If there’s one thing we know about marketing, it’s that content marketing can be one of the most challenging parts of a campaign.

For dentists, content marketing, including blogging, poses a unique challenge. For one, it’s difficult coming up with unique topics on a regular basis to offer value to readers and potential patients.

For another, it’s also difficult finding the time, skill, or motivation to actually sit down and create content for a blog or another vehicle of a site.

When most dentists come to us for content marketing help, they start with a common question: “What do I write for my blog?”

Writing blog posts as a dentist can be tough. You have a practice to run and patients to focus on.

Finding the time to actually develop content?

Sounds pretty daunting, which is why most dentists outsource their blogging to content marketing agencies that can create content specifically for their industry.

However, if you do want to do some blogging on your own – or if you want to supplement the work of our agency, for example – you could take on the task. In fact, it’s highly recommended that either you or someone on your staff provide additional insight into what makes your practice, well, your practice!

After all, even the greatest of marketing agencies can’t be there for the day to day to capture the magic that makes your office the most trusted, most popular, or most successful in your region.

The secret to having a great blog that’s supported through a marketing agency for dentists is to supplement that content with something of your own: something that shares your unique perspective. Leave the dental health or care advice posts to the marketing team. Do something that only you can do with your blogging efforts.

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What do you write for your dental blog? Here are a few of our ideas on where you can start:

Blog About Your Patients: Patient before and after photographs can be powerful persuasion tools when it comes to attracting new clients. See if you can source patient success stories, or get them to write testimonials for you to share on the blog. Make sure you take all of the appropriate precautions regarding their identification and patient rights, of course, but this can be a great way to show the results of your dentistry in a very tangible way, before a prospective patient ever steps into your office.

Blog About Your Practice: Holding a seminar at your office on healthy eating? Celebrating a staff birthday? Volunteering at a community event? Things like these are great topics for sharing on your blog. Any events that shows the human side of your practice, community involvement, or “behind the scenes” looks at what you do can be interesting for your patients as well as engaging for your staff.

Blog About Your Philosophy: As a dentist, you come to the table with a unique philosophy on how to run your practice as well as how to offer the best possible care to your patients. Share that philosophy and what you do as part of your practice to turn that vision into a reality. Sharing this information can accomplish two goals: one, you can be recognized for your expertise and two, you can demonstrate your passion for what you do.

HINT: No time to write but still want to create this type of content for your dental office blog? Think about filming a video blog and then having a transcript created. You can share both the video and the transcript (still getting great marketing an SEO value) on your blog. 

These are just a few ideas to get you started with. For those of you who already blog, what topics do you often write about? If you’re not blogging and want to start, be sure to contact us for a consultation. Our agency specializes in blogging and all other types of content marketing for dentists.

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Salman Aslam
Salman Aslam is the Managing Director at Omnicore, a leading Healthcare Digital Advertising & Marketing Agency helping clients across the globe. You can follow him on Twitter for tweets and rants about the latest news, tips, and advice on digital marketing.