The Essential Social Media Design & Sizing Cheat Sheet

The Essential Social Media Design & Sizing Cheat Sheet
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If you’ve been active on social media for a while, or you just made your accounts, you’ll realize that when it comes social media, visual content and social media go together like French fries and dip sauce, and all comes down to the last pixel.

Social networks are constantly adding up more features, visual elements, and it seems like every day when you wake up, you see a new element or iteration being made to the social networks you are active, making you go back and figure out the right size of cover images, post images and align your campaign according to the latest set of changes.

It has become extremely difficult for businesses to stay on top of all of these changes, and we see a lot of people asking, what should be the size of my Twitter Header? Can I post the same picture on Twitter which I shared on my Facebook feed? Can I add call to action on my cover?

Anytime you want to make a new visual piece you have to search on Google for dimensions of different social networks. Lucky for you, we’ve made this Infographic, which will be your cheat sheet when you are designing timeline or header covers or Facebook ads or a LinkedIn Company header.

You’ll get a detailed guide on the image specs and size on the seven most popular social networks,  all in one place just below this guide.

Social Media Cheat Sheet 2014

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1) Facebook

If you are on Facebook, you’d be anticipating the new Facebook page design to be rolled out for your page very soon.

A lot of pages have already been switched to the new design, and Facebook has prompted businesses to make the switch now, and they plan on make this change applicable to all pages on 5thJune, 2014.

We suggest looking at the latest round of changes and prepare to adapt your brand page to the latest set of changes.

1) Cover Photo

Facebook New Cover Photo 2014The main cover photo size remained the same in this update, which is 851px x 315px. However, it is recommending uploading  an image 2x the size so it doesn’t lose quality when compressed. The main change in this update is that the elements have been moved inside as you can see in the above image.

At first, it won’t look prominent, but If you go back and compare your old page to any new page you’ll see that the new elements affect the cover design and any text or graphic that you might have in that area will have to be redesigned.

Below is an overview of the revised Timeline Cover section:

  • The name of your Facebook Page is next to the Profile Picture/Logo inside the cover.
  • The “Category” of your Facebook Page is also inside the Cover, making it a lot prominent. Make sure to review if you’ve selected the right category.
  • The “Like” and “Following” buttons, that used to be right below the Cover, are also inside, and the “Message” button has been added, as well as the dropdown for Report Page, Share and Create a Page.
  • The Profile image displays at 160x160px but the recommended upload is 180x180px.

2) Post Images

As the Facebook pages had two columns before the individual width of each column was a bit small as you can see the old image post is 377px wide.

Facebook Post Image Old Size
The new layout consists of a single streamlined column feed, so they’ve increased the size by a little more than 100px making it 484px.

Facebook Post Image New Size

Here are the new dimensions for each type of content:

  • Link post: 484x252px – Recommended upload remains the same 1200x600px
  • Image post: 504px wide – Recommended upload: 1200x1200px
  • Video: 504x283px

3)  Tab Thumbnails

The Tab thumbnails, as we all know them, have been relocated to the sidebar. The dimensions are still the same 111x74px.

Facebook Tabs on sidebar

2) Google+

Google+ is a really powerful social network and has really powerful communities just like Facebook and LinkedIn Groups. Google+ has rolled out multiple changes to their design elements and the most recent one has been stable, and we’ve covered it in our Infographic below.

Here is a rundown of the elements:

1)   Photo

The profile picture is displayed in a circular frame. The recommended size is 270 x 270. However, if the logo doesn’t turn out well you can try uploading a larger size image so that the edges will be cut off and fit in the circle.

2) Cover Photo

Google+ Cover photo is the largest of all the social networks that offer the cover images for profile. The cover photo size is 2120px x 1192px.

The image must be uploaded at 16 : 9 ratio otherwise you can crop it. As the cover image gets cropped on mobile and smaller screens so the most important information such as logo, tagline or call to action should be in the top middle next to logo in the center so it doesn’t get cropped.

3) Status Update

You have up to 100,000 characters & hashtags when updating your status on Google+.

4) Shared Link

Sharing a link on Google+ will generate a square thumbnail measuring 150 x 150 pixels.

5) Shared Image

A shared image on Google+ will be displayed at 497 x 279 pixels. The image can be uploaded and viewed up to 2048 x 2048 pixels.

6) Shared Video

Uploading a video on your Google+ profile will measure 497 x 279 pixels.

3) Twitter

Twitter rolled out new design for profiles, which is available for all profiles now. Again, the cover photo size has increased, and we are seeing this a lot as all social networks are focusing on large visuals.

1)   Profile Photo

The new profile photo size is 400px x 400px, try uploading a picture with 2x size so that it doesn’t lose the quality. Also when the profile picture is clicked, it pops up in a window with size close to or more than 450x450px.

2)   Header Image

The header image is one of the most prominent features in the latest design and a great way to use call to action on the profile page instead of the small header cards that were available in the previous design.
The recommended dimension of header image is 1500px × 500px, maximum file size of 5MB. You can update your header image from the top drop-down menu.

3) Shared Image

When twitter first launched it was just 160 characters that one could use, however, as the network evolved, they’ve introduced visual elements. Now users can upload images with their tweets, which help in higher click through rate. The ideal size of the shared image with tweet is 590px x 295px.

4) Instagram

Instagram photos are uploaded through mobile application. However, we’ve featured the hack that allows uploading Instagram photos from desktop.

1)   Profile Photo

The new profile photo size is 110px x 110px; this is uploaded from smartphone itself.

2)   Instagram Upload Image

The header collage section shows two sizes of images. The small thumbnail size is 205px x 205px, and the large thumbnail size is 410px x 410px.

The lightbox preview is 612px x 612px. The max resolution is 2048px x 2048px which varies by the device.

5) Pinterest

Pinterest is the mother of visual social media marketing for me. As It is purely and solely built on imagery. While Instagram is built on photos too, but Pinterest is more public and suitable for businesses as you can curate and upload all kinds of images.

1)   Profile Photo

Pinterest profile photo size is 160px x 165px; you can upload either logos or headshot here.

2)   Pinterest Boards Thumbnail

Pinterest boards have small cover photo, which is 225px x 150px in size. You need to upload few pins before you get the option to upload a cover so don’t panic. If you’ve just made a Pinterest profile and want to add covers.

3)   Enlarged Pin

Individual Pinterest pins are unique as they offer indefinite length; the image size is 500px x indefinite px.

6) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a place where professionals hangout and as professional yourself, you need to showcase your products or service in the best manner. Below is the cheat sheet of company page.

1) Logo

There are two types of logos, the horizontal logo dimensions are 100px x 60px; the square logo is 50px x 50px.

2) Banner Image

The company page has banner image or cover image under the logo which is 646px x 220px.

3) Careers Page

The company page has a job section to post job openings. The cover photo size of careers section is 974px x 238px.

4) Products & Services Page

The products and services’ tab on the company page has covered photo size i.e 646px x 220px.

7) Youtube

Youtube channel pages allow artwork, which is quite tricky as the image resizes a lot. Here are the

1) Cover Photo

The cover art size is 2560px x1440px. However, this size is for the TV, on the desktop the visible section is 2560px x 423px, and it goes down on smaller screen sizes.

Social Media Design Sizing Cheat Sheet

Profile Picture160 x 160 pxMust be uploaded at least 180 x 180 px
Cover Photo851 x 315 px
About Us255 Characters
App Preview Image111 x 74 px
Total Length of Apps bar (including gaps)350 px
Timeline Profile Picture32 x 32 px
Shared Image403 x 403 pxPhotos can be viewed up to 960 x 720 px in the lightbox and expanded up to 2048 x 2048 px.
Shared Facebook Video403 x 226
Status Update63,206 characters
Shared Link Preview156 x 116 pxEditable, can be set with the og:type meta property
Shared Link Title TagUp to 100 charactersEditable, can be set with og:title meta property
Shared Link MetadescriptionVaries based on available room
Highlighted Post or Milestone843 x 403 px
Highlighted Video Post or Milestone843 x 475 px
News feed
News feed profile picture50 x 50 px
News Feed Status updateUp to 5 lines of text before Facebook truncates & appends ‘See More’ at the first break after the fifth
Shared ImageLandscape398 x 296 px
Portrait296 x 398 px
Square320 x 320 px
News Feed Sponsored Story Profile Picture32 x 32 px
News Feed Sponsored Story ImageLandscape358 x 268 px
Portrait268 x 358 px
Square300 x 300 px
Shared Facebook Video Preview403 x 226 px
Shared Video Link Preview130 x 73 px
Shared Link Thumbnail90 x 90 px
Shared Link TitleUp to 100 CharactersEditable
Shared Link DescriptionVaries based on Thumbnail & Title SizeEditable
URL Ad Title25 Characters
URL Ad Copy90 Characters
Page Ad Profile Picture50 x 50 px
Page Ad TitlePage Name
Page Ad Copy90 Characters
Page Post Ad Profile Picture32 x 32 px
Page Post Ad TitlePage Name
Page Post Ad CopyFirst 90 characters of selected postFirst 120 characters if post is text-only
Page Post Ad Image90 x 118 px
Page Post Ad Video Preview128 x 72 px
Page Post Ad Link Thumbnail50 x 50 px
Sponsored Story Fan Picture50 x 50 px
Sponsored Story Profile Picture32 x 32 px
Premium Page Post Ad Profile Picture50 x 50 px
Premium Page Post Ad Video Preview185 x 104 px
Premium Page Post Ad Image168 x 128 px
Background Image90% of visitors see first 78 px of the background
67% see 204 px
43% see 247 px
21% see 284 px
Recent Image Preview90 x 90
Profile Picture81 x 81 px4 px border
Tweet Length140 Characters
Profile Picture48 x 48 px
Shared Media Tweet Length140 characters, including link
Shared Link Preview120 x 120 pxMust be at least 60 x 60 px
Shared Link TitleFirst 70 characters of twitter:title tag
Shared Link DescriptionFirst 200 characters of twitter:description tag
Shared Image375 x 375 px
Shared Video Preview435 x 244 px
Video DetailsVideo Title and first 160 characters of video description
Company Profile
Cover Photo890 x 180 px
Profile Picture250 x 250 px5 px border
Horizontal Profile and cover photo gap614 px
Status Update100,000 CharactersCan include hash tags
Shared Link Thumbnail150 x 150 px
Shared Video Preview497 x 279 px
Shared Image497 x 373 pxCan be uploaded and viewed up to 2048 x 2048 px
Branded Channel
Content Container970 px wide
Mappable Header970 x 150 pxCan map links off of YouTube
Profile Picture55 x 55 px
Featured Video640 x 390 px
Video Thumbnail288 x 162 px
YouTube Brand Channel Background Size90% of users see 8 px on either side of the content containerUp to 1 mb in size
67% see 136 px
43% see 180 px
21% see 216 px
TitleUp to 100 characters
User BannerUp to 170 x 25 px
Video Preview640 x 390 px
DescriptionUp to 5000 characters
TagsUp to 500 charactersHidden, can be found in page source under “meta:keywords”
Recommended Playlist DetailsPlaylist Title
Recommended Playlist Large Thumbnail120 x 67 px
Recommeded Playlist Small Thumbnail40 x 25 px
Recommended Video DetailsVideo Title, Author, and Views
Recommended Video Thumbnail120 x 67 px
Horizontal Logo100 x 60 px
Cover Photo646 x 220 px
Company Square Logo50 x 50 px
Company Comment Logo30 x 30 px
Shared Link Thumbnail180 x 110 px
Shared Link DetailsShared Link Title and up to 230 characters of description. The description is editable.
Careers Cover Photo974 x 238 px
Products and Services
Products and Services Banner Image646 x 220 px
Product Image100 x 80 px
Product Details100 character title and 2000 character description
Profile Picture160 x 165 px
About SectionUp to 200 characters
Board222 x 207 px
Big Thumbnail222 x 150 px
Small Thumbnails55 x 55 px
Profile Picture32 x 32 px
Pin Image Preview192 x scaled height
Pin on board222 x scaled height
Profile Picture49 x 49 px
Pin600 x infinity

Salman Aslam

Salman Aslam is CMO of Omnicore Digital Marketing Agency. He is passionate about all things digital marketing and have over 5 years of experience working with various clients and marketing agencies. He is Inbound Marketing and Google Adwords Certified and covers SEO, Social Media, and PPC on Omnicore Blog. You can follow him on Twitter and on Google+ for tweets and rants about latest news, tips and advice.

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