffic to your site means more conversions. We help you increase patient volume through our industry-leading rehab SEO efforts and position you ahead of the competition.

Get more inquiries from qualified leads. We don’t just get your website ranking but do so for relevant keywords and search intent. This means that whenever someone searches online for services that you provide, we ensure that the content they see is directly related to their search queries and with appropriate call-to-action.

Paid Search


Reach out faster to ready patients.

While SEO is effective in getting your website for addiction treatment ranking on the search results, it usually takes time. It might take several months to rank your website or even years if you’re competing for competitive keywords.

Paid search is one of the best walkarounds as it gets your website or content ranking on top of your competition within no time.

Pay-per-click (PPC) requires you to purchase a spot from search engines like Google so that they can rank you ahead of the competition, depending on your choice of keywords.

What’s more, you only get to pay for the people who actually saw your ad and became interested in learning more.

Run ethical rehab marketing ads. Addiction treatment center marketing is heavily regulated by different bodies. This means that you have to ensure that everything you market online conforms to all their set rules and regulations to avoid getting penalized or losing your licenses. We have vast experience in healthcare marketing, and we ensure your center only runs ethical ads that align with the various set rules.

Save money. PPC for addiction treatment centers only works for you if properly optimized. If not, you may end up getting hits from unqualified audiences. We have spent years analyzing user intent and can help you create a PPC campaign that converts. In rehab PPC, you only pay for the clicks you get, and we create well-optimized campaigns that only qualified patients click.​

Pick the low-hanging fruits first. PPC for rehabs targets people that are actively searching online for your services. We anticipate what your patients are searching for online and ensure that your center appears at the top of their search results, enticing them to click on your website and learn more about your facility.​

Paid Social


Expand your outreach and influence.

Not many substance abuse victims or people that require your services will voluntarily show up at your facility. In most cases, they need a tap or a big push from people who care for them.

Moreover, studies reveal that most people who require addiction treatment or rehabilitation aren’t even aware they need such.

You can reach more people and engage with them through social media. This is the perfect platform to educate the masses on the benefits of your services and how you can help them.

Through this, those that need your services and their loved ones (who can influence them to get treatment) can see you on social media, and eventually, you may start getting inquiries from them.

Create awareness about your services. Some people who require your services may not be actively searching for you. This is partly because they don’t even know they need such services. Social media marketing for addiction treatment centers is the perfect way to create awareness among your target audience.

Run targeted ads and reach out to people in your region. Social media ads can only be beneficial if well-optimized to target the right people. We help you define your target audience, figure out their demographics, and create social media ads that can appeal to them.

Web Design


All your information in one place.

The success of most of your addiction treatment digital marketing efforts relies on you having a good website. SEO does not work optimally, and clicks from PPC may not convert without a good rehab website. The same applies to prospects that wish to learn more about you after seeing your brand on social media.

Having an easy-to-use and responsive website design for your addiction treatment facility should be your highest priority, and we can help you with that.

Our in-house team of experienced website designers, developers, and strategists can help create a custom addiction treatment center website that converts.

Use your website to pre-qualify leads. Your prospects have a fair share of questions they wish answered before they can reach out to you. They would want to know more about your services, what makes them a good candidate for the treatment you offer, why they should trust you, and so forth. We help you design a patient-focused website that can answer all their key questions, ensuring that those who reach out to you are already pre-qualified to be your clients.

Designed for every device. Your prospects can find out about your services while using different devices. To maximize conversion rates, you must ensure that all these prospects can comfortably browse your addiction treatment center’s website using different devices. We have worked with addiction treatment centers to create well-optimized websites that can convert and be responsive on different devices. We can help you too.

A well-optimized website to boost your online rehab marketing efforts. We are an experienced digital marketing agency for addiction treatment centers. We know what your prospects think and need. We use extensive data to optimize your website to make it easy for patients seeking addiction treatment services to reach out to you. We also optimize all your landing pages to boost other rehab digital marketing efforts, such as SEO, PPC, and social media marketing.

Our Results

We’ve helped our clients achieve the following:
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Nepenthe Wellness Center
We’ve achieved a 533% uplift in organic traffic within the first 6 months of the campaign.
Boca Raton Aesthetics
With an ad spend of $426.71, we achieved remarkable success in generating 37 qualified leads for a Med Spa using Facebook ads.
Nordic Med Spa
Launched a custom luxury website design for a new high-end med spa based in New York delivering amazing user engagement.

How we do it

Expand your brand and impact in 3 easy steps


Discovery session

We use the discovery session to learn more about your business as you also get to know more about us. We will review your growth goals and determine if you are a good candidate for our digital marketing services for addiction treatment centers.

Omnicore Agency - Strategy

Strategy meeting

If your practice checks our boxes, we recommend initial steps to help you meet your marketing goals. We take you through all the expected processes and the projected results. We only move forward with the execution bit if we are all on the same page.


Tracking and reporting

We believe in transparent processes and ensure that you are fully aware of everything going on, including the results. To make it even easier for you, you get a dedicated account manager that presents you with regular reports.

Why Choose Omnicore as Your Addiction Treatment Marketing Agency?


Omnicore specializes in addiction treatment center digital marketing.

We understand how time-consuming and demanding running an addiction treatment center is. Rehab center digital marketing, on the other hand, is also a complex and sensitive subject.

You may not have the time or resources to successfully attend to your patients and also grow your patient volume.

We are drug rehab marketing experts with a vast understanding of addiction treatment centers and their patients. Our team of talented internet marketers know how to make your facility stand out online.

Let us take care of all your digital marketing needs while you focus on what you do best: saving lives.


We embrace ethical addiction treatment marketing practices.

Our healthcare marketing agency only supports ethical service providers that do not engage in deceptive advertising, misleading sales tactics, and unethical & fraudulent medical practices.

We don’t just build your brand’s online visibility; we also ensure you build a solid connection with your target audience. Our addiction treatment centers’ digital marketing experts embrace the highest legal and quality standards in healthcare to create effective and ethical marketing practices to position you ahead of the competition.


Transparency at its best.

We believe in offering the best to our clients, and we never hide anything from you. We know what works for your field, and we do not try to oversell you any products or services that may not bring the results needed.

If we feel that we may not be a good match or we may not attain the results you desire, we will let you know even before we begin working.

You get a dedicated account manager that regularly updates you on the progress of all your campaigns. We believe in building long-lasting relationships based on trust, and this is what sets Omnicore apart from the rest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A good starting point would be to set aside 20% of your revenue towards marketing your facility. However, this rule is not cast in stone, as your marketing budget depends on your goals and current status. Reach out to the addiction treatment digital marketing experts at Omnicore to get a clearer overview of how much you should dedicate to marketing your facility.

Addiction treatment is a sensitive subject, and most people shy away from seeking help. However, with the internet, people can research how to get help and from where. These people get the privacy needed when doing so, away from nosy people. This means that having a solid online presence for your rehab facility is the best way to market your services. You can focus on rehab SEO, PPC, and social media for a start.

Although social media may not generate as many calls as other strategies, like SEO and PPC, it is a crucial addition to any rehab marketing arsenal. You can create awareness for your products and services with a solid social media presence. Most people requiring your services don’t even know they need them in the first place, and social media is the perfect platform to create such awareness. You also get to engage with your target audience, building a stronger relationship with them. Moreover, not everyone that requires addiction treatment may see your social media posts, but those close to them may see. Targeting their close network that can impact their decision to seek your services can increase your patient volume.

Addiction treatment marketing is a sensitive and complex subject. You want to increase your patient volume but do not want to come out as ‘sales-hungry’. With rehab marketing, you need to focus more on the ‘help’ that you offer and how your target audience can get that while positioning yourself as the go-to solution to all their problems. There are also many rules and restrictions governing marketing for rehab centers. There is also the issue of ethical marketing practices that come into play. While a standard result-driven digital marketing agency can help you set up the marketing structures, you may not receive qualified leads or, if worse, issues with your governing authorities. Be on the safe side and work with an addiction treatment digital marketing agency like Omnicore that understands the industry’s nitty-gritty to help you achieve your growth goals.

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