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Digital Marketing for Hospice

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We’re Omnicore, Digital Marketing Partner for Healthcare and Medical Professionals

We create marketing campaigns specific to your industry. Unlike marketing off-the-shelf products, Hospices need an incredibly emotional take as we’re dealing with a person’s end-of-life care.

Grow towards heights you’ve never imagined

We’ve helped our clients achieve the following:
0 %
growth in client base

Marketing online gave us more access to more communities and partnerships.

0 x
more local inquiries

Introduced more patients to our client through our geo-targeting campaigns

0 x
more website visits

Got more page visits as a direct result of our client’s increased Google search rankings.

40% increase in organic traffic

We’ve achieved a 40% uplift in relevant organic traffic since the start of the campaign.


Appeal to your audience betterd

Our marketing campaigns set the tone for how your future client and their family experience your Hospice Center. With our data-driven methodology, you get to analyze which facilities draw a better audience and which ones your center can improve. The same goes for messaging. Discover what aspects of a Hospice make it emotionally fulfilling to patients.


Open more avenues for growth

We’re talking about increased staff members, better mental health care for your hospice team, and improved nursing facilities. All of these happen when you consider digital marketing as a serious investment. It’s more than implementing the next marketing strategy that you see on Google. Every hospice is unique, and growth comes from evaluating your current business needs and identifying tailored solutions to address them.


Adaptable marketing solutions

More than cookie-cutter services, we offer solutions. Your problems are as complex and as different as the next Hospice Care Center. With your target market’s habits constantly changing, technology adapting, and new challenges showing up, we’re with you to help your business grow through different times.

What we do

The four main services that will make up your tailored solution.

Search Engine Optimization

google data
G analystics

Strengthen your online identity

More often than not, your client’s first interaction with you is through a Google search. They’re already searching online for their nearest hospice. And it’s our job to help you get found by them.

Rank on the most profitable keywords. In other words, show up in Google search results that matter. Our goal is to make you the first thing they think of when they need your services.

Put your services in front of people who are most likely to get them through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

By putting the right keywords online, qualified patients are pushed in your direction. Now, you don’t have to waste time filtering your patients and immediately deal with the ones willing to take up your offer.

Strengthen Google signals to help you rank higher. These signals include increasing site authority through link building, content strategy, local SEO, and more.

Paid Search

Achieve faster results.

SEO has a long-term effect but it does take time. If you need faster results to promote your services, Google’s Paid Search is available. We’ll pay Google a budget to place your hospice web page at the top of their search results page.

This is especially recommended for agencies that want to target a specific demographic or promote a specific service. Paid Search lets you skip an undecided audience and go straight toward clients who are ready to commit.

Paid Search is especially useful for

Find clients for your specific services and campaigns. For example, exclusively showing your ads to families with terminally-ill patients in Florida.

Advertising events like a launch, sales promotions, and giveaways. Attract more visits to your pages and create more business opportunities.

Your best patients are found nearby! Your proximity to them is a huge factor that will make them come back and become regulars. Through Paid Search, you can geo-target ads that appear to users in your area.

Paid Social

Be one scroll away

Hospice facilities emphasize the importance of family and community—connections that are already found on social media, especially Facebook.

By establishing a social media presence, you show up on the news feeds of their best friend, parents, or their siblings. These are the people that affect (or even take over) your would-be patient’s decision-making process.

Social media advertising put you where your target audience is. Making your information accessible inside the platform increases the chances of them browsing through your profile, and eventually inquiring.

With more information, comes more opportunities. Learn the online habits of your target audience through social media. By knowing their interests and behavior, your ads become incrementally better.

We prioritize bringing your business in front of your most qualified audience—nearby clients that are most likely to pay for your service.

Web Design


Streamline incoming inquiries

Not every prospect is loud. Looking for a comfortable place to spend the remainder of their lives (or their loved ones’ lives) is a huge decision. There’s a good chance Hospice Care prospects are lurking on your website, finding answers to their questions before they contact you.

Your site is a powerful tool that attracts visitors and turns them into clients. By making sure your website provides initial needs—like reviews, care services you provide, contact details—you create a great precedent of what they’re going to experience once they visit your hospice in person.

Designed to impress. Professional website designs set the tone of your image. And you want it trustworthy, authoritative, and up-to-date. Adjectives that a healthcare professional, like you, would benefit from.

Designed to convert. We’ll create a website with purposeful elements. Arranging elements strategically that create a patient-first website experience, rank high in search results, and push conversions seamlessly through call-to-actions like booking an appointment.

Designed for every device. Some website visitors view your website on a desktop. Most, however, are on their phones—phones that vary in specifications and software. Great design is critical. We can’t risk potential patients reading jumbled text and images. We’re here to make sure your web design is responsive and intact on every single device.

How we’ll do it

Three steps to creating a solution that tailors to your practice’s specific needs.


Discovery session

This is our initial meeting. Right after exchanging pleasantries, we’ll go straight towards addressing your problem. This is also the perfect opportunity to discuss service terms.

Omnicore Agency - Strategy

Strategy meeting

Once your practice qualifies, we’ll be presenting you with an initial solution. The campaign runs after our methods and requirements are understood and communicated.


Regular Reporting

Track your campaign progress through regular reporting. Receive reports monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Want to see your growth as it unfolds

Why partner with us?


You won’t compete for attention

Put an end to agencies that make you feel like you’re cueing up in line whenever you have an urgent concern. Get a dedicated team that knows the ins and outs of the dental industry. Run dental-specific campaigns and get the results you need.

Your growth is our primary metric

You’re hiring us for our brains, not just our hands. We place a premium on providing you agile solutions, rather than mass-produced services organized into neat packages that do the least to advance your clinic. Your business needs and consumer behavior change over time. Your marketing partner must adapt to keep your business relevant and up-to-date.

Lighten your workload

You absolutely have the choice to stay clear of marketing to perfect your craft, and trust that you have a partner in the background working to level up your practice. Your experience with us will be personalized according to your preference. However, you’re assured that you won’t be in the dark when it comes to valuable reporting and updates. We value constant communication and transparency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on your budget. If you’re a small firm, partnering with an agency is ideal. You won’t have to spend costs hiring separate individuals.
Invest in paid ads. Google and social media platforms have long deprioritized organic reach on their feed. Paid posts gain traction faster, reach a wider audience, and boost engagement.
We typically create your strategy after the Discovery Session. Your strategy is heavily affected by your competition, budget, timeline, and objectives.
As much as possible, we want to take off your extra load and handle the marketing for you. You won’t be out of touch. though. Your account manager will be accessible to assist your business when needed. Regular strategy meetings are also to be expected.

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