So, you want to create a cosy, productive home office but you just don’t know where to start? Worry no more, you’ve landed in the right place.

We’ve compiled over a hundred must-have products to ensure you feel motivated and have everything you need to make the perfect home office setup do you can deliver your best work.  

As a bonus, we’ve also categorized everything by product type and price range. This means less guesswork, and more office work! 

So, feel free to browse the list below and put together a home office setup that not only gets the job done but makes it fun, too. 

How to Shop for Home Office Setups

Before going on a shopping spree online and adding 10+ items into your basket, take a step back. Look around you and see what you already have in your office setup. Whenever you need help with finding what you need, try some home office ideas down below.

Home Office Setup Essentials that you need

Let’s go through the home office setup must-haves so that each item on your to-do list can turn into a more manageable piece of work every day.

Desk and chair

If you already own a chair and it’s comfortable enough for you, you probably don’t need a new one. If not, make sure to put an ergonomic chair with lumbar support to your office furniture checklist.

In case you own an old office desk, it’s a good idea to invest in a new standing desk – your spine will thank you after hundreds of hours behind the screen.

Items on the desk

A laptop stand would be an excellent addition to your work setting, especially if you have many conference calls and your home office setup has to be perfect.

Make sure not to forget about a desk lamp with natural light so your eyes won’t get too tired after working long hours.

Computer type

It will definitely help if your laptop screen is in the high-quality range, like Apple’s or Lenovo’s newest laptops are, so you don’t get blurred vision after an hour’s work.

If you’re a graphic designer and need a stronger computer than a laptop and a monitor to accompany it, ensure you have the best one for a productive work environment.

Keyboard and mouse

Joint pain and carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms can get worse if you’re typing away a new piece of content or a 20-page long code. An ergonomic keyboard comes to the rescue and can give you fewer negative symptoms of office syndrome. See if you need one before making your checklist.

Some of the discomfort associated with your hands can also be eliminated with an ergonomic mouse. When your work life mainly consists of clicking, then getting such a product is a no-brainer.


Video calls can’t be the best when you have an old cam or a camera integrated into your laptop, which mostly has a smaller resolution.

Buying a proper one means that you’ll cash out at least $30, which isn’t much but can make a huge difference and make your video conferencing more professional.


Another thing you might’ve missed when looking around which things you need when working from home is the modem. A good one will enable you to work seamlessly across all your devices, so it’s wise to get one of those we recommended.


Do you have to watch out for the soup cooking in the kitchen but have to be online to answer your team members at the same time? No worries, a good router will give you full house/apartment coverage.

Specific items and accessories

Working from home was never easier. The last little items you might need are the home workspace items that can make your work from home setup a much more comfortable place to help you work effectively.

These include headphones, external monitor, speakers, microphone, external storage, air purifier, printer, paper shredder, office safe, power backup, robot vacuum, and accessories like blue light glasses or a smart mug

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are work from home essentials? 

Work from home essentials are all the products you could need to build a productive home office, meaning you’ll never be stranded without the right office supplies. Work from home essentials bring the efficiency of a regular on-location office to your home. 

What supplies do you need to work from home? 

While we suggest having one product from each of our categories, the common staples in any office would be a desk, chair, computer, and internet connection. A wide array of other products will also be necessary based on the type of work you intend to do in your home office. 

What is the best setup for working from home? 

Your home office should promote motivation and concentration. Choose a quiet nook in your home with a lockable door to prevent disturbances to you and your household during important business events. Keep in mind that your office needs to be spacious enough to accommodate you, your supplies, and your storage. 

Who needs a home office? 

There are plenty of careers that require an at-home space. Small businesses, editors, and content creators like YouTubers can work from anywhere. But you don’t need to be part of the professional world to benefit from a home office – it can simply help you unwind and work on personal projects. 


Your work from home setup can not only become a place where you will stay productive but also correct your poor posture if you decide to get ergonomic furniture.

If equipped with the essentials we mentioned, it can become a haven for increased productivity and help you do different tasks with ease.

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