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The medical spa industry is arguably one of the fastest-growing healthcare fields today. The older and younger generation is increasingly seeking the services of a med spa to help them with their various needs.

Younger patients actively seek to prevent the signs of aging, while the older generation strives to look younger without resorting to plastic surgery.

As the industry keeps growing, the competition also becomes stiffer, with pre-existing and new-coming medical spas to compete with. As a medical spa practitioner, you want to maintain a steady stream of clients to remain financially competitive.

Staying relevant and ahead of the competition requires you to implement effective medical spa marketing tactics. However, using just traditional advertising to push your brand to your audience doesn’t work anymore.

To grow your med spa clinic, you ought to meet your potential and existing clients where they all are — online. Each potential patient has specific needs, and you must target them all.

With everyone now turning to the internet to find spa services that your facility offers, will they choose your business? Can they even find your practice online?

If you want to grow your medspa practice, you need a professional med spa marketing agency by your side.

We have years of experience helping med spa clinics like yours achieve their growth goals through innovative digital marketing techniques. We can also help you open the faucet of new patient appointments so you can serve more patients and grow your practice.

Medical Spa Digital Marketing Services

Custom solutions to grow your MedSpa business.

Search Engine Optimization

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Create robust online visibility.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy to increase the quantity and quality of organic traffic sent to your medical spa’s website.

Prospective clients use search engines like Google or Bing to find local medical spas like yours. Through a well-crafted medspa SEO strategy, your business can be found at the top of search engine results, including on Google Maps, online reviews, and more, eventually driving more people to check out your practice.

Establish authority in the field. Whenever someone Googles anything online, they are more likely to trust the answers or solutions they find at the top of the search results. The same can happen for you if you position your practice at the top of search engine results whenever someone searches for your services online.

Get ahead of the search engine trends. There are always new algorithmic changes that affect SEO rankings that you must adhere to if you want to remain at the top. Medical websites are usually the most affected when it comes to these algorithmic updates. Our medical spa SEO experts are some of the best in the game and will ensure that every spa marketing strategy gets you nothing but the best numbers.

Paid Search


Instantly reach your ideal patients.

While SEO is a long game of playing with Google’s algorithms, Paid Search offers the quickest path toward your ideal clients. Pay-per-click advertising automatically shows your services at the top of your ideal clients’ search results.

Our medspa PPC experts optimize all your paid search campaigns for results. While it is not difficult to get started with paid search services, like Google Ads, getting these campaigns to convert requires an additional skillset, which Omnicore provides.

Increased ROI for every campaign executed. We never run any campaigns blindly; our main goal is to spend less and get more. We optimize all campaigns to trigger action from your target audience through our full-cycle campaigns, including creating converting landing pages.

Focus on results-oriented campaigns. With medical spa PPC, you may have to run initial campaigns to determine what your audience resonates best with. Backed with years of experience and state-of-the-art monitoring and analyzing tools, we keep track of all the running campaigns, always getting lessons that would make subsequent campaigns even better.

Paid Social


Keep your potential clients close.

Social media marketing for medspas has become a non-negotiable aspect of medspa marketing. Patients want to see what makes your spa different from others and what makes it unique.

They would also like to see and compare the outcomes of your treatments depending on people’s age, skin type, and overall goals.

Almost everyone with internet access has a social media profile — if not them, then someone close to them that can impact their purchasing decisions. You need to go where your clients are, and social media is one of those places.

Create a brand your clients will want to engage. The whole point of medspa social media marketing is to create an avenue where your audience can better look at your practice and engage you. You must build a conducive environment on your social media pages to make these people reach out to you. This is quite tricky to achieve, but with Omnicore’s expertise in the field, you are all set to start engaging with more patients.

Compliant social media practices. Healthcare social media marketing is more complex than it seems. While you want to pass every message across to your audience to grow your brand, you also have to be compliant with the various set regulations surrounding healthcare marketing. We have the skill set to get your brand to the top while still being HIPAA compliant.

Web Design


Create a profitable website.

Your medspa website is the starting foundation for all your digital marketing efforts. You can use it to show potential clients more about your business, the services you offer, and an even closer look at your brand.

Besides using your medical spa website to target new customers, you can use it to retain existing clientele by offering them value throughout their journey.

Our award-winning medical spa website designers, developers, and strategists get you a customized solution that appeals to your target audience, converting them into active leads, and positions you as an authority figure in your field.

Website design that attracts. A website that immediately grabs the attention of your target audience is of utmost importance for your practice. You’re in a competitive field, and if you fail to capture leads with your most important sales tool, you may not easily achieve your growth goals.

Website design that converts. Bringing people to your website is only the first step. Getting them to buy from you is another. Medspa businesses depend on patients to remain afloat. Ensure that your website for medical spa clinics makes this possible by converting more leads into patients.

Our Results

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Nepenthe Wellness Center
We’ve achieved a 533% uplift in organic traffic within the first 6 months of the campaign.
Boca Raton Aesthetics
With an ad spend of $426.71, we achieved remarkable success in generating 37 qualified leads for a Med Spa using Facebook ads.
Nordic Med Spa
Launched a custom luxury website design for a new high-end med spa based in New York delivering amazing user engagement.

How we do it

Our unique methodology to get your medspa clinic on the map.


Discovery session

Our discovery session is a quick, no-obligation meeting to enable us to learn more about your business and growth goals. This is also the opportunity for you to learn more about our working model and terms.

Omnicore Agency - Strategy

Strategy session

If both parties feel we are a good fit, we move forward with the strategy session, where our digital marketing strategists will take you through the initial solutions to help you meet your goals.


Regular Reporting

We execute approved strategies to begin your medspa digital marketing journey. Our team keeps track of the entire campaign, monitoring all the important metrics and keeping you updated. All our strategies help us learn more about your audience and business, assisting us in improving and adjusting subsequent campaigns.

Why Choose Omnicore as Your Medical Spa Digital Marketing Company


We are results-driven.

We do more than run initiatives to get the job done. Each of our medical spa digital marketing services is tied to a numerical goal.

This enables us to keep track of all our campaigns and know more about your business and clients, eventually assisting us in running initiatives that convert.


We are an experienced medical spa digital marketing agency.

We have spent over a decade perfecting the art of healthcare digital marketing. We have worked with companies in different niches, including the medical spa industry.

We understand what works best for a company like yours, positioning your brand as an industry leader and getting you more qualified leads.


We work to gain your confidence every month.

We do not tie up our clients to unnecessary long-term contracts. We believe in our work and are confident that you will love the results, as our track record speaks for itself.

We work to get you the results you deserve, which is why we only have short-term contracts. If you’re not happy with the results you’re getting, you are free to drop us at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical spa marketing refers to the strategies and programs developed to grow a medspa clinic through lead acquisition, conversion, and retention. Such strategies include web design, social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization, etc.

Developing an effective medspa digital marketing strategy takes place in four stages, which are the planning, execution, tracking, and optimization steps. The planning bit requires you to identify your needs and where your audience is to devise a working strategy. Once you execute these digital marketing strategies, such as SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and more, you ought to monitor their performance. Based on this performance, you can further optimize them to get you the desired results.

Omnicore creates a custom solution for every client, as all their needs differ. Based on the client’s goals and status, Omnicore creates a solution that provides them with the results. Talk to our representatives today to get started.

The total budget for marketing a medical spa depends on your individual needs, goals, and situation. An experienced medical spa marketing agency, like Omnicore, can help you figure out your expected budget.

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