Omnicore is a healthcare marketing and advertising agency where we help medical practices and organizations find their customers through the social and digital media and generate more business online.

People are taking control over their treatment decisions and they turn to digital media to seek advise which has paved way for this new landscape where brands can educate their customers and become the go-to expert for them.

Healthcare marketing is what we do, it isn’t an afterthought but something we have specialized in and are passionate about.

It doesn’t matter if you are a dentist or a surgeon, hospital or a pharmaceutical company, you run a charity organization or a assisted living facility,  or if you are a Health IT Vendor providing an EMR or a Biotech firm. You need digital marketing to attract and convert more customers to add to your business bottom-line.

We are Certified to do the job

EHR/EMR Vendors
Assisted Living Facilities
BioTech Companies
Charity Organizations