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We’re Omnicore, Orthodontist Digital Marketing Company For Healthcare and Medical Professionals

The orthodontics industry has rapidly changed in terms of marketing. For many years, there have been blurred lines between regular dentists and orthodontists to the general public. It is now more important for you to outline and present your practice’s specialties.

It is a no-brainer that more people are going to regular (general) dentists for services that your orthodontic practice specializes in. In the long run, you end up losing potential clients.

Moreover, orthodontics is a competitive field that relies on a solid local presence to bring business. There are various ways to increase local presence, but none outshines the rapidly growing digital media platforms.

Ignoring the benefits of digital marketing for your orthodontic business risks your business being left behind as others thrive. Not only do you need to advertise your services to your target audience, but you also need to prove to them that you are the leader in the field.

You can achieve all that through innovative orthodontic digital marketing from Omnicore.

Our services allow orthodontists to get more patients through well-crafted, conversion-focused digital marketing campaigns.

Orthodontist Digital Marketing Services

Discover some of our orthodontist digital marketing services that will make up your tailored solution.

Search Engine Optimization

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Be the leading solution clients find online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing practice of making your website stand out whenever someone uses a search engine like Google to look up a business like yours or a service you offer.

For instance, if someone were to search for “braces near me” or “orthodontist in your location,” you can position your website as the first one appearing on their search results.

Websites on the first page of Google receive more clicks and, thereafter, conversions. You can also achieve this through orthodontic SEO.

Target qualified leads. Through SEO for orthodontics, we position your website clearly, such that anyone that clicks on your website already understands what they need. In most cases, these people are already searching for an orthodontist, so it will only make your work easier by filtering out undecided patients and unqualified traffic.

Approach patients from their perspective. We can help you attract patients to your practice based on their problems. For instance, before resolving that they need an orthodontist, most people will usually run to Google their signs or symptoms. We will ensure that your website is there to offer them the answers they seek and eventually guide them through your door.

Paid Search


Reach ideal patients in a snap.

SEO is like finding a needle in a haystack. It certainly is considered a long game. Good thing Paid Search offers shortcuts to help you reach your ideal clients faster. Google lets you pay your way to the top of your chosen keywords.

Through data-driven marketing, Omnicore’s orthodontist digital marketing experts will help you set up and test effective ads, so your investment is spent wisely.

Target ready clients. A well-optimized orthodontic PPC campaign targets patients that are already aware of what they want and are actively searching for solutions. We can position you as the first solution they see and convince them enough to choose you.

Get the most out of your special offers. People love seeing offers and discounts, and you can PPC for orthodontists to your advantage by running your offers online. Whenever someone types on Google searching for an orthodontist or your services, your ad gets shown at the top, and what’s more, you can appease them through your special discounts.

Paid Social


Go where your patients are.

Social media is increasingly popular and powerful for generating leads and referrals to your practice. At Omnicore, we design and implement social media marketing plans for your orthodontic practice, taking advantage of the power of these platforms to increase the overall impact of your online presence.

Our orthodontic social media marketing will help you improve your reputation, boost referrals, and lead to higher search rankings. We take over your complete paid social cycle and ensure you get a good return on your investment.

Remain at the top of the minds of your prospects. At times, people that need the services of an orthodontist don’t know until something triggers them to do so. This is where the power of social media comes in. We run campaigns that convince your audience that the time is nigh for them to seek your services.

Create a more personalized connection with your patients. You can foster a better relationship with your existing and potential patients through social media. Talk to them, respond to their queries, get them an exclusive view of your facilities, etc., making them know more about you, ultimately increasing their trust in you.

Web Design


Create a profitable patient-first website.

Your website is your chance to lay out all the information your client needs in one place. By strategically organizing content (like testimonials, case studies, an about page, etc.) that shows your authority and expertise, you become your client’s go-to Orthodontist.

We have orthodontic website developers and designers with years of experience creating custom solutions for orthodontists based on their unique needs and goals.

We also create websites with a solid SEO foundation, ensuring you don’t have to spend extra on optimizing your website for search engines.

Designed to attract. A website is only useful if it can attract the intended audience. With our years of experience handling websites for orthodontists, we know what your patients are looking for and the types of websites that resonate best with them.

Designed to convert. Regardless of the device being used and the service that your visitors seek, we ensure that each element and page are made to make conversion easy.

Our Results

Omnicore’s orthodontist online marketing agency can supercharge your practice starts and deliver amazing business growth. Our orthodontist digital marketing services helped clients achieve the following:

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Nepenthe Wellness Center
We’ve achieved a 533% uplift in organic traffic within the first 6 months of the campaign.
Boca Raton Aesthetics
With an ad spend of $426.71, we achieved remarkable success in generating 37 qualified leads for a Med Spa using Facebook ads.
Nordic Med Spa
Launched a custom luxury website design for a new high-end med spa based in New York delivering amazing user engagement.

How we’ll do it

Here’s how to get started with orthodontic digital marketing with Omnicore


Discovery session

Our initial meeting will be about learning more about your business, goals, and marketing needs. You’ll get into a quick, no-obligation call with our orthodontic marketing expert to discuss the work's scope and service terms.

Omnicore Agency - Strategy

Strategy session

Once we are all good with the scope of work, including the terms, our strategists provide you with the initial solution to improving the online presence of your orthodontic practice.


Tracking and optimization

We ensure to keep tabs on every detail of your active campaigns, and your dedicated account manager will present you with the reports regularly. By tracking every detail, we gather more information about your business and audience, enabling us to optimize them for better results.

Why Choose Omnicore as Your Orthodontist Digital Marketing Company?


Results-focused orthodontic digital marketing agency

We are a numbers-driven digital marketing agency for orthodontists. Everything we do, including all our initiatives, is determined by the data we collect. This way, you can rest assured that we are not just doing anything blindly, and your money isn’t going to waste as we only work towards our set goals.


Cancel anytime

We are confident in our work. We only take up your business if we are sure to get you the results you deserve. We do not tie up our clients on unnecessary long-term contracts. Instead, we ensure that you get value for your investment every day, as that’s how regularly we work to win back your business.


Exclusive in your area

We understand how competitive the ortho industry is. We also know how good our orthodontic digital marketing services are. This way, we ensure that you do not face any significant competition by taking up a new client within your area. It’s only going to be us and you — you only within your area, no other client.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While orthodontics is still a part of dentistry, it is a specialization. With orthodontist marketing, we ensure that we clearly bring out the precise services you offer and not establish you as an authority there.  However, dental marketing targets all and sundry seeking dental services, which you don’t, as an orthodontist.

You should start creating awareness about your orthodontic clinic as soon as you open doors for patients. However, even an established clinic requires a solid digital marketing strategy to enable them to stay in business and remain competitive.

There isn’t a standard budget expected of every orthodontic practice for their digital marketing efforts. This is because each practice is unique, with individual needs and goals. You must first identify what you need to achieve and your current situation before setting a budget. Talk to a professional orthodontic digital marketing expert to help you develop a proper budget.

Omnicore is an award-winning healthcare marketing agency that has mastered the industry for over a decade. We have worked with orthodontists to get their brands to the top and increase patient volumes. We also understand what your clients are searching for and what works best for them. We implement custom solutions to resolve your unique needs and do not rely on cookie-cutter techniques.

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