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About Omnicore

Omnicore is a healthcare digital marketing agency that works with a range of medical and healthcare practices to help reach their marketing goals through Paid Search (PPC), Organic Search (SEO), Paid Social, and Conversion-focused Web Design.

Our Core Values


We Go Above and Beyond

We aim for well done more than merely getting the job done. We go above and beyond to make sure we deliver pragmatic strategies and solutions to the digital marketing challenges our clients are facing.


We Win Together

We include you in every relevant conversation. Openness and transparency play a key role in all our business transactions. We tackle both the ups and downs of every project along with you in order to produce substantial results.


You Have Our Word

We recognize the trust and the confidence you have given us, and it is our duty to fulfill our promise. We are committed to provide you quality and timely solutions that address your pain points and ultimately give you your deserved success.


Lifelong Learning

We are in the industry of constant algorithm changes and it's our responsibility to stay up-to date. Omnicore provides continuous learning opportunities to its employees through books, training sessions, courses, and seminars.


Culture of Care

We don't discount the importance of our team's physical and mental health. We believe in providing a conducive working environment for our team to boost productivity and serve you better.


Empathy and Communication

A team isn't complete without communication. We strive to create an environment where spoken and unspoken needs are met. We encourage speaking up in order to produce the best ideas from each other.

"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else."
— Booker T. Washington
The Omnicore Vision

All things Omni

Derived from our name Omni, we provide all-encompassing healthcare digital marketing solutions.


Our team is made up of exceptionally skilled individuals with diverse backgrounds. We have a pool of indispensable and endless resources of talents able to drive your business towards immense success.

Discover Our Story


In 2009, Omnicore was launched as a specialized SEO consulting company called ‘The SEO Compass’. Like a typical start-up story, Hafiz and Salman started the business from their bedroom. At the time, SEO was an emerging field and that is where we chose to hone our skills.
With some trial and error and with Hafiz’s and Salman’s hard work and entrepreneurial spirit, we were able to acquire skills that enabled us to help our clients get more organic traffic than their competitors.

The early turbulence in Google’s algorithms caused by the infamous Panda and Penguin algorithm and the rise of social platforms gave/showed signs that businesses need to adopt a multi-channel approach and they can no longer rely on search engine traffic alone.

With our eyes fixed on the future, we decided to rebrand to Omnicore to embrace the change.


Unfortunately, during that time Salman Aslam was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy (Distal Myopathy), a group of rare diseases that cause progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass.
As some who had first-hand experience with a range of medical and healthcare practices in the search for the right treatment and possible cure, we were able to observe and understand the space.

This is when we changed our focus to Healthcare Marketing as we saw a real need in the medical space for a healthcare agency that really understood providers and the patient journey.

We exist because


We like working with clients that improve people’s well-being and change their lives for the better.


We are motivated by working with brands that solve real health problems.


We believe we have both the drive and experience to enable transformation and deliver results.

Being in the digital space helped us in adapting to the culture of continuous growth and development aimed at making valuable contributions to society.

We started as an agency focusing on providing SEO services to our clients, identified the niche we want to serve, and later morphed into a digital marketing agency that is result agnostic more than being channel agnostic. As an agency of learners, our team is committed to finding new ways to solve business problems.

Meet our team

Hafiz Muhammad Ali


Hafiz Muhammad Ali is the founder of Omnicore Healthcare Marketing. He laid the foundation of the agency in 2009 and has built it up from ground zero. He is a perfect example of a leader born with instincts and passion and has changed the lives of many.

He is passionate about Innovation and Entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, digital marketing and has many certificates, credentials, and dedication from prestigious institutions like the University of Aberdeen, Harvard University, and Stanford University to his name but more than that, he is passionate about building businesses to add value to the world.

Hafiz Muhammad Ali

Salman Aslam

Managing Director

As Managing Director at Omnicore, Salman Aslam brings his unique expertise and experience of coming from a business background (graduate from LBS) and his experience working with top tier digital marketing agencies which allows him to both understand clients business and deliver services that deliver positive ROI for clients.

He has several certifications to his name such as MarketMotive Certified Practitioner, Digital Marketing Institute graduate and Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified.

He also advised and consulted a private investment firm which invests in companies like Facebook, Salesforce and Marketo etc based on their inbound marketing activities and future growth potential.

Hamza Butt

Digital Marketing Specialist

Muhammad Wajahat

SEO Specialist

Lea Kuscer

Content Marketing Specialist

Hasmik Makaryan

Assistant Content Editor

Solomonn Sandiego

Outreach Specialist

Marc Jason

Marc Jason

Outreach Specialist

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