If you’re in a hurry, check out our Editor's Pick, Bose Companion 5.

If you are on the lookout for the best computer speakers on the market right now, you’ve come to the right place.

In fact, we’ve spent the last several weeks and countless hours checking out over 60 computer speakers to find out what customers are saying, what’s worth it, and what would be the best investment for you. We are confident that we have tracked down the perfect speaker for your setup.

This takes all the guesswork out of your shopping, meaning you can get the best audio experience on any budget without any of the hassle!

But before you jump into our recommended computer speakers list, check out the things you need to consider when deciding on your perfect fit:

The Best Computer Speakers for 2024

Product Model Power Connectivity Price
Bose Companion 5 25 Watts 3.5 mm, USB
Logitech Z623 400 Watts 3.5 mm, RCA
Audioengine HDP6 150 Watts RCA, Bluetooth, Auxiliary
Redragon GS520 6 Watts 3.5 mm, USB
Logitech Z200 10 Watts 3.5 mm

Things to Consider

Whether you want computer or laptop speakers for home use or the office, for listening to music while you cook or for routing a conference call to a room full of executives, the requirements for a good set of speakers do not change. Here are five important qualities you should look for in any speaker.

1. Volume Control

This may sound obvious, but the best computer speakers are able to cover a wide range of decibels. This is one way in which dedicated computer speakers are superior to headphones, as many headphones have a poor volume control, being either too loud or too quiet.

2. Sound Quality

Another obvious but critical feature, and one that is surprisingly easy to overlook. This is especially important when you need speakers to project loudly, perhaps for a conference call in a large room. You don’t want your speakers to distort the sound or crackle when the volume is turned up too high, so be sure to look out for speakers with good quality sound.

3. Tweeter and Subwoofer

A tweeter is essential for capturing high-pitched sounds, and a woofer is needed to accurately capture low notes and deep bass. How important these different pitches are will depend from person to person, but it’s a good idea to have speakers that let you control these levels.

4. Stereo or Surround

This is a big decision for a lot of people, and a lot of it depends on what you need to use your speakers for. If you’re just working in an office, you’ll be fine with stereo audio, but surround sound will improve audio quality in larger areas.

5. Size

The size of your speakers is important. Some of the best computer speakers can be quite large, and if you don’t have a lot of room, you may want to opt for a smaller set. Larger speakers are more appropriate for a conference room or any other large area.

Editor’s Pick: Bose Companion 5

Bose Companion 5 LIst
Chances are that you want a quality speaker system with clear highs and lows and high-quality driver transducers. At the same time, most people don’t need (or want) to spend $2000 for a pair of speakers.

Our recommendation for a professional-grade speaker that doesn’t sacrifice quality for affordability is the Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Speaker System. Its sleek design is compact, making it a great fit for almost any situation.

  • Speaker system includes two drivers and a subwoofer
  • Speakers are assembled on stands to minimize space
  • Control pod allows easy volume control and offers media connection jacks
  • Compression circuitry improves the sound of your speakers

Best Computer Speakers Under $50

1. Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z200

Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z200 List
If you’re looking for a compact, inexpensive set of speakers with good sound quality, the Logitech Z200 is a good place to start. Measuring 4.9 x 3.5 x 9.5 inches, These small speakers don’t take up a lot of space. Each speaker uses just 10 watts of power, so they aren’t terribly demanding. They even have two different audio line-ins, so you can set them up to use with multiple devices.

Each speaker is equipped with two 2.5-inch drivers and the system offers a rich sound. You can control the volume from your computer or you can adjust the volume with a simple knob on the front of the speakers.

Also included is a convenient headphone jack, so you can slip your headphones on quickly when you need privacy. The speakers also come with a tonal bass control wheel, allowing you to decide how much bass to allow. The Z200 speakers are compatible with all smartphones, tablets, and computer sound cards.

2. Redragon GS520

If you’re interested in inexpensive but high-quality PC speakers for any device, the Redragon GS520 computer speakers are right for you. The set produces clear, crisp sound with a shockingly impressive level of bass, even without subwoofers.

They include RGB lighting settings that allow you to pick your work or gaming ambiance. The provided USB cord makes it easy to set up and connect these speakers to your chosen audio input devices.

You should consider the size of your work or game setup before getting these PC speakers. The cable between the individual speakers is about 31 inches, which might not serve well with an ultrawide monitor. Another limitation is that the PC speakers are set to the loudest volume by default, so you might have to adjust the volume every time you switch them on.

If you’re really big on great sound, especially for gaming, you might be interested in something even more hard-hitting, but these are still good for movies, music, and streaming videos. For the price, these computer speakers are loud and clear, and would be a great addition to your setup. Prepare to have fully immersive sound as long as the Redragon is playing.

Best Computer Speakers $100

3. Edifier G2000

Edifier G2000 has a subwoofer output interface included in its design that improves the overall quality of sound. Thanks to this feature, you can clearly hear the deep bass and treble of just about any genre of music. Don’t be deceived by the compact size, they’re easily one of the best computer speakers for gaming you’ll find at this rate. You can use these computer speakers to enjoy and experience game effects and to clearly pick up balanced sound changes in music and movies.

The Edifier G2000 can be used either with Bluetooth connectivity, a USB, or an aux cable. This means you can connect it to laptops, monitors, game consoles, cellphones, and other Bluetooth enabled devices without hassle. The G2000 also has RGB lighting with a calming and soft hue that can be deactivated if it’s not to your liking.

The cable connecting the desktop speakers is about 5ft long, meaning that you can use these Edifier speakers with a monitor of any size. These speakers have volume, light, and device connectivity memory, so once you’ve found your perfect settings, they’ll be applied every time you switch on your speakers.

The build quality, appearance, added features and sound quality are all top-notch. If you’re in the market for small, affordable, and high-value computer speakers, you should check out these desktop speakers.

4. ZIHYO Computer Speaker

Within the ZIHYO computer speakers, you’ll find a built-in digital amplifier, a DSP sound optimization chip, and many other high-end technologies that give listeners a full-range sound experience. Its compact size and connection flexibility mean you can use it with or without a PC, and even as a bookshelf speaker. You can also watch movies and enjoy music with the stereo surround effect this sound system will provide.

ZIHYO computer speakers have an excellent design with real aluminum housing, giving them a durable build and an attractive appearance. The speaker has built-in Bluetooth and an integrated microphone. The Bluetooth function allows you to connect the speakers to your phone directly, and the mic eases communication for you while you work with a PC or a cellphone.

The takeaway feature for these bookshelf speakers is the touch controller. With one touch, you can switch from a PC to a smartphone to an auxiliary device. You can also answer or decline a call directly from the controller. The Touch Controller comes with great visual LED indicators that let you know exactly what is connected to the speakers.

If you need one of the best computer speakers with a simple microphone and an intuitive control system that’ll transform audio experiences for you, we highly recommend this ZIHYO.

Best Computer Speakers $150

5. Bose Companion 2 Series III

Bose Companion 2 Series III List
Bose has been a leader in audio technology for over 50 years. Their Companion 2 Series III is an excellent low-cost, compact stereo audio system, perfect for use with a computer or any audio line-in device.

At just 7.5 inches tall, the Companion 2 system doesn’t take up a lot of space on your desk, so you’ll have plenty of room for all your essentials. The high-quality digital sound is larger than life, propelled by powerful drivers inside each speaker. Volume control is convenient with a simple knob on the right speaker, and a handy headphone jack makes it easy to plug in your earbuds if you need some privacy.

The Companion 2 Series is also designed to work with iPhones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Even better, you can have your tablet and laptop plugged in at the same time. These speakers are compact, affordable, offer excellent, balanced sound quality, and are a great choice for those who don’t have a lot of extra desk space.

6. Creative GigaWorks T40 Series

The Creative GigaWorks T40 Series is a wired speaker set that delivers excellent dynamics with extended, deep, and rich bass. It has certain unique features that make it one of the best computer speakers on the market.

Each speaker in the set is sonically refined and features an expressive tweeter and a high-performance, mid-range driver that can recreate an unbelievable live musical experience in your home or music studio. This product has a cloth dome tweeter that saves your ears from distortions, even at high-pitched sounds. These computer speakers are fully designed with fiber cones for an extended lifespan.

You’ll appreciate more bass and treble adjustment knobs than can be found on our prior models, especially when you’re listening at night and don’t want to disturb your sleeping neighbors. You’ll be getting much deeper lows and much clearer highs as you get comfortable with these adjustment knobs.

Creative GigaWorks has a power-saving feature that turns it off once it’s been idle for a while, but this may turn out to be an annoyance if you’re connected to a PC you use for work. You might miss out on notification sounds or the first few seconds of a video or audio message. If you don’t mind this slight drawback, then you’ll be enjoying this audio system for a long time.

They are very balanced, easy to set up, and have a small footprint. With extras like a headphone jack, excellent build, and audio quality on this speaker set, GigaWorks is sure to be the right speaker set for you.

Best Computer Speakers $200

7. Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers List
The Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers are designed to provide optimal audio fidelity and plenty of power without taking up too much shelf space. In addition to several manual control knobs granting you control over the volume and tone, the R1700BT comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the settings from afar, making this an excellent choice for a conference room or other environment where you may not have immediate physical access to the speakers or computer.

The TR1700BT is powered with 66 watts, and each speaker is outfitted with both a 19-millimeter tweeter and a 4-inch bass driver for improved quality in both your highs and lows. Treble and bass adjustment of 6db to +6db allow you to customize the sound and tone to different rooms and situations, and a classic wood finish provides a more natural, authentic tone to the sound. The speakers feature two 3.5mm audio ports and are Bluetooth-enabled, allowing for compatibility with all major computer and tablet operating systems.

Thanks to its large size and wooden construction, the Edifier R 1700BT enjoys exceptional sound quality, provides easy and convenient tone and volume adjustments, and comes with a two-year warranty. Considering the low price of these speakers, this is a fantastic bargain.

8. Logitech Z623 Home Speaker System

Logitech Z623 Home Speaker System List
The Logitech Z623 is a home stereo system that offers beautiful 2.1 surround sound and packs an incredible amount of power. Two drivers and one massive woofer combine for 200 standard watts of power that peak at an incredible 400 watts for a sound experience you won’t soon forget.

The Logitech Z623 is marketed as a home speaker system, and this marketing makes a lot of sense. Various audio inputs, including 3.5mm and RCA cables, allow the speakers to be plugged into three different devices simultaneously, meaning one could use the speakers to provide sound for a television and an iPhone without switching connections.

One speaker has two knobs for easy volume and bass control, and the system is covered by a two-year warranty. There is enough power and volume to fill a large room, making this a good affordable choice for businesses who want volume without paying an arm and a leg for it.

9. Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor

Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor List
First, a caveat: the Yamaha HS5 W is not a computer speaker. Rather, it’s a studio monitor, and it is intended for professional musicians, producers, and Youtubers who have the need for enhanced sound to produce quality work. If you need a set of computer speakers, this isn’t going to help you. But if you record audio and need equipment to take your work to the next level, the Yamaha HS5 powered studio monitor can help you achieve the results you need.

This studio monitor is designed with a number of exciting features for very good sound quality and performance. Brand new transducer technology improves the accuracy of the audio signals, spurred on in part by a larger tweeter that helps to produce a greater frequency of sounds. A high-performance amp balances power between the tweeter, driver, and subwoofer for improved audio. Advanced noise reduction technology helps to reduce unwanted noise by as much as six decibels, allowing for a more natural, richer sound.

The studio monitor also comes with a vast array of controls, giving you complete freedom of tone, volume, frequency, and more. The controls work especially well in conjunction with mixing boards and other sound-quality tools. The Yamaha HS5 can be a valuable asset to any serious sound gurus out there hoping to improve their audio for multimedia productions.

10. Harman Kardon Soundsticks III

Harman Kardon SoundSticks III List
Harmon Kardon Soundsticks is one of the most beautiful speaker systems we have ever seen. Featuring an innovative and intricate design that is actually included in the permanent collection of New York City’s Museum of Modern Art, this is a perfect stereo system for music producers, artists or any CEO or executive who wants to impress potential clients.

Of course, a beautiful design is meaningless without performance, and Harmon Kardon does not disappoint. The stereo operates two channels each of four 1” transducers, as well as a 6” low-frequency transducer functioning as a subwoofer. The stereo system runs on 40 watts, providing plenty of decibels without blowing the roof off.

The two satellite speakers can be angled in any way, giving you freedom over how you direct the sound. The subwoofer is angled down, reducing unwanted room vibrations for a cleaner, crisper bass. High-quality audio cables, energy-efficient design, and easy access touch controls are a few more reasons to give the Harmon Kardon Soundsticks a try.

11. PreSonus E4.5-4.5″ Studio Monitor

Presonus E4.5-4.5 2-Way Near Field Studio Monitor-List
The PreSonus E4.5-4.5″ Studio Monitors are strong pieces of equipment for professional mixing, although they’re pretty small, portable speakers. This set has a variety of acoustic tuning controls and can connect to any line-level source, giving you an extremely accurate frequency response and the possibility to adjust it with your room’s acoustics.

Moreover, the amplifier power is 25 Watts per monitor. Both monitors feature a 4.5-inch Kevlar low-frequency transducer, along with 1-inch ultra-low mass silk dome high-frequency transducer which makes your sound neutral.

These two monitors measure 6 x 7 x 9 inches, making them extremely compact in size for any room. PreSonus’ monitors have an average cabinet build, but they make a great buy in this price range.

12. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This is one of the best desktop speakers that produces intense and deeper bass with ease. This speaker promises full immersion – sound that fills the whole room. The thumping and resonation in the bass department are completely out of this world, and you can choose to have double the experience by getting two of the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

The Onyx Studio 4 is a battery-powered Bluetooth speaker that offers wireless connectivity to two devices at a time and runs up to 6 hours on one charge.

Unfortunately, it has no battery power indicator, meaning that you’ll need to be conscious of how long you’re using it so your fun isn’t suddenly cut short by a low battery. Whether you plan to use an Android, an iPhone, or an iPad, you’ll find this speaker compatible. It has a stylish design and works with Siri or Google Assistant at the touch of a button. There’s also an aux jack to connect devices that don’t have Bluetooth.

These speakers have a multi-room feature that connects multiple speakers to function in sync. If you can find the perfect position and placement with great reflective surfaces to amplify the sound effects, you can enjoy this speaker from anywhere in your space.

Onyx 4 has a handle-like feature for lifting but excels more as a stationary speaker. If you have plans to move it around, maybe on a camping getaway, you should consider getting a carrying bag for easy movement, especially because of its shape.

If you’re into serious PC gaming, or someone who just enjoys feeling every beat and audio vocal, the Harman Kadan Onyx 4 will give you goosebumps. It is one of the best budget computer speakers on the market.

Best Computer Speakers $300

13. Audioengine A2+ Desktop Speakers

Audioengine A2+ Desktop Speakers
Don’t let the compact size of the Audioengine A2+ speakers fool you. They might measure a mere 4.33 x 5.51 x 6.3 inches each, but each speaker weighs nearly four pounds and packs quite a punch.

Each individual speaker is outfitted with a tweeter as well as a low-frequency subwoofer transducer. These sleek looking speakers offer an impressive amount of volume, and their small size and attractive design make them an excellent and unobtrusive fit for the workplace.

In addition to its Bluetooth support, it also features both traditional audio-in and USB digital audio inputs, giving you more ways to connect your devices and power whatever media you need. These are not the best speakers on the market, but they are definitely a solid investment.

14. Bose Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System

Considering the size of these bookshelf speakers, the sound output is incredible. Regardless of what you’re listening to or watching, these computer speakers won’t let you down.

This speaker set produces crisp and clear sound and offers integrated signal processing to deliver a lifelike performance at all volumes. It also features a proprietary TrueSpace stereo digital processing circuitry that creates a wide, two-channel soundstage, engineered specifically for listening at your computer. This set is very near speaker perfection!

If you’re a music geek, you’ll be able to clearly distinguish between the different instruments in songs, which also makes this the ideal speaker system for producers.

If you want high fidelity and are willing to pay for it, you’ll be making a profitable decision by choosing these stereo speakers. With the specs on this set and at this rate, you’ll definitely be getting one of the best computer speakers.

Best Computer Speakers $400

15. Audioengine A5 Plus Bookshelf Speakers

Audioengine A5 Plus Bookshelf Speakers List
The Audioengine A5+ offers significant improvements over the cheaper A2+ models. Each speaker features a built-in power amplifier, and each channel has an individual power output of 50 watts. As a result, these premium speakers are quite a bit larger than the A2+ and combine to weigh 25 pounds.

The A5+ is made with high-quality, premium materials. The tweeters are made out of silk for a subtle texture to the higher frequencies, while Kevlar woofers protect them from the vibrations of the lower frequencies, preventing damage. The custom materials significantly improve the audio quality of these speakers, and an improved thermal management design prevents them from overheating.

There are also a number of methods for connecting these speakers to various audio sources. 1/8 inch, RCA, USB power, and variable line inputs are all available, and the necessary chords are all included. In addition, the A5+ comes with a remote controller, allowing you to monitor and change the volume and tonal settings from across the room. This is one of the best speaker systems on the market and an excellent fit for any business.

16. Audioengine HD3 Wireless Speaker

Incredible sound output is the takeaway feature for this speaker set. It has an impressive degree of resolving capability that would take your music listening experience to the next level. For PC gamers, these speakers will make your games come alive and feel more immersive than ever.

The Audioengine HD3 wireless speaker allows you to connect all your devices wirelessly for great sound. It is small in size but delivers more sound quality than you’d expect. The silk dome tweeters and aramid fiber woofers make sure you don’t miss out on any audio frequency, no matter how low or high.

The HD3 Wireless desktop speaker set has a large collection of features packed into its small frame to deliver quality and comfort to you. Some of these features include:

high-fidelity Bluetooth aptX HD with extended 30m range, Various connectivity options, a built-in headphone jack amplifier that drives any high-performance headphones, RCA subwoofer passthrough, and 60W peak output.

The speakers are highly compatible with most devices. There are little to no restrictions on the devices you can conveniently connect to this speaker. It is easy to set up and produces a full and powerful audio performance that will fill the room when you use it.

At this rate and with these integrated features, you’ll be getting substantial value for your money.

17. Bose Companion 5

Bose Companion 5 LIst
The Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Speaker System represents the ultimate in sleek, sophisticated 2.1 channel stereo sound computer speaker technology.

The drivers are the first thing that stand out. Rather than the usual bulky design that always seems to take up too much space on your desktop, the Bose Companion 5 mounts the drivers on space-saving stands which double for efficiency and a slick, modern look. A larger subwoofer is designed to sit on the floor beneath your desk, out of the way and out of sight.

One of the features of the Bose Companion 5 is the control pod, which gives you quick and easy access to volume control and muting, as well as convenient connections to MP3 players and head jacks. Sophisticated compression circuitry provides improved sound performance, giving you the crisp, clear audio you need.

Best Computer Speakers $700

18. Audioengine HDP6 Bookshelf Speakers

Audioengine HDP6 Bookshelf Speakers List
Audioengine is no stranger to producing durable, high-quality speakers, and the Audioengine HDP6 is no exception to the rule. The HDP6 lacks the sleek, modern design of the A2+ and A5+, opting instead for a simple design built for one purpose only: high-fidelity audio and raw power.

5.5-inch woofers are built on a solid aluminum foundation and reinforced with Kevlar cones and rubber surrounds for the ultimate in strength and performance. Silk dome tweeters are powered with neodymium magnets that help them to hold up with high power usage and produce smooth, sweeter tones.

These furniture-grade hardwood speakers have aluminum trim accents and magnetically attached grills to protect the inner workings of the speakers from damage. The speakers are expertly crafted and designed and make a perfect choice for any venue where you need sound to carry over a large distance.


The selection of computer speakers listed here is just a drop in the bucket compared to the entire sum of the speaker market. That is why a guide such as this is so valuable.

By presenting you with the best options to suit a wide variety of business and personal needs, you save valuable hours that allow you to spend less time shopping for the best computer speakers and more time doing the things that really matter.

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