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We’re Omnicore, Digital Marketing Partner for Your Stem Cell Therapy Practice

There’s been a steady increase in demand for stem cell therapy over the last few years. As the number of people seeking personalized medicine keeps rising, so will the demand for stem cell clinics.

Many people still don’t know that stem cell therapy exists as a solution to some of their health problems. Others actively searching for your services may not even be aware that your therapy clinic is just around the corner. In an area with stiff competition, you must stand out to remain in business.

The best way to create awareness for your business, get more patients, and meet your growth goals is to invest in results-focused stem cell digital marketing.

Almost everyone now depends on the internet for answers, solutions, and recommendations. It is crucial to have your business as the first thing they see whenever they search online for anything stem cell related in your target region.

Omnicore is a professional stem cell digital marketing agency with years of experience and success. We focus on helping your practice not only to create awareness but also to optimize conversions leading patients through the door.

Stem Cell Therapy Marketing Services

Stem cell digital marketing solutions for your practice

Search Engine Optimization

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Position yourself as an authority.

Search Engine Optimization lets you climb the top of Google search results, increasing your chances of being seen online. Through stem cell clinic SEO, you can position your brand as the leader and authority figure in the industry in your region.

With increased online visibility comes more web views, which means increased patient volume.

With over a decade in healthcare marketing, Omnicore’s stem cell SEO strategy positions you at the top of your prospect’s search results, helping you achieve your ultimate growth goals.

Targeted SEO practices. We optimize all your website pages to have a clear goal. By putting the right keywords online, qualified patients are pushed in your direction. Now, you don’t have to waste time filtering your patients and immediately deal with the ones willing to take up your offer.

Play the long game. SEO may not give you the results you seek immediately. This is a long-term strategy that will leave you at the top of organic search results, which has more credibility than paid search. When your website appears at the top organically, offering the answers and solutions that your target audience seeks, you increase your trust ratings, naturally giving you more patient inquiries and recommendations.

Paid Search


Skip the undecided clients.

SEO is typically done organically; therefore, it takes longer. If you need faster results to promote your services, we’ll have to pay Google through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Paid advertisers are often prioritized in the algorithm, so even a dash of Paid Search goes a long way.

Paid Search is recommended for clinics that want to boost a specific treatment or service online. If you want to promote your Stem Cell treatment amongst the others you have, Paid Search is a great way to do just that. You can skip an undecided audience and go straight toward clients ready to commit.

Match your clients to specific services. Each service that you provide has an ideal client. Use stem cell PPC to target these clients with the various solutions you have for their needs.

Ads that convert. We optimize your ads to only show when people search online for specific keywords. We analyze user intent to decide which ads are shown to them. We also optimize your landing pages to increase visitor conversion.

Paid Social


Push your services to the mainstream.

Social media is a powerful channel that’s become more mainstream over the years. Stem cell treatments are intimidating to the public as it is often presented with overwhelming data that more common ears can’t easily digest.

If you have existing efforts like webinars to educate people, social media is a great tool to boost awareness of them. Running social media ad campaigns drive more ears towards your offers.

Through a robust stem cell social media marketing campaign, you don’t just target your ideal clients but also those close to them. You can show up on the news feeds of their best friends, parents, or siblings. These are the people that affect (or even take over) your would-be patient’s decision-making process.

Go where your clients are. Stem cell social media advertising puts you where your target audience is. Making your information accessible inside the platform increases their chances of browsing through your profile and eventually inquiring.

Only target qualified clients. We prioritize bringing your business in front of your most qualified audience — nearby clients that are most likely to pay for your service.

Web Design


Transform website visitors into clients.

Regenerative medicine is still a highly debatable field, as not many people are aware of its benefits yet. Many people aren’t even aware that this solution is available to them based on their various problems.

You can use a well-designed stem cell clinic website to provide all the information regarding your services, the benefits, and who they are for. However, you should note that a converting stem cell therapy website design isn’t as basic as in other fields.

There’s so much that you must consider if you want to turn visitors into clients. For instance, you must consider their needs: what types of designs do these clients respond best to? Besides the design, the healthcare industry is highly regulated with various restrictions. You need to adhere to laws like HIPAA; otherwise, you may get into trouble with your governing body.

Designed to convert. We have years of experience working on healthcare websites. We understand what your ideal clients are looking for and what they resonate best with. Our website experts will help you create a website designed to convince any prospect to reach out and convert into a paying client.

Designed to offer value. When creating a stem cell therapy website, you have to consider your prospective clients and their needs. You ought to anticipate all their queries and have relevant answers and solutions. This way, you are seen as a knowledgeable figure that’s trustworthy and reliable.

Our Results

We’ve helped our clients achieve the following:
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Nepenthe Wellness Center
We’ve achieved a 533% uplift in organic traffic within the first 6 months of the campaign.
Boca Raton Aesthetics
With an ad spend of $426.71, we achieved remarkable success in generating 37 qualified leads for a Med Spa using Facebook ads.
Nordic Med Spa
Launched a custom luxury website design for a new high-end med spa based in New York delivering amazing user engagement.

How we do it

Three steps to creating a solution tailored to your practice’s specific needs.


Discovery session

The first phase is the initial discovery session, where we review your marketing needs and goals. We take a closer look at your business and determine the appropriate way to help you achieve your growth goals. This is a no-obligation call, and we do not charge you anything if we don’t proceed to the next phase.

Omnicore Agency - Strategy

Strategy session

The strategy session is where our stem cell digital marketing experts take you through the initial solutions to your marketing needs. We take a closer look at the possible solutions and come up with projections of the expected results. If all looks good, we will move forward with the execution phase.


Tracking and reporting

We have advanced tracking mechanisms that will enable us to gather as much data related to your campaigns as possible. This helps us understand more about your target audience, and from the first iteration, we are able to perfect the strategies used in subsequent campaigns. We also ensure you are updated on all running campaigns through regular easy-to-understand reports.

Why Choose Omnicore as Your Stem Cell Therapy Marketing Agency?


Vast experience in healthcare marketing

Omnicore is an award-winning healthcare digital marketing agency. Having worked with various healthcare industries, including stem cell therapy clinics, we know what works best for your target audience.

We bring over a decade of experience as a patient-generating machine through well-crafted digital marketing strategies. We can also help you increase your patient volume with the lowest lead acquisition cost.


Growth-focused stem cell marketing

We only work with healthcare centers with clear goals and realistic expectations. Before we start working with you, we use our data to come up with projections of the expected results, and our work will be to achieve and exceed those goals.


No long-term contracts

We do not tie down our clients to long-term contracts. Unlike other agencies that hold their clients ‘hostage’ with such long-term contracts, we only work on a month-month basis. This means that every other month we strive to win back your business.

Short-term contracts show you how confident we are in our work and assure you that we are indeed working on getting you results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing is the new wave for all healthcare service providers. Most people seeking services that a stem cell therapy clinic offers often search for solutions online. Your business should be among the top results they see to increase your online visibility and patient volume.

A stem cell digital agency, like Omnicore, helps you to create and maintain online visibility and reputation for your facility. They use proven digital marketing tactics like web design, SEO, PPC, and social media to help grow your brand.

Although most people find reliable healthcare facilities through recommendations from others, it is still important to have a solid online marketing strategy for your stem cell facility. This is because most people, even after getting referrals, will still want to research more about that particular facility before reaching out.

There isn’t a standard pricing structure for marketing a stem cell clinic. The best way would be to book a no-obligation call with a professional stem cell marketing agency, like Omnicore, to know the exact services you require and their average costs.

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