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We’re Omnicore, Digital Marketing Company for Chiropractic Practices

Chiropractic care is increasingly becoming popular as an alternative treatment for chronic pain. As more people become aware of the benefits tied to the practice, the demand also grows.

Today, most people research healthcare providers online before booking an appointment. Some studies indicate that even after getting referrals, the majority of people will research a healthcare provider before contacting them.

So, how do you ensure you get all these people finding you online and eventually contacting you? Simple, by creating a solid online presence.

Designing successful digital marketing campaigns for your chiropractic practice takes time and expertise — as a chiropractor, your skills are better spent elsewhere.

Omnicore offers a range of chiropractic digital marketing services to give your brand a robust online presence and grow your practice as you focus on providing premium client care.

Through our holistic chiropractic digital marketing strategy, we emphasize building an authentic connection with patients through innovatively designed campaigns and a numbers-driven decision-making approach.

We understand the ins and outs of chiropractic practice and know what your potential clients are searching for online. We use cutting-edge chiropractic marketing strategies to put you ahead of these patients and position your brand as the leading chiropractor in your region.

Chiropractor Digital Marketing Services

Here are our four main services to make up your tailored solution.

Search Engine Optimization

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Rank for the most profitable keywords

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the strategies used to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your site from organic search results. Whenever someone wants to find a chiropractor, most people would first search on Google for a ‘chiropractor near me’.

Through chiropractic SEO, you can position your brand among the top search engine results that this person finds.

Omnicore uses advanced chiropractic SEO techniques to rank your business for the right online search keywords and ensure that you only get contacted by qualified leads.

We understand the search patterns used by chiropractic patients online. Once they find your content ranking on search engines like Google, we convince them that you have the solution to their issues, making them initiate a conversation with you.

Gain better visibility than your competitors. There are more than 200 technical considerations that contribute to your rankings on Google, and we ensure not even a single one is missed. Our chiropractor SEO strategists use advanced tactics to ensure that your overall content ranks higher than your competitors.

Become the industry authority figure. When people search for chiropractic services near them online, and the top results they see are from your platforms or mention your brand, you automatically gain their trust. Our chiropractic SEO marketing experts execute innovative techniques that position your brand as a reliable, trusted, and leading practice.

Get more qualified leads. At Omnicore, we believe that it is pointless having thousands of clicks but only one or two conversions. We focus on creating campaigns for your practice to only target qualified leads. This means the people interacting with your content are pre-qualified and are most likely to convert into paying clients after reaching out to you.

Paid Search


Instantly reach your ideal chiropractic patients

SEO for chiropractors does not yield results overnight, as it is a long game. If anyone tells you they can give you immediate results from SEO, you should reconsider working with them. But what can you do if you need quick results from search engine rankings? Paid search is the way to go.

We can use pay-per-click (PPC) ads to boost your online presence and make your business appear at the top of online search results. Whenever someone seeks a solution your practice provides, our optimized ads appear at the top of the results page and make your brand stand out.

Through our vast healthcare marketing experience, we can create targeted ads that ensure that you’re only paying for clicks from prospects genuinely interested in your chiropractic services.

Only pay for qualified leads. We do not just promote your chiropractic practice without a specific goal and intent. Through our nifty chiropractic pay-per-click management, we only target people actively searching for your services, and we place you as the go-to solution.

Guaranteed return on investment. In essence, for every $1 spent on PPC ads, you should receive at least $2 in return. However, this can only happen if you set up Google ads correctly. Omnicore has some of the best chiropractic PPC managers in the healthcare marketing industry, and we’ll ensure that for every dollar spent, you’re getting significant results in return.

Data-driven approach. Omnicore is a numbers-driven digital marketing agency for chiropractors. We conduct extensive research on all chiropractic paid search campaigns before, during, and even after running any PPC campaigns. This ensures that not even a single dollar spent on ads is going to waste, and you can get genuine conversions from the campaigns.

Paid Social


Go where your patients are

Digital marketing for chiropractors also involves using social media to connect with potential and existing patients. Social media platforms are an excellent way to build your brand and engage your target audience.

While this is an often overlooked part of healthcare marketing, statistics show that more than half of the global population is on social media. This means you can most certainly find your next loyal clients through well-executed social media campaigns.

At Omnicore, we understand healthcare social media marketing. We have vast experience working with chiropractors, creating and executing numerous successful social media campaigns with excellent results.

Reach your target audience the right way. Healthcare social media marketing is a little more complex than using it for other industries. You need to follow various rules to receive conversions from your campaigns. We have spent years perfecting the art of healthcare marketing, and you can trust us to deliver the results you deserve from innovative chiropractic social media campaigns.

Create content that your target audience actually wants and loves. Creating quality content for a winning chiropractic social media strategy is time-consuming and requires advanced skills. We handle the entire social media cycle so that you can focus on your patients.

Enjoy advanced tracking and reporting. We assist you in understanding more about your target audience through our comprehensive project tracking and reporting. This way, you can better fine-tune your target audience, only going for those interested in your chiropractic services and can easily convert to paying clients.

Web Design


Create a profitable website

Your website is the hub of all your chiropractic digital marketing efforts. This is where all your existing and potential patients learn more about you, your business, your offerings, and much more.

A well-optimized chiropractic clinic website is useful when reaching out to a new audience, as you can highlight why and how you are the best in that sector. Moreover, it makes it easier to conduct your business as you can make it easy for your patients to schedule appointments through it.

There’s more than just the design when creating a website for chiropractors. This is because, unlike other websites, healthcare sites are regulated by various bodies, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

For you not to get in trouble with your healthcare governing body, your website needs to conform to such laws, and this is why you need healthcare marketing experts to handle your website.

With many years of experience in healthcare marketing, we understand what your target audience best relates to. Our chiropractic website designers and developers will help you create a website that can increase traffic and conversions.

Get a professional-looking website. Your chiropractic website should have a consistent, mobile-friendly, and professional-looking style that matches your brand’s personality. Our in-house web developers, UX designers, and strategists can create a professional website that makes your chiropractic practice appear more trustworthy.

Secure website. We do not take matters of security lightly when it comes to your website. Besides being a medium for communicating with your patients, your chiropractic website may also handle sensitive data, including patient information. We make your website secure so you can focus on treating patients who trust you.​

You own your website. If you have been in the online marketing space for long, you will have probably heard about agencies that hold their clients’ websites ‘hostage’. This makes it difficult or unnecessarily annoying when these clients wish to discontinue the relationship. We believe in cementing long-term relationships with our clients, and we do not hold back any rights to the website, including hosting — everything belongs to you.

Our Results

We’ve helped our clients achieve the following:

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return on investment

Nepenthe Wellness Center
We’ve achieved a 533% uplift in organic traffic within the first 6 months of the campaign.
Boca Raton Aesthetics
With an ad spend of $426.71, we achieved remarkable success in generating 37 qualified leads for a Med Spa using Facebook ads.
Nordic Med Spa
Launched a custom luxury website design for a new high-end med spa based in New York delivering amazing user engagement.

How we do it

Get started with chiropractor digital marketing in three easy steps:


Discovery session

This is our initial meeting. We take our time to understand more about your business and goals and review any marketing efforts you have undertaken. After this discussion, we’ll be in a position to know if and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Omnicore Agency - Strategy

Strategy meeting

If your practice qualifies, our chiropractic digital marketing experts will create an initial marketing plan to help you grow your business. We take you through all the steps involved and what needs to be done. Once we’re on the same page, we execute the campaigns.


Regular Reporting

We believe in transparency throughout the campaigns. We start tracking the important metrics right from when you hire us, and we will update you regularly on the progress.

Why Choose Omnicore For Chiropractor Marketing Services?


We use data-driven methods

Our chiropractor digital marketing experts do not make any guesses when creating and executing campaigns for your business. We rely on comprehensive data before, during, and even after campaigns to ensure you get nothing short of the best results.


Industry-leading support

We use a hands-on approach when working on your projects and treat you as our VIP. You get a team dedicated to your projects, and you can reach out to us anytime. You will not have to wait to get our attention on anything.


We are transparent

Transparency is one of our core values. We strive to be transparent with you, right from the discovery session and throughout the campaign. We do not hide anything from you, and you can have full visibility on all that’s going on, enabling you to actively take part in determining the best direction for your chiropractor marketing needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online is where your ideal patients are. To grow your chiropractic business, you need to go where your target audience is. Nearly everyone now uses Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc., as a part of their daily life. Creating a strong online presence puts you in front of these people, creating awareness about your chiropractic practice, which eventually means more financial flow for your business.

There are many ways you can market a chiropractic clinic. Although there isn’t a standard or fixed technique, having a solid digital presence is one of the best ways to grow your chiropractic practice. A well-optimized website and strong social media presence added to paid campaign strategies should start you off in your chiropractic marketing efforts.

Look for a reliable and data-driven healthcare digital marketing agency when you need assistance marketing your chiropractic practice. An ordinary digital marketing agency might get some bit of the work done, but you are more likely to get better results from a niched agency. A healthcare digital marketing agency like Omnicore has years of experience solely focusing on growing brands like yours. Moreover, healthcare marketing has a unique set of rules that marketers should follow when promoting their businesses. You don’t want to lose your practice license because of a message on your website. Let the chiropractic marketing experts help you out.

Just like your patients want quick results, you may also be searching for a way to get immediate leads and conversions. However, just like the former, there are various things that come into consideration before you see results. The type of campaigns or projects and your current stage matter. A professional chiropractor digital marketing agency gives you a growth forecast based on your marketing needs and situation.

When you stop marketing your clinic once you get the desired results, you may lose the momentum you’ve already gained. You may not be required to spend as much as the initial budget, but it is crucial to set aside a marketing budget to help you keep up with the growth instead of throttling things back.

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