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Omnicore Agency is a result-driven company built atop the pillars of transparency, communication, and value. Our experts utilize state-of-the-art software and leverage years of experience to ensure your bariatric surgery practice is competitive, your online presence strong, and your patients satisfied. Through premium SEO, paid ads, and sophisticated web design solutions, we will make sure you can fulfill your mission.

Predictable results, high-performance digital marketing you always wanted

Qualified, quality leads are the key to reaching target audiences. Wave goodbye to cold calls and let our SEO services bring you the patients searching for the best bariatric surgery practice around.


Our paid ads methodology is based on field-tested approaches that empowered bariatric practices across the globe to soar above the competition. We will help you build and place ads that people can’t ignore.


Organic website traffic is the key to long-term success. Omnicore’s on-page SEO and social media campaigns hit the mark with pinpoint accuracy, but don’t take our word for it, the numbers paint a bigger picture.

Grow towards heights you’ve never imagined

We’ve helped our clients achieve the following: (stats):

0 x

more business page views.

Wrestling with the big players in your area is a thing of the past. Omnicore’s SEO and paid ads will not only help you reach the top: we’ll ensure you stay there.

0 %

more qualified leads.

Word-of-mouth will only get you so far. Our digital marketing services will put your name in front of bariatric patients as soon as they hit “search” on Google.

0 %

more website inquiries

Omnicore’s experts specialize in creating “to-the-point” websites without sacrificing gorgeous aesthetics. We’ll help your site stand out.

40% increase in organic traffic

We’ve achieved a 40% uplift in relevant organic traffic since the start of the campaign.

The Omnicore Difference

The Omnicore advantage lies in predictable, quantifiable results at a scale. We are committed to helping your bariatric surgery practice climb the ladder with a data-driven tried & tested digital marketing methodology.


Your partner
in success

We value your time, but more importantly, we value the relationship we will build and nurture. We’ve built the names of the top bariatric surgery firms in the market with a forward-thinking open mind, experience, and understanding of our client’s needs. You are here to help bariatric patients, and we are here to help you reach them in record time.


Custom digital marketing solutions.

The Omnicore method is not set in stone. Even though the experience of our digital marketing professionals has been invaluable in determining what works and what doesn’t, we don’t blindly follow the rulebook. Your specific needs will influence our approach to building your online presence, website traffic, and Google rankings.



Knowing is half the battle, and we’ll ensure guesswork is eliminated from the equation. By carefully analyzing the search history and online habits of innumerable bariatric patients, we make clear-cut distinctions between bariatric patients and people who simply want to lose a few pounds. Our data-driven approach to digital marketing separates us from contemporary all-in-one digital marketing alternatives.


Content crafted
with care

The CCC (content crafted with care) is one of our most valuable offerings. In the tug-of-war between Google’s ranking metrics and bariatric patients searching for the best practice, content is typically the determining factor of who gets the prime spot. Over one-quarter of people click the first result on Google Search. After ensuring your website receives the position it deserves, we will help you build the content that your bariatric patients will be interested in.

What we do

The four main services in the Omnicore catalog that we’ll combine to create your tailored bariatric surgery digital marketing solution:

Search Engine Optimization

google data
G analystics

The words that unlock success are placed at your fingertips. We’ll use them to help you rank and reach your bariatric patients

Anyone can come up with a list of words related to bariatric surgery, and more often than not, at least half of them could be considered Google-worthy keywords. Keyword-based SEO performance is based on keyword strength, and we pride ourselves on the ability of our experts to locate the strongest ones.


We leverage top-of-the-line SEO software and the abundant experience of our professionals to empower your website and page-based content with robust keywords that will matter to both Google and your bariatric patients.


Our job does not end there, though. Omnicore SEO service also features constant keyword updates; when certain keywords become obscure or irrelevant for Google’s ranking metrics, we will replace them with new ones as soon as possible.

Omnicore understands the importance of Google Signals' performance and will help your bariatric surgery practice reap each advantage it has to offer. By utilizing its sophisticated cross-device reporting & tracking, our team will ensure your bariatric patients have a smooth experience, regardless of which device they are using.

Thousands of people are searching for duodenal switch, sleeve gastrectomy, and gastric bypass services daily. Our SEO services are designed to direct them to your website by carefully positioning cherry-picked keywords in your content.

Our arsenal of link-building products aids our professionals as they build your website’s domain authority. Consequentially, you’ll rank higher on Google and significantly improve your online presence.

Paid Ads


Top-of-the-line Google Ads campaigns

The reason why PPC works so great is that most people find prefer watching over reading when consuming any content. This is especially important for bariatric surgery companies, as you’ll want to showcase your technologies, introduce your team, and present the advantages your practice offers in the simplest way possible. By using our Google Ads PPC services, you will not only broaden your audience reach but also ensure your patients know how you are different from the rest.

The majority of bariatric surgery practices use video ads; those that do not are missing out on hundreds of potential patients. Google Ads are an invaluable tool that enables you to earn your clients’ trust where words aren’t enough.

Google Ads enables us to accurately track the performance of each ad in real time. This allows our professionals to make quick adjustments and adapt to any given situation.

Paid Social


People talk on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll make sure they talk about your bariatric surgery practice.

Weight loss is a difficult topic, and social media platforms help people discreetly inquire about potential solutions. As a bariatric surgery firm, a good chunk of your target audience will be on websites such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Our paid social media campaigns can help you educate your potential patients about the benefits of bariatric surgery and why your firm is the solution they were searching for.

One of Omnicore’s specialty services is premium influencer outreach. We locate high-profile influencers who can use their voice and social media authority to spread your message among their loyal followers and fans.

We live in times when people can instantly communicate wherever they are. Omnicore’s paid social media services can spread the word about your bariatric surgery practice among millions of people, many of which will recommend you to other social media users.

Our paid social media marketing services are designed to help you reach thousands of people who are thinking about doing a bariatric surgery procedure but don’t know who to turn to.

Web Design


First impressions matter. We’ll make you a website that your patients can’t ignore.

Your website is the digital representation of your office, workers, services, and the practice as a whole. To create a seamless, pleasurable experience for your bariatric patients, we will build a website with quick page-loading times, straightforward pointers, inviting and relevant graphics, as well as quality content that will help you stand out from the rest.

Omnicore specializes in creating websites that reflect the personality, goals, and core values of bariatric surgery practices while ensuring visitors can easily reach the information they wanted.

We understand the importance of content placement and will strive to reduce the number of clicks it takes for your bariatric patients to learn everything your company has to offer, including services, price, contact information, and more.

When designing websites for owners of bariatric surgery practices, we make sure all pages are accessible via PC, laptop, and smartphone. This way, potential patients can discover your website anywhere and anytime.

How we’ll do it

Our streamlined process enables bariatric surgery practices to reap the full benefits of the Omnicore advantage


Introductions and initial goals

At Omnicore, we strive to build meaningful business relationships with each client. During the discovery phase, we will discuss your goals as a bariatric surgery practice owner and precisely how we can help you achieve them. We will also address and discuss service terms and come up with a custom solution for your firm.

Omnicore Agency - Strategy

Strategy building and discussions

After we’ve come to terms with the basics, we will introduce a custom initial solution for your bariatric practice. Omnicore’s team will explain our method and requirements, as well as answer any questions you may have regarding how we operate.


Monthly quarterly, and annual reports

We strive to keep transparent lines of communication with all of our clients and want you to be on board every step of the way. This will enable you to understand our methodology better and give you a different scope to perceive the growth of your business.

Why partner with us?


Predictable results for scalable success

Putting the name of your bariatric surgery practice on the radar is just the first step of the journey. Our team will ensure that you have what you need to support your firm as it expands and phones start ringing.


Round-the-clock support

Partnering with Omnicore means that you will have a team of seasoned digital marketing veterans at your disposal at all times. We will keep you updated on all campaigns and projects, deliver timely reports, and answer any questions you may have whenever they pop up.


Delegate so you can focus on what matters

Digital marketing can be very time-consuming. Our professionals have the experience, tools, and technologies required to make it as efficient and simple as possible. Leave the marketing side of your business to us so you can devote your full attention to your bariatric patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Marketing is made up of numerous tasks, most of which will take up hours of your precious time. While you can find content writers, editors, and ad creators to launch a campaign or two, having a team of professionals to create, implement, and continually monitor the performance of your digital marketing campaigns can make a big difference.

We pride ourselves on having a team of dedicated professionals that are up for any task, regardless of how big or small your bariatric surgery practice is. Omnicore’s team of vetted experts uses bleeding-edge technologies to acquire big data in record time, process it just as quickly, and use it to create custom solutions for each bariatric surgery company we work with.

We are well aware of the fact that trusting your business and reputation to an online company is a difficult thing to do. This is the reason why we will keep you updated with monthly, quarterly, and annual reports on everything we do for your bariatric surgery firm marketing-wise. We do the heavy lifting so that you can have more time to work with your newly acquired bariatric patients.

Our offering features a combination of premier digital marketing services, including SEO, paid ads, paid social media advertisements, and web design. We will find out more about your needs during the discovery phase and use that information to create a custom strategy for your bariatric surgery practice.

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