Press Play: Why The Future is Video

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Press Play: Why The Future is Video

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Did you watch a video online today?

If you’re like most people, if you didn’t watch one today, chances are you’ve watched one in the past few days.

That’s because the video has quickly become one of the most popular types of content on the internet.

And it’s not hard to understand why. Video excites and engages people like few other types of content, whether they’re consuming entertainment, news, sports or branded messaging.

Video has the power to bring people together, to engage and teach them, to create cultural conversations.

That’s why savvy digital marketers know video is a crucial component of a broad content strategy. Blog posts, social media and white papers are all well and good, but if the current trends hold up, the future of marketing, and maybe the internet itself, will be video.

After all, Cisco Systems projects video will comprise 82 percent of consumer internet traffic in the U.S. in just a few years.

Today’s marketer is already catching on to the need for video, and with this infographic, we’ll explore why those who haven’t embraced video should want to do so soon or risk being left behind.

Why the Future is Video
Salman Aslam
Salman Aslam
Salman Aslam is the Founder & CEO of Omnicore, a leading Healthcare Digital Advertising & Marketing Agency helping clients across the globe. You can follow him on Twitter for tweets and rants about latest news, tips and advice on digital marketing.